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Chapter 8

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Chapter 8
Mikey's POV

I just told him I was anorexic. What the Hell?! I'm in his house. I barely know much about him. Yet, he has got his arm around my stiffened body for comfort but this is just too much. I only ever trusted Gee to be in human contact with. But there was something about Frank's traits that wanted me to just let him hold me. I wanted him.

The movie ended and we just stayed like this for a couple of minutes, with his arm around me and my knees pulled up to my chest. He finally broke the silence.
"Why don't you stay the night? It's getting pretty late."
That was something I didn't want to make a choice of. Of course I wanted to stay but I was afraid. I don't know what of but I just didn't want to stay in a different house at lease with out Gerard. He is probably worrying about me right now. Hoping I'm okay. But I'm not. I don't know what to do.
"So Mikey? Are you staying? I mean you can go if you want. It's just really late and I don't have the car" He said pulling me from my thoughts.
"Uh... Yeah. I will stay so. Thanks"
He nodded and led me to the kitchen. Oh no. In gonna have to tell Gerard. He really isn't going to like this. He is going to want me in the motel room. I don't think he trusts Frank but I wish he could. Frank is one of the nicest guys I've met after Gerard.
"You better tell your parents". He said. I choked a bit when I heard parents.
He looked up in complete realisation of what he said.
"I'm sorry Mikey. I di-I just forgot. Im so sorry. I didn't mean it".
"I-Its fine. I'm just going to tell my brother". I pulled out my phone and contemplated on whether I should call or text. I called him, him answering almost straight away.
"Hello Mikes?"
"Are you okay? Will I pick you up now"
"Well Frank asked me to stay the night"
"Oh..." Oh fuck. What have I said. Now he probably feels dejected. I'm an idiot.
"That's okay so I guess" he says quieter.
"I will go home now if you want"
"No Mikey. It's fine. Just call me if something happens okay?"
"okay Gee. I love you."
"I love you too"
He hangs up and I return my phone to the table.
Frank looks over with a packet of noodles in his hand.
"Is he okay with it?" He asked
"Yeah. I think so"
He frowns a bit realising Gerard probably doesn't trust him. He turns to the press and takes out a saucepan. Then poured hot water into it and throwing the noodles in aswell.
"I'm making noodles. And you're gonna have some"
Oh no...
"Frank. Please I don't want any. I will just feel sick."
"But Mikey. You gotta eat. You can't starve to death. That would be a pretty boring death, don't you think?"
"I-I didn't s-say I wanted to d-die. I'm not gonna die."
"Oh no Mikey, I didn't mean it like that. I just don't want you to be sick okay?"
I nodded in agreement but I still wasn't going to eat the noodles.
I can't believe I told him. Even Gerard doesn't know. But it's not that he would think I am anorexic. He just thinks it's cause we can't afford food.

Franks serves the noodles infront of me and he says "Just eat what you want. Please."
I do take a couple of small bits of the noodles and when I do, Franks face lights up. We watch t.v. for a small while and then we go up to his room. He has a double which means we are sharing and I don't really like that at all. He strips off down to his boxers and tells me get ready. I don't have pyjama pants and neither does he so I go to bed in my T-shirt and boxers. I don't usually keep my shirt on but I'm not taking it off here.
"Do you always sleep in you shirt?"
"Um... No"
"Then take it off"
"No it's okay" I stay as I am
"Just take it off. Why not, sure?" I don't reply. He asks me a couple more time to take it off and so I give in. I take it off. Cringing as I see every bruise and cut. He just stares.
I really should not have taken it off
"M-Mikes, is this what they do to you at school?" He asks
"Yeah" I reply quietly
A tear drips from his eye as mine water up.
"Why didn't you ever tell me it was this painful? I would have completely understood. Oh Mikes. The last thing I want to see is you suffering from the dickheads at school"
"It wasn't only just them"
There is a look of confusion on his face for a few seconds an then he realises
"...Your parents? They were this tough on you?" now we were both crying silently.
I nodded.
"Aw, Honey. That's horrific. Come here." He pulls me into a hug. Our bare bodies crashing together. "I'm so sorry"
I'm pathetic. I'd make a serial killer cry with my life story. We don't say anything. We just fall asleep like that.

"Stop" I scream as he picks up a knife and holds it to my skin. "Please don't".
"Shut up!" He shouts back. "You worhtlessnpiece of shit. Go rot in Hell". He drags the knife slowly across the top of my skin on my torso enough to make it bleed. He does it again on my arm and back. I sob and sob as loud as I can and call out for Gerard who was gone to work. My dad finishes with the knife. He picks me up and drags me into Gerards room downstairs. He throws me on the bed and he holds me there. I'm afraid to move. He says "Remove your pants now and we will get this over and done with"


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