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Chapter Thirteen

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Chapter Thirteen

He threw on his coat and rushed out of the apartment like he had every idea where he was going. He didn’t know if he would be out until the night but something inside told him to just get the hell out of there. He wanted to get lost where no one else could find him. Didn’t that mean that whatever was being planned could never touch him? Didn’t that mean that he could walk away with his new mortality unscathed?

He hadn’t known he had brought himself to the graveyard until he looked up and saw the tall iron gate. He took a deep breath and pushed it open before slipping in. The grass was wet beneath his boots and the air was moist all around him. He was surrounded by corpses and he had the strange thought that they were the lucky ones.

He tried to savor the feeling of the chilling night wind, tried to embrace the way the headstones felt against his fingertips but he couldn’t. He could barely calm the racing of his heart as his feet continued bringing him to the one place he had never wanted to go. Not again at least.

Why had he allowed himself these thoughts? Why had he allowed the circumstances he found himself in to chase him all the way here? The past was the past wasn’t it supposed to stay that way?

How long had he been alive? He hadn’t kept count. How many family members had he watched die from afar before he finally gave up on staying connected from afar? Too many. How many desires had he been forced to sacrifice because of the curse he carried? Every single one.

Harshly he swallowed and lifted his jewel blue eyes ahead of him. The night was silent and everything about it was torture. His hands trembled beneath the leather gloves he wore and his legs felt weak with his weight. He felt all his years fall upon him, painfully and tortuously so. He didn’t want to feel it, didn’t want to know that the things racing past his mind now were his memory. Those bleak moments in his life that he wished he could just make disappear. They weren’t even really memories, they were fragments that refused to be caught. He hated knowing they were there but how could he ever make them vanish?

He let out his breath creating an ashy shadow to form and he pushed his hand back through his dark hair. Those were tears in his eyes, he felt them burn for the first time in so long. He thought of Scarlett, the first woman he had felt in what seemed an eternity and then he thought of her secrets. Nothing made sense as everything pieced together. He couldn’t even remember himself anymore.

Hesitantly he looked down to where he had stopped, the night not bewitching enough to tear him from what he had to face. He lowered himself to his knees, reached his hand out and gently touched at the letters etched there.

Jared Joseph Leto
Brilliant man, husband, and son.
Born- December 26th 1876 Died- March 13th 1916
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