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You really listen to me, because I'm telling you the truth! I mean this.

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" It's all gonna be ok Gee, trust me." I'd been screaming, screaming for it to stop. So it did. 

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Chapter Four
Gerard's POV

My back was in searing pain. The sweet stench of blood tickled my nose, beautiful delicious blood. I attempted to open my eyes. There was nothing but darkness... Shit. Stupid blindfolds. I don't know what I'm tied up against but it's preventing me vampire abilities from working. 

Oh shit. Frank. Where's Frank? Oh my god... He's dead.. It's all my fault. I struggled against my binds, to no avail. "Frank! Frank, are you there?" ..... There was no reply. I calmed myself down, hoping my vamp-amped senses would come back. My vivid sense hearing and smell came back a tad, there are definitely more people in this room, or wherever I am. "Whose there?," I yelled trying to sound intimidating, as intimidating as a useless captured vampire can sound anyways. 

I felt hands on my back, it stung. Whoever it was possibly either tending my wound or something else. Diabolical thoughts zoomed through my mind about what they could be doing, most of which highly unlikely.  Where did I get that wound anyway? More like when.. How long have I been out? Never mind that...  The last thing I remember is being with my love, my sweet Frank. What could've happened to him? How long ago could that have been? I winced as they put something on my wound, it stung and I smelled alcohol. They're tending the wound. Question  #3, answered. To bad that was one of the least important things going through my head. "It's all gonna be ok Gee, trust me." A familiar voice whispered into my ear reassuringly. "Frankie?," I know it's Frank. It has to be. No matter how much I want to believe him, I could hear his voice screaming lies. It didn't feel honest, yet his words gave me comfort. Because I trust him and I trust him because I love him. Footsteps faded from the room, no, not one set. But three. 

 I wiggled my head around, the blindfold lifted a tad, teasing me. I shook my head violently, this time the blindfold fell around my neck. I blinked, willing my eyes to adjust to the lighting. I searched around, the room consisted of a door to exit, a giant mirror and the chair I am currently tied to. This looks like one of those interrogation rooms from the cop movies. I blushed a tad at the possibility of someone watching my whole frustrated fiasco while trying to get the blindfold off.  That's embarrassing. Even more embarrassing that I'm blushing over it when it could just be a regular mirror and nobody is on the other side. My mind continued to go back and forth on the debate. Ugh this place is driving me crazy. You mean crazier?, the back of my mind scoffed. SHUT UP! I yelled. It took me a minute to realize I yelled that out loud. I really am going nuts. Told you I sighed and tuned the other side of my brain out by humming random songs. 

Time passed. How much time? Years? It's not as if I could tell considering my reflection will always look the same. I looked at myself in the mirror. Same old Gerard, slightly faded hair dye, worn eyeliner, jeans two sizes too small, hazel green eyes that would occasionally flicker to black or blood red,  a shirt that belonged on a homeless person.. Yep, same old Gerard. Maybe it was just months... Possibly days, maybe an hour? Dumb vampire sense.. With no windows in this godforsaken interrogation looking room I can't tell how the time has passed. Vampires suck. That was a good movie I'd take a bite out of Robert Patterson look-a-likes  any day, yum.  I heard a slight click and averted my gaze to the door, Frank walked in. "Frank, what are you doing here? Are you okay? What happened did they hurt you?," the questions kept flying out my mouth. I shut my lips realizing I'd never get any answers if I didn't shut the fuck up. He stepped closer, his eyes looked gorgeous as always, but miserable, terribly miserable. His eyes were sunken and dark as if he hadn't had any sleep for decades, they were also puffy and tear stained. I haven't wanted to rid myself of this bondage as much as I do right now. I want to hug him, save him, kill whoever is hurting him. I looked up at him and he smiled down at me. Ha, thats funny, a first by far. "Don't get used to being taller.," He smiled at my hopeless attempt of making a joke. I squirmed around in the chair. "Don't. It won't help, the room is vampire proof, you vampire abilities are under a spell. They won't work as long as you're in here. Smell will fade in and out as will your vampire hearing. But as long as your in here you're an average human, minus the no aging. Never mind that right now. Gee, I made a mistake and I'm going to get you out of here. It will all be okay soon.," with that Frank left. No goodbye or explanation or anything that useful except for the tip on this room. No kiss farewell, no nothing. Just a speech that made little to no sense and the slam of the door. I kept re-hearing that slam. It tugged at my heart. I'm not sure how I felt. But I kept hearing it. 


What could've been minutes or possibly hours I realized I'd been screaming, screaming for it to stop. So it did.

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