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She Bought the Last Line, I’m Just the Worst Kind of Guy to Argue With What You Might Find

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“Now this can go the easy way or the hard way. You choose.” He eased off his grip off my throat.

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A/N: Oh my gosh! I am so sorry everyone! Its been such a wirlwind of a month. I was in my schools musical so I haven't had anytime. I just lost one of my friends to suicide, and I got into a car wreck today. I am so sorry I haven't gotten to update, but thank you all for being so patient! But as always rate and review your opinions mean so much to me. Thanks for being so understanding everyone!

Chapter 7: She Bought the Last Line, I’m Just the Worst Kind of Guy to Argue With What You Might Find

Molly’s POV:

I froze hearing Peter’s angry voice, it sent shivers down my spine. I turned to Sarah, her eyes were wide and her body was trembling. I quickly moved myself in front of her. I turned to look at the disgusting human being that was standing in the hallway.

“She’s leaving.” I spat at him.

“Well I don’t think you have any say in that matter.” He taunted. “Sarah is my girlfriend, and she is going to stay here. Isn’t that right Sarah?” he looked at her up and down.

“Fuck no she isn’t. You fucking prick.” I felt my hands start to shake because of the anger I was feeling.

“Well what are you gonna do? Take her away? I’ll stop you faster than you blink you little bitch.” He said confidently.

I wasn’t going to let this motherfucker hurt my best friend anymore. I mustered up all the courage I could and walked closer to him.

“Fuck you, just because you insecure with your manhood and beat on your girlfriend doesn’t make you strong. In fact in makes you biggest piece of fucking shit in the world. She may be afraid of you, but I’m not.” I said toughly.

Peter stood there for a second, and suddenly I saw his hand raise, then all I felt was struck to my face. I went to rub tingling spot on my cheek. When Peter kicked me to the ground.

“You little bitch. You think you can stand up to me? You’re more stupid than her.” He placed his foot on my throat.

“Now this can go the easy way or the hard way. You choose.” He eased off his grip off my throat.

“Fuck you prick!” I struggled, and his foot pushed down hard on my throat and left me gasping for air.

“You little whore, I was gonna let you leave peacefully. But now you’re gonna get what she got.” He screamed.

He lifted his foot of me and dragged me by feet into the living room; he picked me up and threw me on the couch. I just shut my eyes and prepared myself for the worst.

“I am gonna make this---“

I heard a crash; I forced my eyes open and saw Sarah standing frozen in front of me, frozen, with a frying pan in her hand.

“I couldn’t let him hurt you. Not after what I went through.” she said shocked.

“You did the right thing.” I kept myself together for her, even though I was scared shitless by what had just happened.

“He would have raped you too.” She said as she looked down at Peter’s unconscious body on the floor.

“I know, now we need to get out of here before he gets up.” I said urgently.

I got up from the couch, grabbed Sarah’s bag and we went to my apartment. I had to keep my hands from shaking while I was driving. I was scared for her.

Sarah’s POV:

The whole drive to Molly’s was completely silent. I was scared, I had just knocked my abusive boyfriend unconscious and I knew he wasn’t going to forget it. I had no idea what to do. I couldn’t put Molly in danger like this. We walked into her apartment and I set my stuff down on the couch and just sat down.

“Okay so you know where everything is just make yourself at home.” She said absent mindedly.

“I’m sorry.” I spoke out.

“Why are you sorry?” she said confused.

“I’m sorry because I can’t stay here, I can’t put you in danger like this. He won’t stop.” I could feel my voice start to quake at the very thought of Peter.

“This isn’t your fault, none of it is. I had to get you out of there.” Molly defended me.

“He’ll come for me.” I said frightened.

“He doesn’t know where I live.” She smiled coyly. “Now you rest okay.”

“All right.” I said, taking a deep breath. I laid down on the couch and shut my eyes trying to sleep.

“Just let me call Gerard and cancel our date.” She said as she started to his number.

“No please don’t! I feel guilty enough that you had to see what you did today, so please don’t cancel.”

“Well I am not gonna leave you here by yourself! You must be crazy if you think that!” she said worried.

She was right; I was completely terrified of being alone.

“Maybe, you could hang out with Frank while I’m out?” she looked at me skeptically.

Even after everything that had just happened I jumped at the thought of Frank’s name.

“I’m okay with that as long as he is.” I said calmly.

“All right well I’ll give Gerard a call and see. Maybe we can give one good thing to end this day with.” She smiled as she went into the other room.

Frank’s POV:

“Gerard what did I tell you about putting icy hot on the toilet seat! It’s not fucking funny anymore!” I screamed at him from the bathroom.

Gerard thought it was hilarious to disrupt my private bathroom time. I on the other hand thought it was annoying and only partially amusing.

“HAHAHAHAHAH!” I heard him roar with laughter from the living room.

“Seriously! It’s not funny, my ass can’t decide if it wants to be hot or cold you asshole.” I spat.

“Yeah whatever. Come here though I need to ask you something.” I heard him just brush everything off like it always did.

“Yeah?” I said as I walked into the living room. I could my ass tingling through my boxers, from the icy hot. I rubbed it and sat down.

“So Molly was wondering if Sarah could hang out here with you tonight when we go on our date. Apparently she has been going through a lot and Molly doesn’t want her to be by herself.” I heard the words come out of Gerard’s mouth and was instantly excited.

“Oh yeah man that’s cool…I guess.” Trying just to play it cool.

“Yeah…so she’ll be here later. Just try and get her mind off things, make sure she has a good time.” Gerard sounded genuine.

Gerard was a total jackass when it came to girls and a lot of other things. But when it came to people hurting, he really understood them. He had been through a lot of hurt himself. He really did care about the wellbeing of people even if he didn’t really know them. That’s one of the things I always admired about him.

I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on with Sarah. I mean when she left the other she seemed really happy. I just hope it wasn’t anything too serious. Hopefully I could help pull her out of it.

“I’m gonna go shower, but clean up a little Frank, I don’t want her to think we are complete pigs.” Gerard chuckled as he walked to the bathroom.

“Yeah, I’ll do that.” I muttered.

I was so excited for tonight. Sure the circumstances in which Sarah was gonna be here weren’t the best, but I was just glad she was going to be here at all.
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