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Chapter Six

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Robert came into the living room with his golden lock weighed down by water, "What the bloody hell?" He whispered as he looked around the room. Jenny lazily lifted an arm and pointed a finger to Jimmy. Jimmy in return belched and patted his stomach. Robert shook his head and picked up the bowl of chilli that Jenny and Jimmy hadn't gotten the chance to taste, he sniffed it then tasted it, "Mmm not bad." He said and took a seat between the two. He looked over at Jimmy then at Jenny and smiled. "So what are your plans for life Jenny?" Robert asked as he continued to eat. "I gotta find my girl." She replied. "Your daughter, girlfriend what?" Robert asked. "No silly when I say 'my girl' I mean my destiny!" She chuckled, "You know my futur! I gotta find the Queen of all of my dreams and my that's my future." Jimmy giggled. "Well maybe we can help you. I mean we DO travel so maybe you can do that with us. No strings attached." "That sounds good." Robert said licking the spoon. "Yeah! Thank you." She kissed the boys.
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