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Chapter 10

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Chapter 10
Gerards POV

I wake up suddenly in an unfamiliar place with an irritating beeping nose.
Is this a hospital or something? I look at my scraped arms and feel my eye throbbing. I taste blood on my lips. What on earth happened?!
Next, a nurse comes in and turns off the nose thankfully.
"So you finally decided to wake up?"
I'm confused. How long have I been out for?
"What- what happened?" I ask
"You got hit by a car and then someone phoned an ambulance".
I rememeber it now! I was heading to Franks house to check up on Mikey. Then I heard a car swerve and it hit me, throwing me to the ground. I blacked out then. I feel a headache coming on.
Mikey! Has he been told? I hope not. He's been through way too much stress and he just wouldnt be able to take it.
"Is your brother Mikey, yeah?" the nurse asks.
Oh no. "Yeah. Is he okay? Was he told?"
"Yeah. He was told when you were brought into hospital." FUCK!
"He's in the waiting room with a guy called Frank I think? I'm guessing I go and get them?"
I nod and she leaves to get them.
In a few second Mikey shows up at the door, all teary-eyed. His mouth hangs open and his eyes open wide. He is closely followed by Frank showing complete shock much like Mikey.
"Mikes kiddo. Its alright." I say as he walks over to me and hugs me. He sits on the chair and silent tears begin to fall. Frank sits on the next chair.
Soon the silence gets to Frank and breaks it.
"What happened?"
"I was hit by a car when I came out of the shop and then I fell unconciouss"
I look at Mikey with his head in his hands. Poor kid. This really is too much to handle for him.
"Do you know when you're getting out?" Frank asks.
I shrug.
"Will I find out?" he says standing up to go whether I reply with a yes or no just to give us some time to talk.
"Mikey. Please look at me. I'm fine. It's all okay!"
He looks up at me with the most lost eyes and heart broken tears rolling down his face. "Why are you upset?"
"I-I... I thought you were g-gone." he whispers. "Oh Mikey. You know I could never leave you. I love you too much and I'm fine now so it's all okay!"
I pull him into a hug. Then Frank comes back all too soon informing me I can leave tomorrow morning. Ugh. And night in this place. I guess it will be better than the cheap motel beds.
Mikey has an awful colour on his face and decides to go to the bathroom. I hope he is alright. Frank offers to go walk with him but he declines Franks gester.
My chance to have a word with Frank!
He looks around a bit until I ask him "Why are you friends with My brother?". It may have sounded awful rude and a horrible thing to say but really... I need to know if he's planning on fucking with Mikey.
Franks face looks slightly offended but he answers.
"What do you mean? He sat beside me in class and he seem quiet so I just started talking to him. Is there a problem with that?" he replied defensively.
"Usually people beat him up. What makes you so different?" I asked.
"I-I just thought he wanted a friend and well... I don't go around beating people up. That's stupid. Give me a chance at least!" He says sharply making me feel guilty for trying to judge him.
"I'm sorry Frank. Really I didn't mean to snap at you. It's just Im afraid he might become friends with someone who will mess with his head and just make him worse. He has been through that too many times."
"I know Gerard. But I'm not gonna hurt your brother. I do respect you for standing up for him. Just trust me please. I want to protect him too. Do you know what it's like for him in school?" He says waiting for a reply.
"I just know he comes home with a black eye almost each day."
"They call him names like 'faggot' and 'worthless shit' and the other day When I found him in the bathroom he just looked like he wanted to die. Like he thought he has no point in life and I'm just really scared for him". His eyes begin to fill with tears and mine too.
"I think if we help him. Just get him through school each day and I will help him through the night." I say to him.
He looks up at me with something important to say by the looks of it. "Gerard, this morning he woke up after a nightmare. I don't know what it was but it took him a while to relax. He started freaking out. Does he usually gets nightmares?" he asks concerned.
"Yeah. I have talked to him about them but he just says he's fine or something. I don't know what they are about either."
"We should also help him with his anorexia" Frank adds.


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