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Nobody cares if your losing yourself

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Frank is still confused. Gerard is confused but has a right to be. People get knocked out. Frikey moment? Frerard..? Please let this be nothing like twilight. #Vampires

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Full summary: Frank is still confused. Gerard is confused but has a right to be. People get knocked out. Frikey moment? Frerard..? Please let this be nothing like twilight. #Vampires

Chapter Five
Franks POV

The awful building aka HQ always smelled of moth balls and death. Never garlic or steak. Even though countless dumb newbies tend to come in stocked with garlic and steaks... Like actually meat, the dumb fucks. But no, headquarters was smelled of death and moth balls. I was content with that smell. It gave me comfort. The smell of death continued to calm me as I walked down the corridor towards the bosses office. Apparently I'm high in the ranks, receiving some sort of award. Fun. I could really use a cigaret right now, but like every 'public' building, no smoking inside. Now how the fuck did a secret society get dragged into health codes? I'll never know. Finally I reached the end of the hall. I stood in front of the giant double doors, looking no doubt, like an idiot. Do I knock or do I walk right in? I shrugged off the nerves and walked right in. "Sir." I semi-squeaked... Damn, I semi-squeaked, I'm such a fucktard. I searched, the room, the completely EMPTY room.  "Call me Mikey." The voice clearing coming from what appears to be an empty room. I took a moment to process. The room is fucking empty. Either I'm being punk'd or I finally cracked. So I did the logical thing, I ran out the room screaming like a little girl. That's how you scare off ghost. 

I inwardly smiled proudly to myself, the things you learn from years of horror movies. They told me I was wasting sweet hours and could be doing something productive other than scaring myself shitless. Well look at me now, I practically have the means to become a ghost hunter. I finally stopped running and screaming, I walked on as if nothing happened. Horror movies teach that you should only freak during the run, once your far away you must calm down. But never think you're safe, because when they get you. Final Destination.

 I decided to go take over 'vampire watch' shift. The thought of someone else watching my Gerard bothered me. I'm gonna break him out. Suddenly I felt a tap on my should. So obviously I turned towards the attacker to strike a violent pose and yell "WAKA!" like they do in the Kung Fu movies. 

"You run fast," the random dude acknowledged. "You are?" I didn't realize I said it quite as rudely as it did, but oh well. "I'm Mikey, your boss." He smiled. He has a nice smile. "Holy shite! You aren't dead. That's great! I thought I had to get one of those canister things like Danny Phantom, so I can capture your spirit and put you back to rest in ghost world." I smiled proudly at my insane knowledge. This guy must be so proud to have me working for him.  He looked slightly confused but his smile eventually came back. "Uh thanks, Fred." I sighed, my smile never left though. Something about Mikey's face made people (well me, anyways) cheerful. I mean he looks really diffent, in a good way. He dyed his hair blonde, sides brunette. Ditched the glasses. I can't help but feel like there's something familiar about, well duh I've seen his face BEFORE but I mean like, I've seen his facial features somewhere else. Like off his body, on someone else. I can't pick out where or who though.
Maybe he has a brother that works here that I might've passed in the caf. Mikey started looking confused, maybe because I've been staring at his face longer then necessary and I'm possibly mumbling words as well. "My name is Frank, not Fred. Do you have a brother?" The last part was completely random, people around me just get used to the fact that my mind goes where it goes and wherever it wants to go it likes to take a detour through my mouth before actually getting anywhere. "Used to. He's dead." Mikey mumbled something else under his breath that sounded a lot like, frumee or fruit tee.. Or something. "Sorry too hear that." I gave him a sympathy hug. The hug last longer than necessary because I love his scent. He smells like cigarets and I need my nicotine. I inhaled him once more then finally released my grip. "You sir have the sweet smell of death on you." I complimented him. With that I rushed/skipped off to my Gerard.  

I told the lady currently on duty that I had it from here. The left with a sigh of happiness. I stayed in the observation room for 2 minutes, then exited to go see my Gee. The door knob was right there, such anticipation, waiting for me, calling out and I hesitated. Finally I grew a pair and opened the door. I reminded myself to remain composure just in case someone was in the observation room. "Gee?" His eyes fluttered a bit, then shut again. "I told them that you don't like needles." I informed his body that seemed so lifeless. No smiles, no sign of life. His chest didn't even go up and down, it's not as if he even needed to breath in particular so I tried not to dwell on the fact. My baby looked so dead, which I guess he was, by technicality. He could be knocked out right now. So no better time to spill the truth than when there's no guaranty you'll get a reply. So I started explaining myself. "Gee, I love you I do, I'll get you out, I promise. It's kind of my fault you're here actually. But it's a funny story. See I staked you in the back. Because the only reason I ever moved here in the first place was to kill you and your vampire 'parents'," I put air quotes  around the 'parents' part. I waited for him to reply or show some sign  of  existence. 

1 Mississippi
2 Mississippi 
3 Mississippi 
Four, your best friends mom is a downright whore..

I silently counted. After no response I continued "Then I fell in love with you, of course the whole start of the relationship was based on me re-killing you, but never mind that. Oh then,  I continued to date you and never tell you anything true about me, at all. Not even my name, that changes every mission. My birthday is real though, so I guess that's one thing. Oh, my piercings are fake. They made me get them because you profile said that you thought piercings were cool. Same with the tattoos, they're fake. I actually adore the 'tattoos' and the 'piercings', but with my job I'll need to be able to change, so nothing that can't be erased. My Halloween tattoo is real, I feel like it reminds me of who I could've been, who the real me is. My real last  name is Iero. So thats two truths, and I for sure love you. So not everything was a lie. That's three truths right there. I really do like chocolate and animals and I think homophobia is gay. So those are more truths.. Honestly I've never heard of any of the bands I've come to love until I was assigned to you. So at least we have similar taste in music and thats a truth too. But it's also a lie, because I never knew who the Misfits were before this mission. Oh and you're pregnant." ....... I waited. Nothing. "They're bringing needles Gee!," I yelled. He sprung on to his feet, the chair of course was still tied to him so he was in an awkward hunched position. 

Gerards POV

I heard words none of which making sense. Just words. Words. It wasn't the words that mattered, it was the angelic voice, like music. There was no care to be had of the meaningless words being sprouted out, just that voice. Sweet music to my ears. There was nothing more heavenly. His voice was a beautiful symphony. Then he spoke of one of the most vile evil things on the planet. Needles. Those are not harmless inanimate objects, mind you. No they are evil little creatures. The sick things. 

I jumped to my feet completely forgetting about the dumb chair in tired to. I ran around frantically, bumping the chair to the wall with force. It refused to just break. Frank giggled and I gave him a death glare. "There are no needles, just calm down." Meanie. "You are so rude." I pouted. He smiled and came to untie me. "I was being watched the last few times so i couldn't get you but Christy sure looked annoyed, so I doubt shes out there. Plus if she was she would've came in here a long while ago. So... wanna get out of here?" Frank asked. I barely caught it because I was so mesmerized by that smile. I thought of an answer that would annoy him. "Where is here?" I asked.  Frank hated when people answered questions with questions. He shook his head, and rolled his eyes. A quick glint of 'i'm so annoyed and pissed at you right no but I'll let it go because I love you' flashed in his eyes. I smiled proudly at my achievement of ticking the young boy off and how I've suddenly got even better at reading people.  

"I'm gonna be the death of you Gerard Way." Frank said jokingly as his shook his head. I couldn't help but here a hint of truth and seriousness and a pinch of guilt in there. But again I ignored the feeling. We left the room and I let out a sigh of sweet relief. Frank laughed at me, so I swatted him in the head. For a minute just a minute things felt normal, like we were just at my house chilling. I don't even know the full situation or what the hell is going on. But I smiled, because Frank smiled. But it was his 'happy smile'. It was that smile he makes whenever he can't make his mind up about something, like what to order at Blossom Vegan Restaurant. Frank also had that look in his eyes, that look he had whenever he didn't want to let his dad down. I know that look better than any of his other looks. Because its always there. It never seems to leave his eyes for more then two to four hours at the most. So we snuck of the back door hand in hand, i managed not to get nosy and ask what's going on. That can wait for later, until we're far away from here. I'm surprised at how easy it was to escape. Frank must've planed this out well. I looked at Frank and smiled. He's such and angel, half a second later he turned to me as well, his smile lasted for a split second then his eyes widened with fear. I couldn't get the words 'Whats wrong?' out before I slipped into unconsciousness... again. 

AN: Over 1800 words (last time I knew it was 1817. But I added a few things), minus the AN... YAY!!! So idk why, but I like knocking Gerard out and leaving the chapter on that note.... I must try to do that less. Anyways... I kept my promise and updated before Sunday :) yay. I wrote this anywhere between 11pm and right now it's 1:27am, so it could be shittier than i think and a tad random. I mean I edited it TWICE. But still, I'm fucking out of it. Thanks for reading. Please review and let me know if there's anything I can do to make my writing/this story better. Be brutality honest, I don't mind.
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