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The gang, back to normal?

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Subject: Hi

what does this day’s plan entail for you? Anything good? I am doing nothing as per usual, only my Xbox again.

I was wondering are you going with the best man to the wedding? I mean isn’t that normally the tradition?

I had fun yesterday and you will be happy to know that I’ve invested in an actual copy of Notting Hill as it was that good. For a chick flick anyway.

She, may be the beauty or the beast,
Riddler xx

I recognised Elvis Costello’s ‘She’ quote, which just so happened to be in the film. I smiled at the email until I remembered that I had a much more pressing issue as I quickly ran to my destination.
“I got the message, what’s happened?” I burst into the little garage that we all congregated in at Frank’s house.
“You were right Darcy.” Ray looked up at me, his eyes slightly red and puffy. “Vanessa’s left me for Ryan.” He walked over to me slowly, as if he was nervous. I knew who Ryan was; he was one of what we like to call the populars, you know the kind; buff, muscle guys and he tried it on with me when I first joined the college, quickly to realise that no amount of fate, or bench presses in his case, would bring us together. Now don’t get me wrong there can be total idiots in that group but it’s not your typical movie segregations, we tend not to bother with them and vice versa. There’s none of the pushing us in the lockers or beatings of the small ‘freaky’ kids, we just happen to have a different of interest. They like parties, we like gigs. Simple. But Ray didn’t need to hear that at this moment in time.
“Ray.” I whispered hugging him tightly “what’s he got that you haven’t? Well apart from orange stained sheets cause of the fake tan he uses,” I moved away to look at him “and if she’s willing to deal with the streaky patchy legs and the 15 hours it takes him to get ready then she’s really not worth the tissues we’re wiping your tears with.” I looked at him a small smile on his lips. “So chin up and don’t think of it as a break up, think of it as a quick escape.” I nodded as we both laughed lightly.
“I told you we needed Darcy.” Gerard spoke after a while. “Darcy always knows how to deal with situations like guys crying. She watches them all in chick flicks so she knows what to say.” He looked at me a small smirk playing on his lips, which earned him Frank’s half eaten apple to the head and a rumble of laughter from everyone in the room.
“How’s it going with Riddler D?” Ray asked me suddenly, “I’ve been too busy listening to Vanessa’s lies I’ve forgot to ask.” He smiled drawing the attention of the groups other members looking at me.
“Oh it’s fine; all is going well thanks for asking.” I said quickly, intending on leaving the conversation there.
“Really? You’re quickly letting him off considering he stood you up yesterday?” Frank looked at me before realising he wasn’t supposed to mention anything and covering his mouth up.
“He stood you up!” Charlie screeched her head snapping in my direction. “You’ve forgiven him? Are you mad he’s stringing you on Darce!”
“He’s not he was shy. We all get shy. He explained it all to me and well he made it up to me.” I smiled looking down at the ground before looking up slowly.
“How?” Mikey who has never hid his disliking of Riddler, asked slightly confused. “Do you know who he is?”
“Well no, but we had a movie date. He watched Notting Hill with me and we IM’d.” I looked at them all before quickly adding, “and before you say anything, any of you, it was cute and I enjoyed it and Blair and Dan do it in Gossip Girl at the beginning of the whole ‘Dair’ storyline so shut your mouths all of you.” I warned them, glaring me eyes at each and every one of them.

We all stayed at the garage until it was time for me to go and have my hair practice for the wedding. During being at the garage the guys rehearsed for Anna, Charlie and me and I tried to convince any of them to coming to the wedding with me which they all quickly made their excuses for.

Subject: Hi

My day consisted of cheering Ray up who did come round, like you said he would. Also I’m currently having some witch of a hairdresser pulling and tugging me hair like there’s no tomorrow even though I’ve told her plenty of times that I’m very head sore. Soon if she carries on I’m going to hide her comb when she’s flirting with the make-up artist and watch her try and backcomb my hair then. How is your date with your Xbox going? I hope your winning.

Sadly it seems to be that I’m going with the best man to the wedding. Which I desperately don’t want to, he’s full of himself and thinks he’s god’s gift to women. I asked Gerard who told me he couldn’t because he and Charlie were celebrating their two year anniversary together by having a Star Wars marathon. Mikey and Ray both said churches and wedding freak them out and Frank’s working. I even asked Anna but she laughed and said that my family would probably have a heart attack if I took her as my ‘date’. So I’m stuck. Unless you’re offering then I’m going with Danny, the best man. Blah.

I too had fun last night and I have told so many people of how good Notting Hill is but no one believed me. Now one person more has experienced one of the finest films ever made. Who needs blood and guts when you have heartache and love? Next film I’ll convert you to watching is Made of Honor. I’ll give you a clue, the next line is from the opening song of the film.

If your heart is nowhere in it I don’t want it for a minute,
Darcy xx

Thank you so much for the reviews! It honestly does mean a lot x
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