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He Said Love's A War

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(BTW this is Short Stack/Heroes For Hire NOT Good Charlotte *akwardturtle*) Ellie moves to Budgewoi and discovers some interesting new neighbours.

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My name is Ellie Taylor. I’ve just turned 16, and it was a lot less exciting than I thought it would be. You can’t really do anything special at 16 except… well… have sex. Yay. Another reason it wasn’t all that exciting, is because all of my friends have been turning sixteen since February last year. I’m the baby of the year.

Me, and my dad, Ryan, just arrived at our new house in Budgewoi. I’ll leave out the messy details about the divorce and just tell you that my parents had been planning it for about 6 years. And from the start, mum had it decided that I was to go with dad when it happened and she would take the others. Now mum wasn’t exactly the main income of the family, so there was no way she was moving out, especially with the two kids; Jenny, 10, and Mike, 7. This was one of the main reasons why it took them so long to finally get a divorce. Well, actually dad just decided one day that enough was enough and he was moving houses. I’d noticed him looking at the real estate part of the paper, but he’d always done that. So we packed up our stuff and started driving that very weekend. Epic fail on the not explaining everything part… Oh Well.

Unfortunately, on a teacher’s wage, dad still didn’t have enough money to even rent a house in Sydney, let alone buy one. The closest we could get to Sydney at an affordable rate was Budgewoi. Not that I’m complaining. Have you seen Budgewoi?! It’s amazing! Beaches EVERYWHERE! Yay for hot guys doing life guard training, and tanning all summer, and beach parties! If I ignored the fact that I was leaving all my friends behind, and I wouldn’t get to see them, like, ever, then this was going to be the most perfect thing that’s ever happened to me!

Dad and I looked at each other and smiled. We hadn’t seen the house in person yet, and from the outside it looked fantastic. It had a little path running toward the door, with little flowers around the edge, hedges around the front gate, and a cute little veranda with a red sofa on it. Dad loved gardening and I was sure he’d be out here every day to keep the garden looking as beautiful as it did now.

We got out of the car. The first thing I noticed was the smell of sea water. I hadn’t realised how close to the beach we were. I was going to have to do some exploring later. The second thing I noticed was the music coming from the house next door. The Anthem by Good Charlotte was playing loudly from one of the rooms on the left side, the side that faced our house.
Oh well, I thought. At least they have a good taste in music. Good Charlotte was one of my all-time favourite bands. I’d gone to see them live last year, with my bestest friend in the entire world, Tori. We’d been besties since year 8, and have been inseparable since. So when I had to leave Sydney, we were devastated. We made an oath, over Andy Clemmensen (Short Stack bassist) and Duane Hazell (Heroes For Hire guitarist)’s lives, that we would keep in contact and see each other at least once a fortnight. Seems dramatic, I know, but it was necessary. It really showed how much we loved each other (as in BFF’s guys).

Earlier in the car trip, we’d decided that we would go inside and look around before we started to unpack. The removal truck wasn’t here yet anyway, so the only stuff we had was little things that could fit in the car, along with the instruments. Dad didn’t trust the removals people with his music stuff, so the drum kit, electric and acoustic guitars, basses, and microphone gear were in the back of the station wagon. It wasn’t one of those old yucky looking station wagons though; it was one of the sleek, shiny, rounded, nice looking station wagons.

I was expecting the house to be nice, I mean, we’re in Budgewoi. But when we opened the door, I swear I felt my jaw hit the floor. Dad and I were both staring in awe at the main room. And it was the only room we’d seen so far. It was massive, and had giant windows in the front, tinted for privacy, and took up the whole front of the house. There was a fireplace on the right side with really pretty patterns on the sides. I pulled myself together and ran through the door to go bags a room before dad could take the good one.

While I was running around like a crazy person, I could hear dad laughing and walking around as well. I walked into the bathroom, which, by the way, was about 20x the size of my bathroom in Sydney, and that is NOT an exaduration. There is a spa bath. A SPA BATH!
“Dad! There’s a spa bath!” I squeal. I hear him laugh. He walks into the bathroom and looks around. There is also a shower and the fanciest toilet I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t be surprised if it auto-flushed.

“Wow. It’s bigger than my ensuite.” Dad said, trying not laugh.

“What!” I exclaimed. NO! He’d already picked out his room.

“You have to show me your room!” I had to see it. He probably took the best room in the house, and I haven't even seen more than two rooms. So not fair.

We walked further into the house, and turned into one of the rooms on the left side of the house. It, like every other room in the house, was massive. But it wasn’t all that great, looks wise. It was all open and wouldn’t do for the amount of storage I was going to need for all of my stuff.
“I decided that you can have the room with the free background music.” He said, poking his tongue out. He pointed towards the room across the hall. I walked out of dad’s room confused and opened the door to the room he had pointed at.

“Oh. Nice dad. Ha ha. Really funny.” My room had background music alright. It was on the right side of the house which meant… that I got to listen to the music being played next door. Lucky me.

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