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Life's Too Short

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The guys confront Fiona on her conditions but it all goes topsy turvy and one thing leads to another!

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Fiona's POV

I walked to the coffee machine, thinking about Mikey nearly all the way, it had been a couple of days since I had last come by this way; I had gone to the long way. My mind wondered about Eric, my hospital buddy.

I went to his room but the bed I saw before me was empty. I saw a nurse walking past and took my chance, bracing myself for the worst. “Erm nurse, where’s the patient from this room, His name was Eric, right?” She nodded and smiled.

"He went back home the other night, are you Fiona?” she asked, I nodded and she handed me a small piece of paper and then walked off.

I opened the paper cautiously, it was an address and underneath it had the words “Write me” scrawled. I smiled I surely would write to Eric he was a good man.

I made my way to the coffee machine and smelled the deep aroma of my coffee. It was like a confront blanket to me, it brought back all of the happy memories I had. I day dreamed slightly, while humming an unrecognisable tune and walking back to Mikey’s room.

I knew the boys would be here by now, I had used the excuse to get coffee for Mikey to have some alone time with his friends. I smiled at the realisation that my life was now perfect. I didn’t have any problems, Liam was gone and I had Mikey, well Kind of, I grimaced. I didn’t have Mikey….Yet.

I knew I was going to have to give him some sort of clue, thing is I was never really any good at the flirting thing. I pondered, what could I do? Maybe I should….no, Or should I…no that wouldn’t work either, I noticed that I was accidentally playing the helpless girl. I didn’t mean too but with what has been happening now it kind of just came along, but the sad thing is that it wasn’t working, me and Mikey were hardly closer.

I sighed; frustrated. I would have to just play it less subtle now, make it more obvious…..But what if I scare him away?! “Fuck” I said under my breath, why couldn’t it be easier, boy meets girl, they like each other, they tell each other and go out with each other. I ran my hand through my hair.

I arrived at Mikey’s room, the guys were in there, all smiling, I smiled too, I was glad they were all happy. I walked in happily, beaming but that all soon changed. Everyone turned to me, just starring, their once happy faces now different masks.

Ray couldn't meet my eyes; he looked down starring at his feet. Gerard was serious, too serious; I’d never seen him more serious. His eyes were like tunnels but they still managed to bore into me like a drill and make me squirm with insecurity. Frank was apprehensive, glaring at me like I was a child who had done wrong.

Mikey was the worst of them all, it made me die a little inside; I knew there was something I’d done just from seeing his eyes, his agonising distressful hazel eyes, the same hazel eyes that I wished would sparkle every time he saw me but to no avail was this happening now or ever.

“What?” I asked in a miniscule and dumb voice. I didn’t know what was going on but I knew it was bad. Mikey patted the space on his bed. I went without hesitation, I sat down gently not wanting to hurt Mikey or sit on one of his various tubes. He put his arm around me and kissed me on the fore head the sensation making my spine tingle. I looked down desperately trying to hide my crimson metamorphosing cheeks.

“Fiona, I want you to know that we are all here for you, okay?” He said quietly. I nodded, still having no clue to what was going on.

Frank chirped in at that point. “We all love you and really want the best for you.” Ray and

Gerard also started to speak. “You’re like a sister to us.”

“We don’t want anything to happen to you ever again.”

“Again?” I blurted out dumbly. What were they on about? My eyes flickered to each of their faces, none of them could face me, none of them could look me in the eye and tell me what was wrong. I stood abruptly and planned to storm out, I hated that they would do this; they would make me all worried and then not tell what was wrong!

I was stopped by Mikey’s firm grasp on my wrist, making me squeal at him in protest. My cuts were gone but in a way they still hurt when people grab me like that. They looked at me like I was crazy this time I was the one that couldn’t face them, I looked away ashamed at my past.

“We know…” Frank said softy behind me, I pivoted my face a mask of shock, I had always been so careful when hiding my wrists! I started to panic. Maybe they didn't know, maybe they knew something else, but if it wasn’t about me cutting then what was it about? I wondered.

“We know…everything” Gerard said, I turned to face him now, It felt as if they were closing in on me, I could take it, I needed to sit down but I didn’t want to sit with Mikey at the moment not when he was accusing me of things I didn’t even know about.

I felt light headed, my world spinning. Life seemed to have a fuzzy out look now. I could feel myself falling but I was too incoherent to stop myself, I heard panicking voices in the background and someone screaming my name in distress, it was Mikey.

I muttered his name trying to find him. I looked around trying to make out images but it was all blurry, I felt my body practically slam into something, little did I know it was Gerard’s arms that were put out especially to save me from hitting my head on the floor. I was being moved and suddenly I started to feel a wetness seeping into the lower leg of my jeans.

The liquid was cold, it didn’t feel right, it seemed slightly too thick to be water yet I couldn't put my finger on what it was.

I could hear Mikey’s voice again. “Fiona?! Fiona!” He kept calling my name, making me stay awake. Wait, I was in Mikey’s arms but I was still on the floor? It didn’t make sense, my brain anchored due to the condition I was in at the moment. It came to me after I had spent a minute or so thinking. Mikey was out of his bed and the liquid was the fluid from his drip! I mumbled his name in response, protesting.

“Fiona? What’s wrong? You can tell me, I’m here for you.” I could hear the distress in his voice, I didn’t like it. I tried to raise my hand to find him, to calm him down but I was too weak. What was happening to me? “Fiona...You can’t go….Not yet…I’ve only just got back to you! Fiona do you hear me?!” I tried to nod.

“Fiona…I…I…I love you” He whispered to me.

I simply smiled.

My whole perspective on life seemed to brighten up, life seemed to have a meaning now. I was beaming but I was also shocked. “What?” I replied dumbly, not sure if I heard him right. He chuckled nervously, “I said I love you, you silly woman.” I smiled again, I had heard him right.

Mikey Way, famous musician in one of the world’s biggest bands and the most perfect human being was in love with me and I with him. My mind flickered through everything we would do together. I smiled at my thoughts, glad that there was a possibility that they would now become true.

“I love you too, Mikey.” I said with all my power.

My sight un-blurred letting me see Mikey’s perfect face, smiling down at me, his hair dishevelled and messy but still looking amazing, his hazel eyes sparkling and filling with tears just before everything began to turn dark.

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