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Nerds in an Airport

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The guys and Fiona have to deal with paparazzi and fans and Fiona makes a fool out of herself but in the making meets someone!

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Fiona's POV

We were boarded off the plane last so no one would see us but things didn’t go exactly as we planned. The airport was filled with tabloids, there were paparazzi, T.V. presenters and loads of people with mics and voice records but what I saw most of were fans.

The whole airport seemed like a killjoy convention with hints of revengers and black paraders. This seemed worse than a plane, what was I going to do? I started to panic and back away slowly but my back pressed up against Gerard.

“It’ll be fine, we’ll go out one by one to cause less of a scene, but you’ve got to go first.” Gerard said to me. My mouth fell open and I shook my head furiously at him.

“Gerard, there is no way I’m going out there, especially on my own!” Gerard looked me dead in the eyes and spoke with a stern voice yet somehow it was soothing.

“You’ve got to, if any of us go out first people might recognise us and then you’ll be revealed for sure! You have to go out there on your own, first. Once you get past the crowd get any taxi you can and ask for them to take you to this address” Gerard shoved something in my hand but my eyes never left his. “Then when you get there sign in under the name ‘Binks’ we’ll meet you when we get there.”

Right Binks, Binks, Binks, gotta remember that ‘Me sa think you sa should remember this or you’ll be veeery sorry!’ I giggled at my thought but Gerard gave me a look witch was full of seriousness. I felt like he was asking me to jump off a cliff yet somehow I trusted him.

Mikey hugged me and kissed my forehead before I turned to the direction of the crowd. I took a deep breath and pulled my hood down, put my sunglasses on and put my hands in my pockets while trying to carry my big duffle bag.

I walked out into the crowd, trying desperately not to have a panic attack or create a scene but that just doesn’t happen with me. This duffle bag was massive, almost twice the size of me, Why didn’t I get a trolley?! I felt my knees give way and suddenly the world seemed to be going slower. I saw the floor coming closer and closer towards me. I stuck my hands out to help ease the blow. I collided into the floor with a loud crash and bit my lip to stop me from yelping out in pain.

I was met by silence from the once loud crowd, everyone was staring at me; I blushed deeply and tried to pull myself up. “Whoa there, let me help you up, honey!” a girly voice said from next to me, I turned to see a wide eyed woman with purple and black hair smiling at me and supporting my weight while I got up.

“It was quite a fall you took there!” I shyly smiled and nodded in response, too embarrassed to speak. I finally put all my weight on my feet but when I did there was a striking pain jolting up my lower left leg.

“Ow for fuck sake!” I practically shouted.

“Wow looks like you hurt yourself pretty badly, come on I’ll take you where you need to be” the random girl said while pulling my arm over her shoulder and putting her arm around my waist, supporting half of my weight.

She walked me past the crowd and to the cabs. “Thanks, I think I’ve got it from here.” I said shyly pulling away and almost falling due to putting my weight on my bad leg again.

“I got you!” She said grabbing me quickly. “No, I’ll come with you until you get where ever you need to be, it’s really fine. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I left you here on your own.”

We got outside, the rain was pouring down but it was nothing compared to the topical rain in Florida! The rain permeated my clothes leaving them damp and cold against my skin, my hair was soon dripping. We got into the nearest cab, I gave the driver the address Gerard had put into my hand before I had made a fool of myself infront of the whole airport.

The cab ride was slightly awkward, I was in a cab on my own with this random woman, I wasn’t used to people being this nice to be, It made me instantly paranoid. “So why are you here in good old UK?” She asked, I panicked instantly, thinking of anything to say but ‘with MCR’…don’t say ‘with MCR’ don’t say ‘with MCR’.

“Erm...I’m here with some friends, visited the UK, kind of on a tour of it.” Oh fuck why did I say tour! Shit she’ll know she’ll find out! Oh my god I’m gonna be in a car with a fangirl! Shit! Abort mission! Abort mission! Mayday! Mayday!

“You alright there, honey, you seem on edge?” she asked in a concerned voice…maybe she didn’t know?

“Yeah I’m fine just a little nervous, I haven’t been home in a while” I lied horsely.

“Yeah I can hear your accent, you’re not from here are you?”

I shook my head. “No, I’m not, I’m from Chicago but I was born in England.” I forced a smile out so she wouldn’t think anything of my behavoir. “You’re not from here either are you?” I could tell she wasn’t from England or from anywhere in the UK.

“No, I’m from America too, L.A. to be precise.”

“Oh, that’s nice.” I said in a small voice, unable to think of anything else to say.

“So are all your friends from the UK?” I looked at her dead in the eyes, I was so sure she knew something, why else would someone ask a question like that but she only smiled back. I felt wrong lying to her though. Damn my innocence and niceness!

“Erm no, none of them are from the UK, only me.” I said slowly, unable to stop myself from giving away too much information.

The taxi finally pulled up to the hotel we were staying at. “Oh wow you’re staying here? It looks very nice.” She said in awe.

“Thanks.” I said. She quickly got out of the taxi and went to my door; helping me out of the car and into the hotel.

“Thank you.” I said again while we were waiting for a receptionist to arrive.

“Hello Miss, how can I help you?” an overly happy and quite camp guy said from behind the desk.

“Erm, yeah. I’m staying here, I’d like to book in please?” I wasn’t too sure of this hotel checking in process. I’d never stayed in a hotel before now, but this didn’t seem like a hotel it seemed like a palace!

“Okay then Miss, Do you have a room booked already?”

“Oh yeah, I think I do at least?”

“Can you tell me what name you’re under Miss?”

Fuck! What did Gerard say? Was it under Way? No no it was something stupid, I remember I was making a stupid joke about it. Erm R2-D2? No! Wookie? Was that ever from Stars Wars?!….Wait 'Me sa think you sa should remember this or you’ll be veeery sorry!'….Jar Jar! Jar Jar Binks! That was it! I sigh of relief escaped from my mouth

“The name is Binks”

“Alrighty then, Thank you miss, your in room 509, you can leave your belonging here and someone will bring them up for you.”

“Thank you” I said with a smile, I was in desperate need of a rest.

The woman walked with me to the elevators and then too my room, thankfully the room wasn’t far from there. “I seriously cannot thank you enough! Is there any way I could repay you?” I said to the mystery woman.

“No, sweetie it’s fine!”

“Well could you at least tell me your name?” I asked cautiously yet curiously.

“Sure, my name’s Elena.”

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