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The Library

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A gaggle of Slytherin girls mingle in the library at Hogwarts.

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Cassiopeiae Burke sighed mournfully and shut the enormous book, “Swatting is for Ravenclaws." she whispered melodramatically to Lily Luna, who had all her head other than the top of her high burgundy ponytail buried inside one of the Hogwarts' Library's heavy texts.
"Uh huh..." Lily Luna replied without much emotion.
Cassiopeiae glared at her fellow second year Slytherin and then turned to her friends, to girls with similar facial features but different last names, different ages, different accents, and different parents. "Is she even listening to me?" Cassiopeiae asked them. The older looking one spoke first, smirking, “You second years have it easy," she had a heavy Welsh accent, “I do not even know what Couch is worried about, she never cared about end of the year exams during you two's first year." the younger one looked over at the redhead burrowing into her reading nervously, “Medeia?" the Cockney first year asked the older girl with the head girl badge in her, “Do you think she didn't swat enough for her green eggs last year and got herself Trolls? Don't that mean that I'm not gonna pass and I'll get kicked out of Jah and everyone will think I'm a donkey!" Medeia looked at the first year for an agonizingly silent second and then replied, “Why do you speak like such a commoner cousin? Use proper English at least! I will not tolerate a Carrow, no matter if they are a bastard child; contaminate the family with the language of peasants!"
"Cadwallader..." a sound that had not been heard by the group properly since their arrival in the Library two hours before spoke in a voice muffled by her still burrowed into book,"...Medeia Cadwallader, that is your name, yeah? Leave Akantha alone, she is the last true heir of the Carrows anyway, without her being born out of wedlock to Flora, there would be no more Carrow witches or wizards bearing the name Carrow left in the world. And do not call me Couch, that is a Welsh nickname and it is a commoner's term, do you really think your mother Hestia would approve of you, part of the Carrow bloodline, using that kind of speech?" Cassiopeiae sat astonished at what Lily Luna had just said, but she then quickly composed herself and added her own spiteful bit to the ginger's remark, “I think you should be going now...Taffy...all the way back to Cardiff" the black haired Burke then smirked after the Hogwarts Head Girl as she stormed off. "Thanks" Akantha Carrow said blushing before following her cousin out into the corridor.
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