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Awake and Thin Lines

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Mikey awakes from his coma but it's not his welfare the guys need to be worrying about!

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Mikey's POV

I woke up, drowsy and sore. There was a continuous beeping, it was annoying me. I looked around to find that I was in a white room, lying in a bed. This was all too weird, the last thing I remembered was that I was on the bus, and there was a man and Fiona was there too.

“Fiona!” I said in an audible gasp bolting up right, I heard someone moan, I looked to see Fiona’s body slumped over, her head on the edge of my bed. I smiled was she sleeping here? I was touched that she cared so much.

I stretched my muscles, feeling them scream in pain and ache. I felt something limiting me though, I looked at my arm to see an awful needle sticking in it, attached to some sort of tube, I wanted desperately to pull it out but I left it in, knowing that I was in a hospital and it was benefiting me.

I stroked her soft brown hair, pulling it away, out of her face; I tried my best not to wake her. She murmured something in her sleep, something about lights. I went back to doing nothing trying to guess the time and where everyone else was.

“No, come back!” Fiona shouted, bolting up and awake. I was startled by her sudden loudness; I thought she was sleeping? She ran her hand through her hair, fixing it a little and turned in my direction, she stopped when she saw me.

“Mikey?” she asked in a tiny disbelieving voice, I just smiled. Suddenly I was attacked by her; she had practically jumped on top of me enclosing me tightly in a hug. She backed away and slapped me then, it stung like crazy. My hand rose to my face. “Ow! Why?” she crossed her arms and she was pretty much straddling me. I blushed at the thought but it was concealed by the right red hand print forming on my cheek.

“Mikey fucking Way what did I tell you?!” She didn’t give me enough time to reply. “I told you not to get involved with Liam and what do you do? Get involved and end up in a coma for two days!” I looked down; ashamed at my stupidity, so that’s what had happened, great. She hugged me again and whispered, “I’m so glad you’re back thought.” I hugged her back, desperately trying to keep the tube in place while I wrapped my arms around her body.

She pulled away and went back to her seat, I was slightly upset that she didn’t stay on the bed with me but I knew it was for the best. She flipped out her phone and dialled a number “Hello? Frank, please…..Frank I’m fine!....No I’m not hurt…..No I don’t want to-….look Frank please just shut up! Thank you! You all need to get down here straight away it’s urgent!”

She hung up the phone and I looked at her confused, why did they need to get here urgently? Did she feel ill, was something wrong with her? I hated not knowing! She was so hard to read, usually I know what people are thinking just by their expression or body language but with her everything is different. I don’t know what to expect from her, she’s just so different, so original; I smiled, I was in love with this woman and I was sure I was going to make mine, I just had to.

“I'm gonna get some coffee before the guys get here, that okay?” I looked down trying to hide my despair; I didn't want her to leave, I hadn't seen her in days and this was the only time we had alone. I nodded to her, giving her the okay to go, she smiled and stood up, I gasped in horror at what I had seen.

“What?” she asked concerned, I shook my head, she stared at me weirdly but when she meant my silence she dropped it and left to get the coffee.

She was obscenely skinny, what had happened to her? Her clothes that were once tight fitting now hung on her like they were two sizes too big. It had only been a couple of days, to think of it I had really seen her eat since that morning she tried to leave, I only saw her drink coffee and that was it. Was I really that blind? Surely the other guys would have noticed this? I stared mindlessly at nothing in shock, scared at what was happening to her.

At that point Frank rushed in, he skidded to a stop when he saw me, I smiled and waved awkwardly and he laughed while walking to me, soon hugging me.

“Where’s Fiona?” he asked, I still didn’t like his interest in her but I knew his tone was one of concern and not lust.

“She went to get coffee.” I shrugged “Frank?”

“Yeah?” he said dumbly, waiting for the others.

“Have you noticed something with Fiona, like something not right?”

Frank nodded and my eyes bulged, “What did you notice?” I asked, not too sure if we were on the right page.

Frank looked at me dumbly but concerned. “You’ve seen it too, I know it, she’s obviously gotten way to thin!” Frank said looking down, not meeting my gaze.

“Why didn’t you help her?!” I practically shouted at him, I knew I shouldn’t have but it just slipped out like that. I was so upset that I couldn’t help her in her time of need and Frank could have but didn’t.

Frank raised his hand in defence. “Hey, Hey, I tried, we all did. We would watch her constantly and offer her food, she would eat it so we thought she was fine but I don’t know, it’s like it’s not working or something, Ray was half tempted to stick her on one of those things that feed you through a tube!”.

I looked at him puzzled, she was eating but it was like it wasn’t working? I pondered. “She was staying here every night with you, we all offered to stay with her but she would insist on us going.” Frank finally looked up at me; his eyes said it all; he was worried about her just as much as me.

It was silent for a moment but Frank disturbed that with his words, his words that almost caused my heart to stop. It had seemed Fiona was hiding more than her back story. “I got a couple of glances at her wrist too...she’s has scars Mikey!”

My head wavered for a moment, I was trying my best to take in this information, I felt sick, cold, dead, worried, angry and annoyed all at once. She had slit her wrists. “Were they new?” I blurted out before I could think properly.

Frank shook his head. I breathed a sigh a relief. I was upset that I couldn’t have helped her, she should have had someone like Gerard, Ray, Frank or I, any of us would have been beneficial. We had all gone through depression.

She should have had someone to help her, to give her comfort, to stop her. I can only assume she had had none of that, she would have gone through her problems on her own. It made me angry to know that and it made me even more upset to know that our fans were probably going through the same thing.

Gee had always been against cutting; he always said that there was no need and that it was an overreaction in most cases, like when girl thinks they’re not pretty, it was bullshit, because every girl was pretty. Gee would say things like “Stay beautiful, Keep it ugly” and “We are always there for you, just turn up the music.”. Gee was always very good in supporting the fans.

Me and Frank sat in silence, we were both thinking about how we could help her but nothing came to mind, maybe we were overreacting, maybe it was nothing but on the other hand maybe it was serious. I was going to make sure that she had no need to do anything like that every again, it was my secret promise to her.

Mikey's Back! :D
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