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Chapter One

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Robert drove down a long country road with Jimmy in the passenger seat both enjoying the stars just before daybreak. Robert saw a shadow walking alongside the road and pulled over. Rolling down the window he noticed it was a young woman, "Ms." He called out, "Ms. are you alright?" She stopped and turned to look into the car, "Yes. I'm fine." She said sweetly. She sounded so young and happy. "Your bag looks terribly heavy. Can I take you to where you're going?" Robert said. "The nearest hotel would be nice." She said opening the passenger door and squeezing in next to Jimmy. "Where are you from?" Jimmy asked. "That airport just down the road." She repllied. Jimmy chuckled. "No sweetheart,like where you live. What place were you living at before you got here." Oh!" She squeeked, "I'm from California. Joshua Tree." "What's your name?" Robert asked. "Jennine." She replied. "You got a last name?" Jimmy asked her as if she were a retard, Robert nudged him with his elbow. "Yeah. It's Sawyer. Jennine Sawyer."
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