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Give 'Em Hell, Kid

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"Vampires will never hurt you"... I've never heard such lies. Frerard

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Chapter Six
Franks POV 

"What the actual fuck?!" I yelled at the attacker. I held Gerard in my arms, he looks so innocent. "Well, I couldn't let you walk off." I looked up at the attacker. Damn you, Michael, damn you. 

"I quit." Oh Gerard, what have I done? "You can quit and be all done with this. After, you finish this mission. Here's the plan." 
Time Lapse 
Gerards POV 
I awoke in a awkward daze. "Hey babe, you were having a bad dream. You okay?" I didn't open my eyes to acknowledge who was speaking. I just smiled what hopefully looked like a reassuring 'I'm okay' smile. I tried to go back to sleep but I shook of the sleepiness and got up. Looking around the room I noticed, that I was in Franks room, with Frank. It was all just a dream. A very, very vivid dream. Good. "Frank," I whined. "Coffee?" He knows me so well. As he left to get the coffee, I grabbed the laptop from his bedside table and pulled it up.

 I was immediately spammed with messages from someone named 'Mike'. Does Frank even know someone named Mike? Must be spam. I ignored it and logged on MySpace and opened Facebook as a second tab.

 I flipped though my MySpace for a bit but eventually got bored and went to Facebook. Frank was signed on. I went to log out when I noticed that 'Mike B' was messaging him. Looks like he does know a Mike. Cousin maybe? I looked through the messages, no harm in that. 

Mike: Hurry up. 
    Mike: I need you. 
    Mike: Where are you?
    Mike: Just ditch Gerard and get here.

Is it possible Frankie is cheating?  No, of course not, he's too sweet. He loves me... Right? Of course he does.... Or does he? Why wouldn't he? 
More like why would he.. 
Of course he's cheating. Why would he be with me... I must pull a Candace and do some proper busting. 

I have a plan... I haven't fed on human blood in awhile. 

Frank: Where were we meeting again? I typed. I could feel the evil in me that yearned for revenge and for blood. A piece of me that I was scared of, a piece I thought I locked away, a piece I'm going to let take over.  

Frank walked in and smiled. "I have to go to Starbucks. Coffee makers broken, tried to fix it. Lost cause. Want anything while I'm out?" He said sweetly. Bastard. I know where you really going.. Kind of.  "I'm fine." I faked a hopefully convincing smile. Finally he left. 

I waited a bit, then I heard the front door slam. I fixed my eyes onto the laptop screen.

Mike: The usual place. 
    Frank: GPS is broken

I typed, knowing that that was as realistic as it could get. Heaven knows Frank can't get anywhere without GPS, including his own house. 

After waiting for what seemed like ages, Mike sent an address back. I logged off and let that piece of me take control. I sunk deeper and deeper into myself. As if I was watching someone who looked like me, but wasn't me, because this guy was absolutely evil. This guy would make the devil himself shake in fear. This guy was the demon in me. 

Every human has a good side and a bad side. Every vampire has a demon. 

AN: in my opinion this chapter sucks, sucks hard. It's short and choppy and makes little to no sense. I don't know where I'm going with this story anymore, I feel like I started it in the middle and now it's the end, and it's too soon to be the end. Point is, I let Frank turn on Gerard too fast. No I have to pan everything out and other shit.. It's just not working. Maybe I should just re-write the thing... I don't know, I'm working it out. SORRY FOR THE SUCKY CHAPTER! Next one will be better, I promise

AN: I'm working on the next chapter but I'm kind of going through writers block and I want to dabble with other writing styles and Spring Break has so far been, very stressful. I fear the next chapter won't be up till Sunday, which is a long time in my eyes. So it better fricken rock...and it will, at least that's what I keep telling myself. R&R please, tell me what I can do to make my writing and my stories better, I really appreciate it. Thanks for reading.
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