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The guys wait for the plane and decide to meet someone special in London.

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Mikey's POV

We sat down on a cream sofa, we’d done all the security checks so now it was simply a waiting game. We still had at least an hour before the plane would even be called, ready to board. Ray was reading the newspaper and Gee had gone looking for some kind of form of coffee. Frank was on his IPhone playing temple run.

He constantly was either complaining how he didn’t deserve to die or how he had just beaten his high score. I was glad I didn't have to sit next to him on the plane.

Fiona got up out of my arms. I gave her a confused smile and she smiled back slightly “I need to go to the toilet.” She said quietly so she wouldn’t disturb Frank’s concentration. I nodded, I didn’t want her to be left on her own but since she was the only girl in our group she would have to go on her own.

“Where’s Fiona going?” Gee said with a cup of Starbucks in hand.

“To the toilet” I replied simply. I was so bored of waiting for the plane! At my words the guys practically sprang into action. Ray had folded away his newspaper, Gee had pulled up a seat and to my disbelieve Frank had stopped playing Temple Run. They all stared at me and I stared back.

“So…?” Frank asked.

“So……What?” I replied dumbly, not having a clue what he was on about.

“What’s going on with two, you going out now or what?” Gerard asked.

“I’m guessing we’ll have to keep it quiet to press.” Ray said, looking sternly at Gee and Frank.

“What?! I can keep my mouth shut!” Gerard practically shouted at Ray in defence

“Yeah! So can I!” Frank agreed loudly.

“Guys! Guys!” I shouted over them trying to regain some control of this conversation. “Yes Fiona and I are going out and yes I’d like to keep it quiet to the press, I really don’t want us to be seen together until I know it’s serious because I know if they find out there’ll just be so many question from the press and they won’t leave her alone after that.”

“Okay okay, mouths shut guys.” Ray said again sternly like the father figure he was.

“Anyway have you asked her yet?” Frank asked. I looked at him dumbly again, why must he always be so vague when asking me something?

“Asked her what?” I said, getting slightly frustrated.

“About, you know…her problems” Frank said quietly. The guys grew silent as we talked about the welfare of our new found friend.

“No I haven’t asked her yet...Should I ask her now?” I didn't know how to bring something like this up, we’d never really spoken on our own and when we did it was nothing but fluff talk. Ray shook his head disapproving of the idea to ask her now.

“She’ll tell us when she’s ready for us to know, there’s no point into pressuring her to do it; she’ll just retaliate and hate us all.” I admired Ray’s wisdom; he always knew what to do. We all nodded and vowed that we wouldn’t speak of it until she was ready.

“Quick everyone act natural!” Gee said as he saw Fiona making her way towards us, Frank went back to Temple Run and Ray back to his newspaper. Gee and I just spoke about what movie we hoped they had on the plane. Fiona sat down by my side and smiled and Gee and I.

After a few minutes of Gee and I blabbering on about Star Wars Fiona spoke up. “When we get to the UK where are we going first?” We were all surprised at this question, why did Fiona of all people want to know?

“Erm, we’re landing in Manchester and then making our way down to London with a few concerts in between” Gee answered. She smiled in response and took out her phone and started texting someone. We all looked at her weirdly.

It was silent for a moment but then Fiona gave Gee a gesture as if to say “Hello?! Isn’t it obvious?” Ray, Frank and I were all really confused, our eyes flickering between Gee’s face and Fiona’s. Suddenly it came to him. “Ohhhh!” He almost shouted. Fiona giggled. “Oh yeah! I remember! You’re from the UK aren’t you?”

This was news to me, we had picked her up around Chicago, wasn’t she American? Fiona saw the facial expression I had and laughed while kissing me lightly on the cheek. I grinned well if that expression got me kisses I’d have to pull it more often.

“I didn’t know you were from the UK?!” Frank said excitedly. “Wow I’m friends with a British person! Say something British!” Fiona gave Frank a disapproving look, like she was the teacher and Frank was the student that just got an easy question wrong.

”Frank, you’ve know me for a week, if I was going to say something British you would have noticed before now. Plus I've been living in America for a while, I’ve completely lost my British accent” Fiona explained.

She sighed, did she miss being in Britain? What would happen if we got married? Okay Mikey calm down you’ve been going out with her for a day and you’re already thinking of marriage?! But what if we do and she wants to live in the UK, I can’t live in the UK! My band is here, in America. I left the argument with myself at that; I didn’t want to think of problems at the moment.

“Anyway, I was just texting my brother. I was wondering if he and I could meet up?”

“Wait, are you asking our permission?” Gerard asked, confused.

“I don’t exactly know?” She shrugged.

“Well if you are, of course you can meet up with your brother. I wouldn’t know what to do if I couldn’t see Gee every day.” I smiled to her, encouraging her to go.

“Heck, if he’s as cool as you I’d like to meet him!” Frank said excitedly.

Fiona nodded in agreement. “Well I’m sure you’d have a lot in common, he’s the one who got me into rock music.” She smiled. “So it’s agreed, you’ll meet your brother! Oh I know you’ll love him, he loves the same kind of music and movie and games like you! Also he’s the proper British kind, He went to Cambridge University to study and now he works for this big company in London.”

We were all suddenly taken back. Her brother went to Cambridge?! How smart must he be!? The guys and I sat there mouths open and eyes bulging. Meeting her brother was going to intimidating. She laughed at our expression.

“Guys you’re being a little bit hypocritical.” She stated. Gee was offended by that.

“How are we?!” He said in an obvious defensive tone. Fiona pointed at us all while explaining.

“You’ve all said how you’re normal people and Gerard it’s in your song! ‘I’m a man, not a hero.’ So just because my brother went to some big fancy smart school doesn’t mean he’s not a normal person like you or me.” She said soothingly yet harshly.

The guys looked down ashamed at their judgements. I just laughed at Gerard’s and Frank’s head hanging in shame but that soon stopped when I got hit in the stomach by Fiona, “Hey your no better, Mikey!” She said in a playful tone. The way she said my name was uplifting, I tried to look ashamed but I couldn’t help but grin and giggle.

Frank soon began to giggle too and that’s where it got bad. We were in a fit of laughter, all of us, even Ray who hadn’t said much about it. We must have looked absolutely crazy to everyone else but I couldn’t care less, I had my family, my friends and the woman I loved all around me.

“Flight 127–BR is now ready to board at gate 19; passengers of this flight must go to gate 19 to board now.”

“Guys, that’s our flight, come on, stop laughing and get your asses moving” Ray said still giggling from before but trying to remain composed. We picked up our bags and went to the gate and boarded immediately before everyone else.

Not much I can say about the story, I think the chapter is alright maybe a bit boring.
Anyway I hope you like the story so far!
Thanks for reading!
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