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So go on, live your life. We are young and we don't care.

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Happy 'birthday' Gerard

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Chapter One

Franks POV
"Happy Birthday Gerard", I said as I planted a kiss on my gorgeous boyfriend. Today is the day his vampire parents bit him, why he kept track of it instead of changing his 'birth date' randomly like most vampires, who knows. "So how old are you REALLY?" I asked him. He smiled at me, his eyes haunted me. They broke me down and cut apart my soul, because within his innocent beautiful loving eyes was my guilt. How long can I lie? "Well, Bella.." he stuck his tongue out me. Making feel worse about my dumb twilight clichèd question. "I'm actually only 28. I wasn't changed that long ago, that's why adapting isn't that hard. Vampire or not, I'm legal and you're not." Gerard laughed, oh that adorable laugh. His laugh taunted me, that same vocal box would voice screams as I killed him. "Must you tease? You're not much older than me in non-vampire years. I'm 17 and you're '18'. GEESH!" I replied. He laughed again. I pouted and gave my best puppy dog eyes. He kissed me gently. He was also so gentle with me, so caring, so protective. It sickened me. Playing defenseless. I stared into those gorgeous eyes, mesmerized. We stared at each other in silence, the beauty of it was that we didn't need to speak. Just being with me was enough for Gerard, was enough for me. I'm a sick bastard. "What you thinking about Frankie?" Gerard asked breaking the comfortable silence. "I-I.. I should get home." I replied half-heartily. He placed a quick sweet kiss on my cheek then we said our goodbyes. He had offered to walk me home but I declined. Playing defensless is annoying. I could kill anyone who dared threaten me with a shred of paper if I wanted to. Yet I have to continue the illusion, play Gerard like fiddle, let him feel like I need protection. I sighed. I need a smoke. The streetlight seemed to get dimmer as a walked the "scary" streets of New Jersey. When you've seen what I've seen, nothing is scary anymore. I took the long way home, the dangerous way. You could say I'm an adrenaline junkie. Well was, nothing can really get my adrenalin pumping anymore, nothing.. nobody, but Gerard. His eyes, his smile, his voice, everything he did got my heart pumping a million miles a minute. But was that adrenalin or just plain guilt?
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