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You can run away with me, anytime you want

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Gerard dies?

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AN: this isn't all that good, kind of a filler. I just don't know how to get to the point. Ugh. Enjoy! Also... Sorry, anyways this is dedicated to my grandfather he's 68 today. March 24th

Chapter Three
Franks POV

I walked out the house looking quite spiffy if I say so myself. The rain was pleasantly calm today. I diged into my pocket in search of my iPod, I left it at home, shit. Suddenly a tall (well compared to me) figure  held out a cup of coffee and a cigaret to me. Gerard. "Hello there." I smiled and gave him a quick peck. "We're skipping today." He informed me as he grabbed my arm, dragging me in a direction opposite from school. "Ok." I muttered taking a drag from my cigaret. We found a near by park and sat on the gate thing. We tended to skip school. This is Gerard's 3rd time in high school, second time through as a vampire. Therefor he doesn't feel the need to go or get good grades or give any type of fuck. I held him tight, refusing to let go. He kept asking what's wrong. Oh Gerard, sweet Gerard. Why do you let me play you? I said nothing and released him from my embrace. "We're going somewhere later." I told him. I looked at his face for his reaction. He didn't appear confused, just it excepted it as fact and pulled me in for a kiss. I jumped off the fence/gate thing. Surprising him, I'm never the one to pull away.  I couldn't stand to kiss him, couldn't stand to be around him. Not because I didn't like him, no, but because I love him.  "Let's run away." I heard the words leave my lips, but I didn't feel like I said them. "What do you mean?" He asked, jumping off the gate with such grace. He's so graceful and mesmerizing. "Forget it. I have to take you somewhere." I muttered. I started to shake slightly. Gerard pulled me in for a hug, saying all the usual 'it's okay', 'i love you' 'what's wrong?' 'it's all gonna be fine', but unlike most people I could tell he meant it, I could hear the love, compassion and caring in his voice. But it's not gonna be fine. It'll never be fine. "Why so upset love?" He asked. So I stabbed him in the back with my pocket stake. 
Like a pocket knife... but a stake.. Haha. The next chapter will be Gerard's POV. I'll probably have it up later today. Thanks 4 read. Please review :) let me know what I can do to make the story/my writing better.

PS: it gets less confusing I promise
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