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Pick up the phone, answer your text... I apologize about last night!

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Frank dreams of Gerard

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AN: Hello Again. I'll probably update this story 2 times a day this week. I'm a writer, it's my passion, i write all the time anyway. So why not share some of it? This one is kind of boring/a filler. Idk why I keep feeling the need to put "Franks POV" I feel like the whole story is Franks POV, but I never know what to expect from myself when writing, I could change like that. Better safe then sorry. Sorry for the boring rant.

Chapter 2

Franks POV
That night a dreamt of Gerard. It was becoming a nightly occurrence, not like I cared. I dreamt of his eyes that seemed to change color from hazel/green to hazel/brown, never ceasing to be ever so mesmerizing. His hair, which would fade in and out of various styles. Short messy bed head black to fiery red to long  disheveled  black with green at the roots. His innocent childlike smile continued to fade in and out to being an evil growl with fangs, to a smirk, the kind that leaves you uneasy. As his features continued to change he fell, I tried to reach him but I couldn't. So I jumped in after him. I heared laughing all around me. Evil laughter filling my ears. Resentment. Finally the laugh stopped as I neared the flames, falling to my death. Then I heard the laugh I fell in love with as I burned to death... Gerard reached his hand out to me but it was just out of reach. I couldn't breath, I felt myself dying, burning. Betrayal stinging my ears, the words 'set up' haunting me. I couldn't take it. I leaped into Gerard's arms and he held, then we ran away together. To be happy.

I woke up in a pool of sweat. I was suffocating. I moved frantically around trying to get from whatever was holding me down. Finally whatever evil was trying to kill me, let up. "Hey son. Glad to see you've stopped screaming. Almost woke the neighborhood up!" My dad informed me with a smile. "Stop being such a pussy Frank. Me and your mother did not raise you like that. You've been having bad dreams like that and freaking out a lot lately. One more fuck up and you're dead." My dad said this all with a genuine smile like a father would smile proudly at the fact that his son just won some award. He held a knife up to my neck and muttered something about outing the families cover and I'm sure I heard the fag and worthless thrown in there. I need to stop the dumb dreams. I reveal to much in my unconsciousness. But every night I keep having the same dream. Gerard, a Gerard I've never met and then he turns into MY Gerard, the love of my life. We run off together and live happily ever after. But shit like that doesn't happen. There are not happily ever afters. We'll never get to be together, happily, without my shit job interfering. My shit life. I didn't choose this. I didn't want this. Why don't I just leave? Ask Gerard to change me and we run away together? Why do I stay here?

My phone rang, that annoying ringtone bringing me out my thoughts.
Text From Gerard: Want to do something?
Any other day and I would've jumped at the chance to be with my love, but not today. I mustered the little strength I had considering I have not had my morning coffee and got out of bed. I shook my hair into something semi-presentable and through on shit jeans with holes on them and my "I don't give a f*ck" t-shirt. I flipped through my messages from a week ago.. there it was the evil little text message I tried to forget.
A week more of observing then kill him. Cut out his brain and a cleaner will be at the house to pick it up and give you and your family your new location, cover and targets

Gerard and his 'family' are no longer needed. Just his brain. I'm so sorry Gee. I stared at myself in my bathroom mirror. Tears threatened to fall. But I wouldn't let them. I wont be weak. I will finish my mission on move on to the next mission. I walked back to me room and practiced seeming confident, not defeated as I truely feel. 'My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard' came from my phone. Nobody ever calls my cell. Ever. Not even Gee, he just calls the house. "Hello?... Oh hi... Yes Michael... Yes I know... You're the boss... Why is it so important I bring him in?... I understand sir" I hung up on the big boss. The head of the company, Michael Way. He wants Gerard alive now, for what? I don't know. But at least I have a few more moments with my love.

AN: IS THIS MAKING SENSE?! I mean in my head it does. But maybe it doesn't, I'm not normal, so I don't know how this seems to the average person. Please R&R. Be brutally honest. Quit while I'm ahead? I'll never stop writing, but I can stop sharing.
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