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Chapter 9

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I hope you enjoy this chapter!

Chapter 9
Franks POV

I woke up suddenly as I felt Mikey jolt upwards in the bed screaming. His scream desperate for help. I try to comfort him, putting my arm around him and laying him down again. He started to panic. He must of had an awful nightmare. I don't even want to imagine what it was about. I try to Calm him but he hasn't snapped out of it fully. He's trying to get away from my hold, pulling on the bed sheets to defend himself from whatever or whoever hurt him in his dream.
Eventually, he comes back to himself, tears dripping down his face and burying his head in his hands which I soon are replace by my shoulder. He hold him tight and he slowly grips on for more protection as he silently sobs.
"Shhh... Baby, it's alright. It was just a dream. I've got you." I hush him. I hold him here like his for a few minutes until he is relaxed completely.
"Do you want to tell me what it was about?"
He shakes his head vehemently as his closed eyes open wide as he recaps on the traumatic events in his dream. Poor kid.
"It's alright. I won't make you. Would you like to get up and have some breakfast?" I ask , hopeful each time I do offer food he will accept. Sure, he nods but I know he's not going to eat anything.
I lead him downstairs and he sits on the sofa while I search out the cupboards for bread. I place it in the toaster and press it down.
"Coffee?" I ask hoping he's an addict.
He thinks for a few minutes before nodding and saying "Thanks".
We drink it in silence and then I offer him some toast but unfortunately he refuses.
"Hey. How 'bout we get dressed and then hang out with your brother at the music shop?" I ask
"em... Okay so. I think he might have a break soon".
We head up the stairs to get dressed and then I go into the bathroom.
When I come out I find Mikey on the phone to someone. Who the hell is that?
"W-What?" Mikey asks worriedly.
He goes a sickly ghost pale
"Where is he?" He asks timidly.
He puts his phone in his pocket without hanging up and just looks at me.
"Who was that Mikey?" I say almost too afraid to ask.
He swallows deeply. "Gerard is in hosp-" he bursts into sobs. What the hell has happened?
" He's... in.. hospital" He says between sobs.
"A car hit him" He cries out.


There you go. It would have been longer if Ficwad didn't log me off and I had to rewrite the last part. I hope you like it. It is certainly a twist to the story I think. Please rate and review!
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