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Chapter 7

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This will be quite short but I hope to have something better tomorrow.

Chapter 7
Gerard's POV

He's dying he really is just dying inside. And I'm the one who should save him. But I can't because our parents beat him up and he was too afraid to say anything. He was afraid to tell me our parents hit him. He hasn't ate in weeks. He can't live with himself. He's too damn shy to say anything. But this Frank guy could be the very guy to make Mikey smile. Mikey's trusts him which is something Mikey has awful trouble with. Frank could easily kill him mentally right now if he was to start bullying him because Mikey thinks he finally he found a Frank who could crush him so easily.
Right now he is over at Franks house possibly cuddled up on the sofa. No, that's too much human contact for him. I wonder if he is okay. That he's not uncomfortable from being away from home. That he's not suffering another panic attack. The last one he had was too much to cope with. I really thought he was gone.

I was gone to the school to collect cause it was raining and I had pulled up to front door. It usually takes him about 5 minutes to come out.
I was now 10 minutes waiting so I just walked inside the doors of the school. It was alot quieter then it had been a few minutes ago. There was no sign of Mikey and I was starting to get worried. He could be anywhere I thought. I started to walk down a corridor hoping to find him at his locker.
Suddenly, a door burst open and 3 big, tough looking guys, probably the biggest jocks in the school, ran out. I really hoped what I was thinking hadn't come true. But it did.
I slowly walked through the door to find Mikey on the filthy floor tiles, crying his eyes out, trying to breath properly but only erratic sobs coming out. I ran to him and crashed to the floor by his side desperate to calm him down.
When he saw me though, he only got worse. He tried to stand up, resulting in him collapsing to the floor again, thrashing around. I tried to hold him still and help him breath but he just couldn't relax. He had become too stressed, beaten down and finding it difficult to breath, all on top of, his own brother seeing him in this state. I looked at him, staring at the deep cuts and gashes around his pale bruised face. There was a tear in his T-shirt and I was terrified to find out what was there. But the thing that effected me the most was the lost, beaten down looking pupils in his eyes leading down right into his small, broken soul. He looked so hurt. Like I was about to shout at him and continue the torture those bastards started.
I pulled his inhaler from his bag tossed in the corner of the bathroom. He relaxed after a few minutes of struggling to make him use the inhaler. Blood had started to come through his shirt and I decided he needed help fast. I lifted his top despite his refuses and utter shyness of showing his pale skinny torso. I found a timeline of cuts and bruises. Some I had helped him with others I had never seen before as he just didn't tell me about them. I saw the bloody injury above his hip. It was just a horrifying site.
"Mikey. How the hell did they do this to you?" I asked. He looked away from me.
" Please tell me. It's so important I know so I can help".
"O-one of them-m had some b-roken glass an-and..." He flinched and held onto the wound. I didnt need to know anymore. I realised the twisted, disgusting nightmare those jocks put him through. He kept his eyes shut closed as I lifted him and brought him out to my car, catching odd stares from some people. I thought about our parents at home. They would only make it worse. They would tell him he shouldve defended himself and to stick up for himself or else they would be so pissed from alcohol, they would be passed out on the couch or floor. The second possibility was safest. Mikey was used to this state and didn't take any notice but the words just killed him each day. I walked into the house with Mikey's semi conscious body in my arms. We were met with the stench of alcohol and do I rushed up the stairs with him. I layed him on my bed and got the first aid box from my drawer which had been used so many times for Mikey. I lifted Mikey's top as Mikey just flinched from the air meeting the cut. I put some disinfectant on it and placed a bandage on it.
I just kept telling him he would be alright and to just relax.
"H-He just scratched me, Gee and I-I dont know what I did wrong. They just hate me so much" He whispered so heart-breakingly quiet. A ter dripped from my eye, thinking about the injustice of his life. He soon cried himself to sleep that night in my arms as I held him so close, whispering to him "You'll be okay soon. I promise"
But he still isn't okay and that was almost 3 years ago. I still haven't completed my promise and I don't know how to. I feel that I have disappointed him yet he doesn't notice because he is still ashamed of himself when I see him like that. He just doesn't want to disappoint me either. I just hope he is alright for now. I need to talk to Frank and see how does he feel about smashing his little face in if he messes with Mikey. Because I will have no problem with doing it.


Sorry this wasn't up last night. I wrote half of it but then I was just too tired to look at this screen and I fell asleep. I hope this is alright. Leave a review please :)
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