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The plane takes off and maybe Fiona will too?

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Mikey's POV

We were shown to our seat by a perky air hostess; I saw from the corner of my eye Frank eye her up. I gave him a disbelieving look and laughed, was he going to eye up every girl he saw?

“What?!” Frank said defensively, he knew exactly what I saw and laughed as well.

“Are you going to eye up everything that moves?” I asked.

Gee had heard this and purposively shimmied past Frank “Hey, Frank, I’m moving, you gonna eye me up?” We all burst out laughing.

“Shut up Gee, I’ll always eye you up and maybe more.” He said giving Gee a wink.

“Okay guys let’s leave ‘Frerard’ for the stage, this is getting too weird.” I said, making air quotations with my hands for frerard, our fans were crazy making up these names for pairing.

“Why are you jealous Mikey? Do you wanna get back to ‘Frikey’?” Frank said running towards me like the energetic bugger he was.

“Frank I have girlfriend, please control yourself! Plus I'm too fabulous for you! Me and my sparkly bass forever!” I said acting vain. Fiona came over and put her hand around my waist and pulled a tongue at Frank “He’s mine Frank back off” I grinned at her words, they made me so happy. I was hers and she was mine but there was something about her saying it out loud that made it more real. We all sat in our seats, getting ready for take-off, this was going to be a long trip.

Fiona's POV

The captain ordered everyone to their seats and turned the seat belt sign on, I straped myself in tightly. I had always had a fear of flying, I was so scared of crashing or crash landing or crashing landing in water! My breaths became short and shallow, I felt like my lungs were being sucked of air.

I grabbed for Mikey’s hand squeezing it for comfort, I tried not to squeeze to hard, I didn’t want to be the reason they had to cancel a show again. Mikey leaned over and kissed my forehead and rubbed my leg for comfort, my breath became slower, Mikey had helped me through the panic attack until I was calm but it I held on to his hand for dear life when the plane took off.

He just sat there giggling at me, I gave him a stern to look for him to shut the fuck up but it only made him laugh more. The plane was in steady flight now, I turned away from him, planning to ignore him for the whole flight if I could manage it which I knew I couldn’t. He pulled the arm rest up and scootched towards me only for me to scootch away from him.

He snaked his hands around my waist a pulled me towards him, it reminded me of the night he found me crying on the bus. I smiled at the memory that had been the first moment me and Mikey had connected in a way. He kissed my cheek and I bit my lip deperate not to give him the satisfaction of my smile, I turned my head away, out of reach from his lips but they soon found me again only this time they were at my ear.

“You know that you can’t stay angry at me for long, no one can stay angry at me for too long, I’m just so damn adorable” I rolled my eyes, he was being a cocky cock but he was also true, he was adorable, especially when he stands with his feet pointing inwards and his awkward knees and his rare cutesy smile.

I smiled thinking about all the things that made me love him but that was disturbed by some turbulence. In one swift motion I latched myself onto Mikey, my hand in tight fists clenching Mikey’s T-shirt. He rubbed my back soothingly and kissed my forehead making me relax instantly. He was right I could stay mad at him for long.


It was getting late and we were greeted by a different air hostess from the one we had before she was gesturing for us to follow her to our beds. I didn’t like her, Her eyes lingered on Mikey to long for me to like. I hooked my arm to loop with his and gave her a fake smile, making it clear to her that he was mine.

She looked me up and down, judging me then smiled smugly back. She walked away making a “Pfft” noise, I got really angry then but I controlled myself, only gripping Mikey’s arm tightly to release any anger I had. My tight grip didn’t faze him, we all picked up our bags and followed her down the narrow aisle, we were forced to go in single file which annoyed me because I could be by Mikey’s side.

Mikey led the way of our gang, I kept my eyes down, only just relise what the air hostess meant by her noise, She thought I was inadequate, not good enough for Mikey, she thought I was ugly. Tears picked the back of my eyes, I desperately blinked them back, I wasn’t going to cry infront of the guys, not hear at least.

I looked up to see where I was going, only to catch a glimpse of the hostess’ perfect ass swaying while she walked. God she was such a slut! She was seriously flirting with my guy even though she knows he’s mine! I ground my teeth together and balled my hands to fists. She showed us to our beds and smiled at everyone, everyone except me.

I gave her a death glare and she did the same. I grabbed Mikey’s hand tightly again and watched her walk off. What a fucking bitch! I felt a stinging in my eyes; I looked down trying to hide my tears once more.

I remembered the day I saw Mikey kissing the blue haired girl, she was truly beautiful, more beautiful than me and the air hostess put together. I looked at Mikey, he was talking to the guys, I squeezed his hand for comfort, to show me some sort of sign that he loved me despite my flaws. I waited looking at him with desperate eyes but I got no response,I felt hurt, like all the bad emotions I could ever had were balling up inside me, ready to burst through my chest, hopefully destroying me. I didn't want to live in a world without Mikey.

Hot tears flowed down my cheek, I pulled my hand away and immediately ran for the toilets before the guys could see.

I looked at myself in the mirror, how could I have been so stupid! How could I be so naive into thinking that someone like Mikey could love me! I tried to wipe away the tears but they kept coming again and again. My eyes began to hurt, becoming sore due to all the crying. I sniffled and wiped my nose, desperately trying to clean myself up. I knew the guys would be worried about me by now, I didn’t exactly know how long I had spent in the toilets so far.

I pulled out my eyeliner pen and tried to re-apply it. “Fiona? Are you okay?” Frank said from the other side of the door making me drop my pen in the sink.

“Fuck!” I practically shouted, crap, now I’ve defiantly got them worried.

“Fiona?! Fiona can you hear me?!” He sounded much more desperate and worried now.

I knew I had to go out and face them and their accusing questions but I couldn't, that air hostess had touched a nerve, correction kicked a nerve in the balls.

I felt so wrong being with them now, I felt like they deserved more like they deserved better. At this point my feeling for them wouldn’t matter; I didn’t care if I was close to death as long as they were happy and had the best of the best.

I looked into the mirror, Gerard’s lyrics ringing in my ears “If you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see you can find out first-hand what it’s like to be me.” I sank down to the floor of the toilets and glazed into space, not saying a word and not thinking about anything.

I just waited until I felt ready to carry on. I heard Frank shift from the door, shouting to someone. “Fiona?! Fiona are you in there?! Can you hear me?!” Mikey shouted through the door, I didn't move, I couldn't move, I felt paralyzed, glued to the floor.

“Fiona please just tell us if you’re okay?” Ray said soothingly, I opened my mouth to speak but words were denied. I couldn't do this anymore….could I?

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