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Fiona and Mikey have more moments and Mikey is Finally gets out of the hospital.

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Mikey's POV

I looked across to the woman I loved, her eyes were closed; her body was limp and lifeless. The nurses had come in and had made a proper bed for her this time. I sighed, the Ray and Gerard had gone back to the bus, Frank had stayed.

My eyes wondered over to where he was; sitting on a chair in the corner, his eyes glued to Fiona. He suddenly turned my way and looked me dead in the eyes.

“I know what you’re thinking” He chuckled, I looked at him confused. “Mikey, you’re like a brother to me; I’m not going to go after your girl!” I was taken back at had precise he’s been at knowing what I was thinking; I simply nodded; words escaping me.

“I just want to make sure that she has a friend, if she can’t talk to you for some bizarre reason then she’ll have me, I don’t want her to end up hurt just as much as you.” I nodded again, I understood. She had no one; we’d taken her out of her city and brought her with us, just a couple of strangers and one guy that couldn’t give her up.

I put my head back letting my head fill with images of what the future may hold. Frank stood up, disturbing my thoughts, I stared at him wondering what he was doing. “I’m gonna go back to the bus, if she wakes up then give me a call once you’re done, Okay?”

“Once I’m done?” I didn’t understand. The day had been pretty heavy on me so far, wake up from a coma, find out the girl you love has serious problems find out she loves you and then have her faint.

“Yeah, you’ve got to talk to her Mikey, we jumped on her before.” Frank looked down ashamed at what had happened. “We were stupid, it was four against one” he pointed out. He was right we had jumped on her, it wasn’t fair, I felt like I could only blame myself.

After Frank left I decided to go to sleep, there wasn’t much else I could do at the moment.


I woke up, stiff and sore, these hospital beds were worse than the sofa on the bus. I finally opened my eyes, ready for the day to begin; they were hopefully letting me out today.

I stared up at the ceiling thinking about how much I missed my coffee and my bass, "Oh my sparkly bass" I cooed slightly. My body felt weird, my chest felt heavier somehow I looked down and noticed a soundly sleeping Fiona, her head on my chest and her arms and legs wrapped around me.

I smiled I loved feeling like this; she was beautiful when she slept. I looked at her features in more detail, her button nose, her long black lashes and her almost translucent skin. She was mine. I grinned at the thought.

I went back to reality, thinking about she came to be here, as in on my bed. She must have woken up in the night and crawled in. I kissed her hair only wishing she was awake so we could finally talk properly.

She stirred slightly, groaning. “Well hello there” I whispered into her ear, an obvious smile in my voice she sighed and went back to sleeping. I was determined to get a reaction of her. Challenge accepted! I kissed her hair and then her forehead and then her nose. She started to giggle in response to all my mushy kisses. I grinned widely. This was amazing. She was amazing. My life was now amazing.

“Mind telling me how I fell asleep on my own and woke up with you here?” I said still smiling from before.

She shrugged. “I had a bad dream and I didn’t want to wake you so I thought I could sleep here with you” she said meeting my eyes, they were so sincere, so caring.

Her dark brown eyes almost seemed black; you could hardly see the pupil. They reminded me of puppy dog’s eyes, cute, soft, loving, warm and inviting. I hugged her slightly and she smiled, she had a perfect smile too.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked, I wanted her to know that I would always be here for her, forever and always. She shook her end in response to my question.

We enjoyed each other’s company for a minute or so, just in silence but our lovely moment was slightly ruined by the intrudence of Frank. “Well what’s going on here then?” He said winking at me and giggling childishly. Fiona and I rolled our eyes in unison. Frank giggled again and we joined in, his laugh has always been infections.

Fiona started to move away but I kept her close, I wasn’t letting her go that easily. She didn’t protest and stayed with me, curled up on the bed.

A grey haired and wrinkled nurse came in after a couple of minutes and gave us a disapproving look to which I let Fiona go, she was probably squishing one of my various stupid tubes. I sighed, I just wanted to leave this place now, we had already missed one of our concerts which was going to be our last in America. We were now scheduled to leave for the UK.

“Can I leave now?” I whined to the nurse.

She gave me a death stare and went to look at my chart. “Well it seems so Mr. Way. We’ll get you ready for departure in a minute.” She eyed up my various tubes, I cringed back into the bed worrying about if there was going to be any pain.

The nurse turned to Frank and Fiona with a stern look. “I’m going to have to ask you to leave while we prepare Mr. Way.” She said gesturing for them to leave, corralling them out. Fiona looked back at me in protest but I gave her a reassuring smile to tell her it was for the best.

More Nurses flooded in, making it three, one was quite young; she looked almost like a trainee. I saw Frank eye her up and winked at him through the window just before a curtain surrounded my bed.

The process of taking out the needles in my arms weren’t so bad, it was the catheter. I had to bite down on my lip to stop myself from screaming, almost drawing blood when they took it out.

After the painful experience I was ready to go, Gerard and Ray had come while I was being prepared and brought me some clean clothes. I got dressed and made my way out, my arm around Fiona’s shoulder, Her arm around my waist. Gerard, Ray and Frank smiled at the sight of us together.

We all clambered into the van and made our way back to the bus leaving behind us bad thoughts from what had happened. I felt as if it was almost a new start, new girlfriend, no problems and we were heading off to the UK.

We retrieved everything we needed off the bus as we would have to leave it here in America. I gave Fiona one of my hoodies and an extra pair of sunglasses, the airport was going to manic. I was half surprised the media hadn’t picked up on her yet, she had been with us for a week of so by now. I was dreading the day it happened; there was no escape from the tabloids.

The worst part of the UK was the tabloids; they had always the worst tabloids, worst than the American ones, they were always so mean, always focusing on the negative. I was worried for Fiona’s sake; they would rip her to pieces.

We arrived at the airport, hoods up, sunglasses on. The airport security guards had already known we were coming and lead us to the front of the line, we were celebrities but we still had to check in. Bags gone and tickets and seats booked, we head off to the VIP area where we would wait until the plane was ready.

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