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Chapter Two

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Getting familiar

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"Sawyer?" Robert repeated, "As in Tom Sawyer?" "Yep. I was Jennine Ellison but after I left home I changed it. My favorite person is Huckleberry Finn and I was gonna change my last name to Finn but Jennine Finn doesn't sound as good as Jennine Sawyer so I use Huck's friends name." "She's an airhead!" Jimmy whispered and Robert jammed his elbow into his ribs he winced and giggled. "When did you leave home?" I asked. "When I was fifteen." She replied. "How old are you now?" Jimmy asked. "Sixteen years and three days old. I've been traveling for exactly one year and three days." She said proudly. "You left on your birthday?" Robert asked softly. "Yes." She said matter-of-factly. Robert chuckled. "Why'd you leave?" Jimmy asked. "Too many rules, man. So I hopped around Cali for a few months then made my way to New York then Florida and then America just hasn't been cool since JFK and Dr. King got popped off so I left and tried Canada but they're too close to America so I hopped on a plane and here I am!" She said
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