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The Ugly Truth

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Wedding day

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Subject: Hi

I'm here, sat next to your cousin Kyle.
This is, surely not what you thought it would be,
Riddler xx

I read the email as we had just got to the church doors waiting for the music to start.
"Good luck" I hugged the very nervous bride with a firm smile on my face. I never understood why people got nervous at weddings, you love this person and see yourself spending the rest of your life with - otherwise you wouldn't of spent all this money on the wedding - they've also probably seen you naked and your nervous about saying a few words? However, my nerves were now causing havoc in my stomach as to who the Riddler is. Who was the guy I'd been spending just over a week emailing? Who knew stuff about me that not even Charlie or Frank knew? Who seemed no matter what to be there for me? All the answers to them questions and many more were behind these doors. A part of me was sad to see the mystery end, it added excitement to an otherwise most mundane lifestyle however, the rest of me was excited at developing a new face to face friendship with this person. The traditional music started to play indicating the bride was on her way and with each passing word not only did she get more nervous, so did I. I held the young bridesmaids hand, partly for show and partly to stop Danny from being able to link me, and we took off behind the bride down the red carpeted aisle. We got to the front and I'd still not turned to look at Riddler, I then took the flowers and went and took my seat next to him. As I arranged the flowers next to me I felt a hand slide on to my knee and toward mine. I slowly followed the arm of its owner to his face and a smile covered my now relieved face as I held the hand back softly.

The wedding was perfect there was no mess ups like the bride had been so worried about and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.
"May I have this dance?" Danny smirked as he stood in front of me. Well I couldn't exactly say no you creep get away could I? He was the best man after all. I slowly offered him my hand as he guided me to the dance floor his hand holding mine and his other on my waist. "So who's your date?" He asked smiling as guests were looking at us.
"He's a friend." I said bluntly not caring for conversation.
He paused for a few moments before adding "just a friend? So you could come back with me tonight? You know like proper bridesmaid and best man style." He spoke smirking. I was just about to respond when I heard the familiar voice answer.
"Although I've known James a long time he didn't make me best man, but in spite if this I believe my girlfriend will be going home with me tonight and not with some dick centred asshole like you." He spoke as though he'd just asked him to tea, politely.
"Oh sorry mate didn't realise you were a couple, I don't want to tread on anyone’s toes." Danny stuttered before dropping his hold on me leaving me to dance with my date. We danced in silence for a few minutes, all my questions lost as I felt his breath against my neck softly.
"You look stunning by the way." He spoke softly and low before twirling me.
"So do you in your little suit" We both laughed looking at each other slowly. "How come you never said anything? You know me well enough to talk to me." I spoke softly.
"If I had of said anything then that would have made it awkward between us and everyone else." He spoke what deep down I knew to be true. "Plus I wanted to see how you really felt about me for me and not because we are friends." He once again started to guide me along the dance floor.

“Do you trust me?” He asked as we waited for the lift, me now in a plain black dress that created curves on boyish figure.
“Of course I do.” I smirked a little at him, not out of smugness but out of confusion.
“Then let me help you relive a part of another movie moment.” He smiled as the lift doors opened and we both took our positions side by side, shoulder to shoulder. It took me a good few minutes to realise the film it was from.
“So the car is going to pick us downstairs tomorrow at 8. Do you want me to call you?” I asked trying to act my part of Abby in ‘The Ugly Truth’.
“No, I’ll get a wake-up call.” He played Gerard Butler’s character Mike so perfectly. We acted out the whole awkwardness parts, all the lines correctly and then it came to that moment. “My floor.” He said smiling.
“Yeah.” I responded the nervous smile on my face.
“See you tomorrow.” He walked towards the door.
“Eight o’clock.” He hugged me slowly just as the lift door dinged and started to close.
“Good night.” He looked at me again and after my line and we both moved in to hug each other again. Each time my heart pounding faster and faster, the doors dinged and started to close again and then it happened. He wrapped his arms around me and we kissed, and not just a peck a proper kiss until the doors started to close again and then the alarm sound start before he walked out of the lift leaving me to go to my room. I got in obviously not expecting a Colin to come and knock on the door so about five minutes later when there was a knock I quickly opened the door not really sure of how it was supposed to go. After a few moments of standing there he kissed me softly.
“You know the truth about guys isn’t how you think it is. You’re a sucker for the chick flicks yet you don’t believe in true love. The truth isn’t ugly.” He whispered before kissing me again as we walked into my hotel room.

This is the penultimate chapter, your reviews have been fantastic, thank you :)
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