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Too Right That It Was Wrong

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There's a dance and a pact

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Subject: Hi

I am so glad that Ray has come round but how come is he upset? Does she not have more than one comb? I am winning on my Xbox thank you very much it gets boring though playing by myself on it, I won’t lie.

In fact I was going to suggest that I will be your date. I definitely feel ready to finally meet you, so let’s say I meet you there? I’ll sit at the very back until all the formal activities are over? Am I right in thinking it’s a black tie event?
I have already seen Made of Honour, by best friend made me watch it. I wouldn’t say it is as good as Notting Hill though but I can see why you enjoy it if I’m honest.

Are you going to the party tonight? I am not sure if I will be there don’t know if I fancy it or not.

She goes to uni for free and I don’t know what she studies,
Riddler xx

I recognised the Come Flash All My Ladies line in there that I loved. I was in fact going to the party tonight and I was just going buying my mask for it as it was a masquerade party help for our year as part of a leaving ceremony. As usual we was all going as a group date like we do to every party we go to.
“I love your mask.” Charlie said as she tied the ribbon to the back of my head. The woman who had made it had specifically done so so that the bow attached to the bun my hair would be in, let alone the fact it assembled that of Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises trailer where she is dancing with Bruce Wayne.
“Yeah well I love your dress and mask and shoes” I looked at her through the mirror smiling, “so is Gerard’s tie matching your dress?” I asked as I undid the mask and carefully putting it back in its box.
“I don’t know I think so” she followed me to the till along with her mask, “he’s seen the colour but it’s really up to him.” I nodded as I paid indicating that I understood what she was getting at. “Anyway Darce you’ve not answered my question from when we was at their gig.” She looked at me with her serious face as we walked out and toward the hairdressers “does what you feel for Frank reflect what you feel for the rest of the guys?” She looked at me expectantly.
“What do you think the answer is?” I asked curiously as she thought for a moment before responding.
“I think it’s not, I think deep down you have harboured feelings for him which your scared of because your close and don’t want to lose him.” She spoke truthfully and with each point inside I knew it was right.
“Your right. I’m not denying it. I’m just not telling him. And I know this sounds all childish and highschoolish but I don’t care. He’s my best friend and I’m not losing that.” I shook my head telling myself more than Charlie.
“But he kissed you? Surely that means he likes you to?” She suddenly pointed out.
“How do you know he kissed me?” I looked at her suspiciously.
“He told Gerard who accidently in all his excitement told me.” She laughed as this was a very Gerard thing to do, he’s wanted me and Frank to date for a while now saying we’re perfect for each other but we both took it as a joke and now I can’t believe I’m starting to think of what that would be like.
“Can’t trust that boy with the secrets of the world.” I joked “and I guess your right but it was a peck nothing special.” I didn’t sound so sure and Charlie looked at me with a small smirk playing on her lips.

“Wow you scrub up well girl.” Ray laughed as me and Charlie joined the group on our almost full table.
“Funny I forgot you were a comedian Ray.” I smiled as I felt the familiar arm around my shoulder as I turned to look at its owner.
“Darcy always looks well Ray” Frank spoke smiling at him before flicking his attention to me. “May I have this dance miss?” I was just about to say no when I felt a sharp nudge in the back off Charlie’s elbow.
“You may fine sir” I giggled as he lead me to the dance floor, where his arm was around my waist and his other hand clutching my softly as I placed my arm around his neck.
“You look amazing.” He whispered in my ear as we slowly started moving.
“Thank you” I paused “happy coincidence your tie matches my dress?” I moved to look at him as he smiled.
“Ok Charlie might of let slip the colour of your dress, but I did it because I wanted to match my bestest friend in the whole entire world.” We both laughed at his cheesiness. “Darce about the other day… when we kissed.” He looked at me as if to ask for permission “I don’t want to ruin our friendship.” He looked at me slowly.
“Neither do I, who else will share their food with me?” I laughed a little trying to lighten the suddenly serious mood. “What are you trying to say Frank? You’ve known me long enough to know not to sugar coat it.” I smiled as I put my head on his shoulder slowly with an incline as to what was coming next.
“Your right. I’m sorry.” He paused as if to gather his thoughts “I think we shouldn’t do it again? I mean not that it had anything to do with the kiss but I just … it just felt too right that it was wrong. It should have been awkward and uncomfortable but it wasn’t.” He looked at me biting his lip.
“Your right I agree totally.” I smiled looking him in the eye “plus why do I need you I have Riddler.” With that we both laughed and carried on dancing like nothing had ever happened.

Subject: Hi

Meeting you there would be perfect. It is a black tie event, I will see you in two days time.

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it,
Darcy xx
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