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You're The One That I Want

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Final Chapter, is the Riddler revealed?

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Subject: Hi

So five years later and your still with me. I told you the truth wasn’t ugly and you know from that night at the hotel room it was fatal, you’ve not got rid of me since. Ready to do this?

I like you so much better when your naked,
Riddler xxx

I read the email as I finished getting ready giggling at the choice of song he used as his lyrics.
“I can’t believe you’re actually doing this, you and him.” Charlie said driving us to our destination where we were meeting the other girls.
“Why not? We’ve known each other for years and been together for ten. Oh look here’s Anna and Lola.” I said pointing to the two girls stood at the end of the drive.
“You excited? Nervous? You both look lovely.” Anna commented smiling, Lola was still very shy around us until she’s with us for about an hour and then she’s back to her giddy self.
“So do you two.” I looked at them both smiling before handing them a glass of fresh orange juice. We was heading off to the forest where we was meeting our respective partners, who we’d not seen since they’d been back off tour three days ago.
“When we get there Anna and I will ensure everything is set to go then come find you yeah? The guys said they’ll help us so you don’t have to worry.” Lola smiled at me softly as I nodded my thanks to her whilst I bite my lip softly. Today was my wedding day; I was marrying the man who had at first been so shy to even tell me how he felt and now he was making a life-long commitment to me today. They all planned this to go smoothly yet no one knew what we had planned for our wedding song and this could go anything but smoothly. We got to the area in the forest we decided to get married in; we set up an arch way with fairy lights around it with flowers, not lily’s though because he knew my dislike them. The chairs were decorated with silk ribbons and flowers set out in little rows either side of the roll of carpet we’ve put down so that my shoes and dress didn’t get muddy thanks to the grass, now that could be embarrassing. Lola and Anna went off on their quest to ensure everything was sorted as Charlie and I went to the little tent they guys had set up for me to get changed in and all dolled up. You see the band are huge now, we can’t even go shopping without him being recognised and asked for a photo or an autograph, not that he minds they all care deeply about their fans and take as much time as they can with them until we really need to get ahead with our task. It was because of this we wanted something so simple, it was basic. We choose the forest which we decorated ourselves, the women doing the colour schemes, flowers, bow’s and the fishbowls full of old fashioned sweets, whilst the guys constructing the tables, archways and tents to get changed in. They were also able to set up a help yourself wooden bar which was lit with fairy lights all around them. The only thing they wasn’t allowed to construct was the old fashioned fair rides that we’d hired, we decided the professionals should be in charge of them, you know safety and all. Riddler was right before him, I never fancied the idea of marriage or children and now I’m here in the most perfect beautiful setting for a wedding, the last one to get married out of the band but the longest of friendships.

“You ready for this?” Charlie said bringing me back to reality when I dipped away to think of how content I was with my life right now.
“Of course I am. I was ready for this ten years ago.” I looked at her laughing as she did my hair in loose curls that fell just below shoulders, my make-up, simple and natural with my pale coloured lips thanks to my lipstick. Next was time for my dress, she helped me step into it slowly. My dress was a white simple wedding dress, with slightly ruffled bodice and a soft silver belt pulling in my tiny waist and netting on the skirt stopping just above my knee cap. My shoes were simple white shoes with a silver trim which Charlie cunningly matched to my belt. You see Charlie designed and made my dress and got her friend to do the shoes that was hers and Gerard’s gift to us. Lola was a florist so she did the flowers for us careful to match them to the colour scheme we’d all chosen. My grandma and I made the cake because I remembered that Riddler said he or my friends enjoyed it when I made my cakes and Vanessa arranged our honeymoon for us, which I had no idea where were was going. This wasn’t just my day it was all of ours day, as cheesy as that sounds, because everyone helped out and everyone did something to contribute to this day happening and I don’t think they will understand how happy this will make me.
“Well here goes.” Charlie said as the other two ladies came to join me, now in their dresses that they chose as their bridesmaids dresses. The music had started to play and at this point I thought I should be feeling nerves, but I didn’t, I felt well happy is how I’d describe it. I remembered what I thought about my cousins wedding, about how she was terrified but I didn’t think or feel any of that, not even when I walked down the carpet and I could see my fiancé stood there waiting for me, his smile growing as he saw me. I joined him at the alter in front of the vicar and the vows we’d both carefully constructed went with barely a glitch, apart from when I couldn’t read my own writing.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss.” Those words barely left Vicar Thomas’ lips and I felt my husband’s soft lips on mine, the shape of his perfect smile pressing against my matching one. We waited until everyone had eaten and the speeches were over before we ran off to get changed to do our first dance.
“Ready for a movie moment Darcy?” He asked as he quickly kissed me before walking away and pressing play on our CD we’d made for this moment. I heard the music playing softly before walking out in my tight black all in one, my red heels and my leather jacket.
“Sandy!” I heard him shriek.
“Tell me about stud” I dropped my fake cigarette on the floor before gently kicking him trying not to giggle. All through college Gerard had constantly told me I had a good singing voice but I never let anyone but him properly hear it until now. We both properly went for it doing the actual dance as well as singing.
“Well I’m surprised, I expected ‘Dirty Dancing’.” Gerard laughed when we’d finished ‘You’re The One That I Want’.
“Oh we’re not done.” I smiled before wrapping my arm around my ‘Danny’ and looking at him as we both started to sing “we go together like” at this point all the other couples got behind us and we all did the complete dance routine in front of the photographer who was filming it.
It was finally time to get into the car and go on our honeymoon; we’d done this so we coincided with when Danny and Sandy drive down the line of people. I looked at him and I felt his soft lips kissing next to my ear before he whispered “well here we go, Mrs Iero.”

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