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Chapter Three

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"So you left home because you didn't like the rules?" Jimmy asked with a chuckle. "Yep my mom said 'Jenny if you can't abide by my rules then you'll have to go' so I went up to my room, packed my things kissed my brother, my sister, and my mom then I left. I miss my family but I like my freedom and call them when I can." "How do you get by?" Jimmy asked suggestivly. "I play my harmonica for cash. People think I'm cute so they give me extra?" We pulled up in front of the hotel, "Well this is the closest one AND this is where we're staying. You can stay with us we travel alot too." Robert said getting out and handing his keys to a Valet Parker. "Coolio!" She Cheered, "When did you guys run away?" She asked following the two men into the hotel. "We're in a band, we didn't run away." Robert said with a smile. Jennine gasped, "You two look like those two guys from Led Zeppelin!" She said with huff, "You don't seem too original. You probably go 'round singing their songs with a lookalike bassist and drummer!"
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