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The New Room

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Lily's mum has a mother daughter moment with the incoming third year.

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"Mum," Lily Luna whispered as she entered her parents' room at number 12 Grimmauld place.
"Yes dear heart?" Ginny Potter replied tiredly quietly slipping out of bed as not to disturb her husband, “What’s wrong?"
Lily Luna began to tremble, “I do not approve my new room, it is not Slytherin enough." she lied.
Ginny laughed and took her daughter's hand leading her to her new bedroom, “Not Slytherin enough? It is covered in green and silver and you said that it was a room fitting to a member of the Great House of Slytherin. What does 'not Slytherin enough' mean?"
Lily Luna hugged herself and said, “I meant" she whispered
"Yes dear heart?" Ginny replied
"I had a bad dream but I didn't have it at school or in my old room..."
"What was it about honey?"
"Scorpius said he thought I was gross and had cooties and that he hay...hay...hay...hated me!" she began to cry and her mother rocked her in her arms as she smiled at Lily Luna's first crush.
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