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Chapter Twelve

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Chapter Twelve

The day passed in a gray shadow, the wind danced through the room. He laid on the bed, the windows wide open, and he let every sense he had lived so long without overwhelm him. Perhaps he was a acting like a child, naive with fascination but he didn’t care. He could have stayed that way forever, his gaze above him, his heart beating faster than the speed of light. But a knock at the door startled him. He sat up, let out a sigh and went to the door.

Something inside told him not to open the door. The small voice almost identical to the kind of voice that tells you not to turn a certain corner or not to say something that will no doubt get you in trouble. He couldn’t just ignore it though. He had sent away the one connection he had to the mortal world and he wasn’t in the mood for turning away anyone else. He wanted to be apart of the outside world the way a moth wants to become one with light.

He reached out his hand, twisted the door knob and sucked in his breath. He knew why he had told himself not to open the door when his eyes fell on Shannon standing there before him. His dark eyes playing with the expression of mischievousness and his lips messed with the idea of a smile. Jared thought to slam the door shut again but he strengthened his nervousness and stood his ground.

“Y’sure you don’t want to run and hide?” Shannon asked, his deep voice hinting at mockery.

Jared didn’t answer. Shannon being here wasn’t exactly right, hadn’t he just let him escape as if he couldn’t care less if he ever saw him again? He thought of what Scarlett had said, that he was going to die, that Shannon had bigger plans. The thought was almost ridiculous but somehow he found himself believing it now.

“Any changes, Jared? Anything you find….different?”

“What the hell do you want?” He allowed exasperation to cover up the small bit of fear that he felt rise up inside of him.

Shannon touched his hand to the door and then moved past Jared into the apartment like he had been invited in. He looked around the place and for a moment he looked as if it wasn’t at all what he had expected.

Jared let out a sigh and shut the door before turning to face Shannon again. “What happened to me?” He knew his hand had clenched into a fist at his side but he couldn’t seem to release it.

“Are we ungrateful now?” Shannon questioned, a laugh coming to the surface.

Jared looked at him monotonously and looked away. He could still feel the cold wind wash over him and although it was a miracle, the most beautiful kind, he knew that somewhere hidden in it was a curse. Perhaps a bigger curse than his immortality had been.

“Did Scarlett come by? She told me she would…What’d she say? That I was planning to kill you?”

Jared looked into Shannon’s eyes and wondered what the hell was going on. Everything was moving quicker than the hands of a clock and he felt himself already getting dizzy.

“Well everything that happened, you should know that it was her plan. Everything was in her hands all along. Nothing I did had anything to do with me. Hell I don’t even know the purpose of all this…” He gave a shrug of nonchalance and pushed his hand back through his dark hair.

Jared didn’t like the surprise that filled him or the shock that bit him harder than a winters bite. He should have expected it. Hadn’t he been suspecting it all along? It was the confirmation of it that overwhelmed him, making him a slave to regret. He began to regret everything he had ever felt for her, he regretted his weakness but above all he regretted his regret.

“Nice little twist to the story isn’t it? Well I’ll tell you this Jared, she does it to everyone….the thing you have to figure out is what she gained from you….And what it is you lost.” He became serious so suddenly before he walked out of the apartment like he was a ghost what had never appeared at all.

Jared stood there, unsure if he liked the way all of this felt. Not sure if he wanted to believe in anything that had been said but knowing somewhere inside that all of it was true. The only thing he had lost was his immortality and perhaps his sense.
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