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Notting Hill

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The day to meet Riddler has finally come

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Subject: Hi

Ray will come round, just give him time. If he’s not been with her long then they will still be in the all ‘lovey dovey’ stage. Once this stage clears or he does something she doesn’t like he’ll soon realise and witness the real her.

Well I’m sorry I lead you to think that I was Frank or that it may be a disappointment.

I am so glad to hear you did not pick the colour of the dress. You tend to have better style when I see you around college. Your many Green Day tops are an example.

I must admit having a Sheldon Cooper would make life much more bright and interesting.

Finally, we are not in any classes together, sadly, however, my closet friend is in one of yours. Although which I will not reveal.

Second finally, I’m afraid I won’t be able to meet you, I thought I was ready but clearly not. Whilst your waiting at the chosen spot reading this I want you to know I did come however when you came into my view I just couldn’t move my feet towards where you were waiting. I’m so sorry. I promise I’ll make it up to you somehow.

Dreadfully sorry,
Riddler x

I read the email as I waited. Damn so close but yet still no result. I noted that there was no question with his email meaning that I wasn’t going to reply straight away, let him sweat it out awhile, I thought. I set off walking towards the park exit when I heard someone shouting my name and the shouting getting closer and closer.
“Hey, where are you going I thought you was meeting Riddler today?” Frank was now at the side of me slightly panting after running to catch up to me.
“He’s not coming. He’s just emailed me. He said he saw me but he wasn’t ready to come over.” I didn’t bother to hide my disappointment.
“Oh Darce I’m sorry.” He hugged me a little, “want to go to the cinema? I’ll watch one of your stupid chick flicks?” he looked down at me a little reassuring smile on his lips.
“There’s none out that look good.” I shook my head and walked towards my original destination. “This is just like ‘You’ve Got Mail’.” I looked up at him, his puzzled expression telling me to explain why, “well Tom Hanks arranges to meet Meg Ryan at a café and because they hate each other he doesn’t go in to meet her and she’s hurt by it.” I smiled thinking of one of my favourite films. I say favourite film but all chick flicks are my favourite films, I love them all.
“Does she get Tom at the end of the film?” Frank now linked me as we were walking home.
“Yeah” I paused realising what he was getting at, I smiled slightly realisation setting in “yeah she does.” My disappointment clearly leaving me as a pang of excitement set in.

Once I got in from my extended walk with Frank I decided to email Riddler back. Like I said when he first emailed me, he’s shy, and we can all remember a time when we really liked someone and we was so shy around them.

Subject: Hi

I know what you are saying about Ray is right in my mind, it’s just I want to shake him and make him realise this. But maybe shaking him at the moments not the best idea, he seems to hate me enough.

I doubt there will be disappointment when I know who you are. You never know.

I’m guessing you like my Green Day tops? Do you have any?

I want you to know that at first I was disappointed but I saw Frank and he made me realise that you got to take your time and I understand that. I remember when I was younger I really fancied this boy in my class and he used to always talk to me but I was that shy I could never talk back it just came out in little noises. Although I was like 6 I still remember the butterflies and the feelings so it’s ok. We can meet when you know for sure that you’re ready.

Darcy x

I smiled as I wrote back; flicking through clothes websites my inbox indicated that I had an email. Quickly opening the email I smiled.

Subject: Hi

That’s exactly how I feel! I’m so glad you understand. However, I can’t help but feel upset that I cannot take you out so I thought maybe we can have a movie night? Like in the cinema except at our houses, you choose the film and we’ll watch it and we could go on IM to each other? Just a thought.

Let me know,
Riddler x

I read the email carefully, smiling at how twistedly cute the idea was. It was sort of romantic and I quickly thought of Blair and Dan out of Gossip Girl when they did this.

Subject: Hi

I’d very much like that idea. However, I will choose a chick flick so prepare yourself. I’ll go look through my DVD collection and sign on to IM.

Talk soon,
Darcy x

DarcyTee signed on.
Bazangapunk: Hey, the film is ready to play. You got your sweets, drinks and popcorn?
DarcyTee: Of course, everything’s set and ready. 3, 2, 1 go!
Bazangapunk: I’ve never seen Notting Hill; I’ve just heard you going on about in college
DarcyTee: It’s amazing! Ssh! Aww look there’s Hugh! He’s so cute! (I’m so glad you cannot see me right now I’m so giddy!)
Bazangapunk: You’re telling me to ssh? And I don’t need to see you I’ve seen you going on about it in college and how animated you are when mentioning him

This carried on back and forth until Julia Roberts goes back to the Travel Bookshop to patch up her relationship with Hugh Grant.

DarcyTee: Don’t say no Hugh. Don’t do it!
Bazangapunk: Surprisingly enough I’m acting the same, does he realise his mistake? Oh please let him realise! Don’t let him go
DarcyTee: “I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” I love this film (please note I’m crying once again)
Bazangapunk: Now I realise why you kept saying I’m just a girl!
DarcyTee: See you were missing out by not watching!
DarcyTee: Anna, how long are you intending to stay here in Britain?
DarcyTee: Indefinitely.
Bazangapunk: He got the girl! This was surprisingly such a good film
DarcyTee: I told you, I need to go got final wedding preparations I need to do, email me x
DarcyTee signed off.
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