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Meeting The Neighbours

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Ellie meets her new neighbours and makes an interesting discovery.

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I looked out the window facing the house next door. I swear I wasn’t trying to be a stalker or anything. There was a window across from mine. Again I wasn’t trying to be a stalker, but the curtains were open, and I wanted a clue as to who I was living next door to. Inside the room was pretty much the same layout as my room, except with stuff in it. There were two beds, one with a blue sheet, and the other with a… Spiderman doona? I’d say it was a kindy kid’s room, but the doona was on a double bed.

I turned away from the window and listened for a bit, trying to figure out what song was playing this time.

Making his way past two
In the morning
He hasn’t been sober for days
Leading now into the breeze
Remembering Sunday
He falls to his knees…
Remembering Sunday. That was it. All Time Low. I love them. I giggled to myself and realised it was actually Sunday.

“What’s so funny?” Dad called.

“The background music knows what day it is.” I laughed. Dad walked in, looking confused.

“This song. It’s called Remembering Sunday. And we will remember this Sunday for a long time, because we moved in today. It’s exciting.” I explained.

“Okay then. Have you checked out the view yet?” He asked. I glanced at the side window and shook my head. I’d so focused on the next door neighbours and their music taste I hadn’t even checked out the view. But the neighbours seemed pretty interesting too. I hoped they were my age. It would be nice be able to talk to someone other than my dad for a change, not that I don’t love talking to my dad. He’s younger than most dads’ I know, he’s only 40, so he’s pretty easy to talk to.

I walked over to the window facing towards the back of the house. I noticed an even more colourful garden than out the front. There were all sorts of flowers and plants covering the paths, which lead all the way around. In the kitchen, there was a little courtyard thing off to the side, with a barbeque area and a couple of trees. The path led through there as well and I assumed it went all the way around the house. Dad was going to have a ball taking care of all of these plants.

“Wow dad, you’re not gonna have a spare minute on your hands doing all this gardening.” I told him.

“I know! I think I even see a little spot I could turn into a veggie patch. He was really excited, I could tell.

“Look a little further Ellie, past the tree with the white flowers.” He said, pointing towards the left of the garden. My jaw dropped again.

“Oh my god! The beach! It’s so close I could touch it! Yay!” I squealed.

At the back of the garden I could see a fence, and a street that seemed to go downhill. Over the edge of that hill was the beach. From here I could see the entire beach, and lots of little people in the water and tanning themselves on the sand.

“We’re not going yet okay. We still have to wait for the removalists to arrive, plus I’m not leaving the instruments in the car while we’re not here.” I sighed but agreed.

“Speaking of instruments, we should probably get them out of the car before they warp. It’s getting really hot.” Dad nodded and we made our way out the front.

As we were unlocking the boot I heard the front door open next door and two voices.
“We’ll go see him later. He’s probably still with Brooke. Ew.” One of the voices said.

“But he’s our ride. Dad’s got the car. Use your headband as a blindfold; I’ll let you know when the coast is clear.” The other countered.

I placed the two acoustics on the grass and looked up to see two teenage boys walking towards us.

“Do you need a hand with any of this stuff?” The blonde asked. He had messy hair, but it was good messy and a little metal stud in his lip. I could see a bandana folded and wrapped around his head like a headband.

“Sure. Thanks.” Dad smiled at them.
“I’m Ryan.” He said offering his hand to them.

“Andy.” The blonde replied shaking his hand. I didn’t hear the other’s name. I snapped myself out of teenage girl mode and introduced myself.

“Hi, I’m Ellie.” I said smiling at them both. They both smiled back. My god they were really hot, especially the one with the lip stud. I went red and turned back to the car, smiling to myself. Lucky me, I thought. Hot neighbours that are my age and have a good taste in music.

“Do you just want the gear on the nature strip for now?” The brunette asked.

“Yeah, that’ll be fine thanks guys. We’ll take them in and find a place for them when the car’s empty. It only took a couple of minutes to get everything out with the two extra sets of arms. Dad closed the boot and stretched his arms.

“Thanks boys. I’d offer you a drink or something, but we haven’t really got a fridge or anything just yet.” Dad thanked them and started to pick up one of the drums.

“You two are welcome to come over for a drink at our place if you want.” Andy suggested.

“Ah, I’ve got to get this stuff inside and call the removalist. They’re taking an awfully long time. Maybe another time. Thanks for the offer though.” Dad replied.

“Do you want to come over for a drink?” I heard Andy ask. Then I realised he was talking to me.

“Oh, uh… Dad? Do you want me to help or can i…” I asked.

“Nah, it’s alright, I’ve got this stuff, it was just getting it down I needed help with. Upstairs is fine. Don’t be too long.” He said.

“Thanks dad.” I smiled and turned to follow the guys inside. Their house was a mirror image of ours. Fireplace on the left and kitchen on the right.

We walked through to the kitchen and found a lady holding a little boy on her hip.
“Hi, I’m Michelle, and this is Christopher.” She seemed like a really lovely lady.

“I’m Ellie.” I replied shaking her free hand.

“It’s nice to meet you Ellie. I take it you’ve just moved in text door?”

“Yeah, my dad and I moved up here today.” I answered. She smiled and nodded.

“I hope the boys haven’t been too much trouble.” She said, giving them a mock stern look.

“Ha ha, no they helped us unpack the car.” I laughed looking at them. The brunette poked his tongue out at Michelle. I should probably find out his name at one stage, I thought.

“Do you want some juice, or some water? I could make us some coffee?” She offered.

“Oh just water’s fine thanks Michelle.” I insisted.

“What about me mum?” The brunette whined.

“Yeah, and me.” Andy laughed.

“I’m sure you know how to open the fridge Bradie, you spend half your life in there anyway.” Sighed Michelle, handing me a glass of water. She walked off with Christopher into the living room. So that was his name. Bradie.

I paused. No. It couldn’t be. I turned and looked at the guys again. I heard Andy snicker.

So we've met the neighbours... What do you think? Feedback would be great but i'm not gonna pressure you into "R&R" or whatever it is but it would be good to have some sort of feedback on how it's going so far. Also I'm looking for someone to proof read my stories before i upload so message me if you're interested to :)
Xx Ellie
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