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The Eagle in the Lion's Den

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Scorpius pays the Weasleys a visit over the Holiday.

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"Time for the most important question of the night," announced Granddad Weasley, “Who will be Father Christmas this year?"
"Not me!" yelled Hugo, “I was Father Christmas last year and the year before that and the year before that-"
"I think Scorpius should do it!" called Lucy Weasley full of excitement; she was never one to hold a grudge.
"Now Lucy, Scorpius doesn't know what Father Christmas does on Christmas Eve night in the Weasley and Potter Clan." said her and Molly's much more level-headed muggle mother Audrey
"Oh I'm sure he could learn." said Roxanne with venom coating every word, “Couldn’t you Scorpius?"
"Roxanne, shut up!" commanded an angry Fred Weasley II "I'm sorry about my little sister," Fred glared at Roxanne who stuck out her tongue right back at him, “she can be a handful at times."
George looked pleadingly at Angelina who sighed and began to scold her children who were now staring at each other ferociously. It was around this time that the timid, bookish Scorpius stood up from his place squashed in between Lily and Dominique on their grandparents' lumpy but cosy sofa and spoke,
"Um, I think Father Christmas would be fun to play as, yeah?"
Grand mum Weasley smiled widely, hobbled across the multi layered carpeted floor and gave Scorpius an enormous hug saying, “Such a sweet boy!"
"Err...thanks Mrs Weasley..." Scorpius said in a muffled voice as the old woman continued to squeeze the life out of him.
Lily laughed along with her cousins but also said, “Grand mum, please don't kill Scorpius...he may be quit bookish amongst other things but he is me best mate"
"Grammar Lily Luna!" commented Molly at the same time as Lily's Aunt Hermione was telling her niece that the proper way to finish that sentence was by saying 'my best mate' "not 'me best mate' alright sweetheart?"
"So...what are my duties as Father Christmas?" asked the recently released Scorpius Malfoy
"First," said Molly loudly, finding this the perfect time to show off and also boss around a Malfoy, “You must pick up a box. Second, you must read to card or the name of the box's recipient. Third-"
"He understands now Molly! Let's get on with it; I want to open my boxes!" demanded James Potter seriously as Rose, Albus, Roxanne, Lucy, Fred, Lily, Scorpius, Hugo, Dominique, Luis, George, Ginny, and even Victoire and Teddy nodded their heads in agreement.
"Fine, who cares about you lot anyhow?" Molly huffed
"Grammar Molly" Lucy grinned at her older sister
"Let's get on with it!" James yelled
"Okay, Okay" Scorpius said picking up the nearest box reading the name, “For Harry and Ginny, from mum and dad"
Lily's father took the box and ripped open the wrapping paper revealing a picture album which, when opened, revealed moving photographs of all the grandchildren and the rest of the Potter/Weasley family.
"thank you so much mum" Lily's mother ran up to kiss her mother on the cheek "dad" and then gave her father a kiss on his cheek as well
And so it went, Scorpius would read a name and give a box to the person indicated who would open the gift and then thank those who gave it to them. It continued on like this until there were only two gifts under the tree: one that had been hidden under the mountains of boxes before then and one that Scorpius had been keeping for last purposefully. Scorpius picked up the previously hidden gift but was shocked to see his own name on the card. He had already received a collection of magical travel guides that, if opened, would give you an almost perfect experience of being in the places talked about without leaving your own chair from Lily and he and his family exchanged boxes on Boxing Day and not Christmas or Christmas Eve. So, who could have thought to give Scorpius, of all people, a gift? The blond boy carefully began to unwrap the paper and the ribbon as not to rip them just as his Grandmother Malfoy had taught him to do as not to waste paper. He, all too quickly, was left with nothing to do but lift the lid of the box. He slowly opened the box and beamed widely at its contents. Inside was a Rubby O' Chicken, a Fanged Flyer, Sticky Trainers, two packs of Exploding Snap cards, a Reusable Hangman, an Aviatomobile, a Screaming Yo-Yo, a Skiving Snackbox, and, to his embarrassment, a bottle of Flirting Fancies. Scorpius looked up in confusion.
"What?" said George, “Everyone should get at least one present on Christmas Eve night!"
Lily ran up and gave her uncle a hug as Scorpius stood in the middle of the room as if frozen in delight and astonishment. His revelry was interrupted by Teddy Lupin clearing his throat.
"Excuse me Scorpius, but you did accept the duties of Father Christmas and there is one gift left." Teddy pointed at the box Scorpius had saved for that moment.
"" Scorpius picked up the present and looked at the card and read, “For Lily Luna Potter, From Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy"
Lily smiled suspiciously and grabbed for the box which Scorpius pulled out of her grasp "Aren't you going to thank me first?" he teased
"Let me see what it is first" Lily said and quickly got a hold of the box and yanked it out of Scorpius's grasp and began to tear of the paper until she got to the box which she opened carefully and gasped at the contents of and said, "This is gorgeous, are you sure it's not too much?"
"What is it?" her mother cried as she raced over to get a better look, “oh my god, Scorpius, this looks much too expensive."
Scorpius snorted and replied, “Really Mrs Potter, it isn't anything to our family, I have also been taught by my mother than you should buy it if it feels right and you won’t put us behind our payments. Anyway, I spent nothing on it, it was a reward for all my hard work as Twilfit and Tattings part time bookkeeper, I do get paid, they just allowed me to pick out a piece of jewellery jest before Christmas Holidays and since I had already found presents for Mother, Grandmother, Grand mum, and my Aunts I decided to choose a gift for Lily Luna"
Ginny relaxed as well as the rest of the family and the girls ran up to lily to admire the piece which was a pendant in the shape of a silver crescent moon.
"Thank you Scorpius" Lily said later as she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.
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