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The guys finally arrive in the U.K.

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Fiona's POV

I looked down at my watch. “Fuck it’s 2am” I moaned silently. How bloody long did I spend in this toilet cubicle? I groaned getting up trying not to make a noise. I looked in the mirror and saw my face, it seemed somewhat different.

The girl I saw that stared back at me had different eyes, ones that were filled with pure disgust of herself. Was this really who I had become one of those girls who just hated themselves for being them? I shook my head trying to abandon the thoughts.

I silently pulled on the lock of the door and stepped out of the tiny cubicle, stretching almost instantly. I tiptoed to the beds and found mine. I slipped between the sheets and fluffed my pillow, desperately trying to get comfy but frustratingly to no avail.

This just wasn’t going to work now was it? I pulled my covers off and made my way over to Mikey’s bed. I didn’t want to wake him I know he would just ask questions; I wasn’t just ready for that. I peeled Mikey covers slightly and slid in to them. I sighed and breathed in Mikey’s scent, his smell and he being near made me immediately calmer.

I could feel the heaviness of sleep enclosing me in its warm embrace but I was mistaken, the drowsiness of fatigue had made me incoherent, the warm embrace I had mistaken for sleep was actually Mikey, curling around me, pulling me closer to him. I smiled yet felt guilty for waking him. He kissed my shoulder and went to lean his head against my back. We fell into a comfortable slumber and slept in each other’s arms.


I was woken up by some turbulence, shifted myself slightly, trying to get closer to Mikey. I could hear his little snores, I smiled, even his snores were cute. Unlike someone else’s, I looked at Ray accusingly. I looked over to Frankie’s bed but he wasn’t in his bed, he was on the floor, dribbling like a puppy dog.

I giggled and got out of Mikey’s bed and stood over Frankie, kicking him slightly to wake him up. “Ugh! Five more minutes Gerd! I don’t wanna go do an interview!” I giggled and kicked him again only this time it was slightly harder.
“Ow!” Yep he was awake, I giggled again; Frankie always knew what to do to put me in a good mood even if it was unconsciously.

He looked up at me and I smiled and waved down at him, at sight of me he jumped up at me and enclosed me in a bone crushing hug, I tried to hug him back but I could hardly breathe. “Frankie let me out of your death grip! Please!” He complied and let me go. We stood there for a moment not saying anything just standing with each other but Mikey began to stir so I went back to him, running my hands in his hair; trying to calm him.

Mikey went back to sleep, his little snores returning. Frankie came over to me, sitting cross legged on the floor by Mine’s bed. “You okay now?” I nodded, I wanted to forget about last night, it seemed so stupid now. Me and my overreactions always getting me into to trouble I thought.

“Oh hey sugar, you’re finally out of the toilets then I see?” Gerard said walking past me and Frankie, making his way over to the coffee. I nodded in reply.
“What were you even doing in there?” Gerard asked simply.

Frankie gave him a death glare to be quiet and I just laughed at how simple and open Gerard was and how caring Frankie was, they were both the sweetest guys I had ever met, everyone in the band was nice. They were all much better than any other guy I had been with, my mind wondering back to thoughts of Liam and I shuddered.

Frankie reached for my hand and squeezed it and Gerard looked at me with concerned eyes. I shook my head “Guys you need to stop worrying about me, I’m fine.” The first part was true, I felt like I was sometimes being suffocated with cotton wool from them but the second part was a lie, I didn’t know what I was anymore.

“I was just thinking…I needed time to think.” I said in a quiet mouse voice. The guys nodded and we all fell silent.
Ray had woken up some time in the silence “Guys we’re going to be in the U.K. in about an hour we need to get up.” I sighed and turned to face Mikey who was still asleep, I shook his shoulder slightly but he didn’t wake up, he only stirred.

Frank and Gerard smiled evilly at each other and before I knew it I was pulled off Mikey’s bed by Ray and Frank and Gerard were jumping on it.
“Is it always like this?!” I asked Ray while giggling at the sight of them having so much fun except for Mikey who was moaning into his pillow and occasionally cursing at them.

“Yeah, pretty much, Mikey never wakes up easily. This is something you’ll have to get used to.” Frank gestured me to join them and I did, hopping onto Mikey making him groan loudly.

I kissed his neck and shouted in his ear “Mikey! Wake! Up!” He groaned again and pulled the pillow over his head. We all hopped off his bed and gathered our stuff together ready to go back to our seats.

We were met by the bitchy air hostess again. The death glares were back on. “I trust you slept well?” she smiled fakely to me, I went to grab Mikey’s hand and pulled him near me while resting my head on him “Yes we did” I smiled smugly back at her empathising the word ‘we’ enough for her to understand. Her mouth dropped a little and I stifled a laugh, I also heard Frankie giggle from somewhere behind me.

She turned her back to us and walked on as we followed her to our seats, once we were at our seat she left us in peace from her bitchiness.

“God could you and her mentally fight anymore or what?!” Frankie shouted excitedly to me. I laughed at his reaction and Mikey just looked too confused for words.

“Didn’t you see it Mikey? Those two could have ripped each other throats out if the wanted to! What the hell were you fighting about anyway?”

“She wanted Mikey! She was flirting with him like crazy! I wasn’t going to have her go after my man!” I said defensively back to him.

“She was flirting with me? How?” Mikey said still obviously confused.

“She kept looking at you and swaying her hips! Didn’t you see her?!” I said, shocked at his incoherence.

“Why would I look at her when I have you here?” He said, the honesty in his voice was obvious. I blushed and hid my head in his arm while he kissed the top of my head. Mikey was going to be the death of me, he was just too perfect. We were disturbed by a voice coming over the inter-com.

“Good morning passengers, This is your captain speaking. I and the cabin crew would like to welcome you to the U.K. Manchester, it’s Tuesday morning and it’s raining with the temperature at 6 degrees Celsius.”

The whole plane radiated a moan due to the weather which then turned into congratulatory applause for the captain for piloting the plane well and not crashing. Gerard looked out of the window and groaned again. “It’s raaaaiiining!”

“Well the captain did just say, Gee” Mikey said, giggling at his brother’s reaction.

“Well you know what they say? Good ol’ rainy U.K.” Ray said making what seemed like a negative suddenly seeming positive. I just smiled and bobbed slightly, I was way too happy and excited to be home to stay on this plane!

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