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Not All Treasure Is Silver And Gold

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Robin gets sucked into her favorite movie and can't leave until it's over. Little does she know she'll come to find family, friendship and love all in her grandmothers' ancient television set.

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Chapter 1:

“All of this stuff is really…antique.”

Robin stroked her hand against the mahogany wood surface of the fireplace. She averted her eyes towards her grandmother, dressed in scarves and a flowy dress shirt with a thousand colors covering its surface. She was smiling sweetly.

“It comes with age honey.” Her grandmother said with a flip of her scarf. She grabbed at her handbag and headed for the door. “You sure you’ll be alright here alone for a few hours?”

Robin nodded reassuringly, “Yes. I am seventeen, remember?”

“That’s what I’m worried about.” Her grandmother said with a wink as she opened the door, “What are the plans for a seventeen year old?”

Robin shrugged, glancing at the elegant staircase across the room, “Movie night I suppose.” Robin felt for her tote bag that hung by her hip, it was so light weight she often forgot it was there, “I brought a few of my favorites.”

There was a twinkle in her grandmothers eyes that Robin wasn’t sure she imagined, but as her grandmother closed the door her next words seem to linger in the room, “Well, you be careful child.”

Robin couldn’t help but chuckle, why on earth would she need a reminder to be careful? So she didn’t fall up the stairs?

Smiling, Robin ascended the staircase where she was sure to find a TV with a DVD player. Her grandmother always kept the electronics upstairs so not to let it spoil her downstairs atmosphere of ‘antique-ness’. Though Robin’s grandmothers household was rather grand in itself, she would’ve loved to be home. But her parents were away on business and ordered her to stay with her elderly yet lively grandma for the weekend.

She finally wandered into the ‘TV room’ which looked like any other living room except it was smaller and had a larger television set. Robin felt her smile fall as she stared at the TV. It was no flat screen. The TV in itself was large but the screen was rather small. She shrugged before plopping herself in front of it and flipped on the DVD player which was obviously not as ancient as the TV. Robin grabbed at her bag and dumped the components onto the floor beside her. She tapped her chin as she gazed at the few she brought.

Her blue eyes read over the movie titles aloud to herself until she finally picked one up. This movie was probably her favorite out of all the ones she brought, or even owned.
“Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.” Admittedly, it was the only Pirates of the
Caribbean movie she liked. She just couldn’t get into the ones that followed it.

She opened the case and popped it into the DVD player only to be welcomed by a blue screen.
Robin sighed, and fell back to the floor on her back, “Are you kidding me?!” She cried to the ceiling. There was obviously no answer back. Or was there?

A loud thunder crash rang around the room and Robin sat up abruptly. She glanced towards the window, it was already dark out and if her hearing was correct, it was raining as well. “I hope Gran is okay.” She whispered to herself thoughtfully before turning her attention to the TV once more. She tapped at the blue screen frustrated.

“C’mon you big box,” She kept tapping, “Play!”

Another boom of thunder and Robin shrieked. She glanced towards the window and back at the TV. “Sorry.” She said to the lifeless television set.

With a nervous chuckle escaping her lips, out of nowhere the blue screen disappeared and in its place was the black introduction of THX.

“Finally!” Robin got up quickly, reached for a pillow, and then plopped back down in the same spot.

As she cuddled up to the pillow, she got this sudden urge of exhaustion. Her eyelids became heavier and heavier until finally she couldn’t stand it and let them fall. 'Just for a second.' She told herself. The last image she saw was a tattered dark ship arising out of a thick fog and a familiar black flag before she let sleep wash over her.

“Robin! Wake up. Robin!”

“What!” Robin shouted, slapping whoever was rudely waking her up. She rubbed at her eyes and allowed them to adjust. The moment they did they met an unfamiliar soft brown pair. Her eyes grew in surprise.

“Who are you?!” She said, jumping out of bed and onto her feet. Wait, didn’t she fall asleep on the floor? “And what are you doing in my grandmother’s house?!”

The man stifled his laughter, “Are you okay, Robin? Did you fall asleep reading another of your novels again?” As he said this he made his way towards her bed and plucked up a book that was reluctantly laying there. “You do love these adventurous stories.” He said thoughtfully.

Robin just stood there, blinking over and over and rubbing at her eyes. But the scene in front of her was clear and real as ever. William Turner from Pirates of the Caribbean stood before her, gorgeous as ever. “I must be dreaming.” She said to herself, Will heard this.

He gave her a curious look, but she snapped out of her reverie.

“Who are you?” She said, just for reassurance.

He smiled, “Really Robin?” He sighed, but teasingly took a bow, “I am William Turner, Port Royal blacksmith.”

She nodded, “And…who am I?”

Will chuckled softly, “You are Robin Turner, strange sister of William Turner.”

Robin couldn’t help but gasp.

“Now enough of this nonsense, Brown is drunk as usual and I need you to come with me to the Governor’s estate for a delivery.” He held a long package under his arm.

She glanced from the package to Will and back again, “Oh right! The sword for Norrington.” She thought back to one of the first scenes in the movie, seemed her dream was going to play out accordingly. “Wait, I’m a blacksmith too?”

Will laughed loudly, “Hardly, but I suppose your help is good enough. Come along.” He said, motioning towards the door.

Robin reluctantly went with him, curious to see how detailed her dream could be. And it was definitely detailed. She couldn’t help but marvel at the view from the Governor’s estate. The clouds were perfectly white and fluffed as they hazily drifted over the vast blue ocean. The sun peered out just over the horizon, making the large rocks stand out beautifully as birds danced around them. She could hear the faint shouting over at the docks and the clanging of bells. Robin could even see a few ships. Oh and the smell she marveled at most, fresh greens and the salty ocean air filled her lungs. “Wonderful.”

Robin heard Will chuckle once more, “You’re acting as if you’ve never been up here, you visit Miss Swann enough.”

“Do I?” Robin said softly. Will nodded as she continued to follow him into the large estate.

“I suppose her visiting you wasn’t very ‘proper’ in her fathers’ eyes.” Robin just shrugged. They were told to wait in a room that Robin found all too familiar. The small table, the stairs, even the clock.

Robin had stopped marveling at the sights around her when her eyes finally landed on Will, who was leaning up to touch a light. Her eyes grew.

“Will, don’t touch that!” She said, but it was too late. Just as his fingers had grasped it, with a loud clank it broke off.

“How did you?” He looked at her curiously but she cut him off.

“Just, hurry and put it in there.” She said in an urgently hushed tone. Just as he did so, one of the waiters passed by and a familiar voice filled the room.

“Mr. Turner, good to see you again. And you’ve brought your sister,” Governor Swann said as he descended the stairs. Robin was so surprised by his realness that she didn’t know what to do as Will laid the sword onto the table.

Robin gave him a curt nod as Will took over, “Good day sir, I have your order.” Robin peered over Will’s shoulder to get a look at the ‘magnificent’ sword that Norrington didn’t deserve. She was anti-Norrington.

She let out a small gasp as Will brought it out for Governor Swann to see. Robin completely tuned out their conversation as she stared in wonder at the sword. She couldn’t believe it. Everything in this dream seemed so dangerously real. Maybe she should wake up now.

But not before she sees Jack.

Robin snapped out of her thoughts when she heard footsteps coming down the staircase. The infamous Elizabeth descended from them. Will’s face seem to light up.

“Will! Robin! It’s so good to see you. I had a dream about you last night.”

“About me?” Will asked dumb-founded, Robin just smiled at her curiously.

“About the day we met, do you remember?”

Robin shook her head trying to think, wasn’t Will the only survivor? Now she was too. “How could I forget Miss Swann?”

“Will, how many times must I ask you to call me Elizabeth?”

“At least once more, Miss Swann.” Robin quoted in a hushed voice. Will went on to say the same thing, though she was sure she saw his ear twitch at her voice.

Robin cut in and hesitantly went on to ask, “Was I there, the day you met Will?”

Elizabeth and Governor Swann gawked at her in confusion, before Will chuckled half-heartily, “Don’t mind her, she’s a bit ill.”

“Oh.” Elizabeth turned her full attention to a surprised Robin, “I do hope you feel better later on. I was hoping you would accompany me tonight?”

Robin shrugged.

“Well, let’s keep our sense of propriety,” Governor Swann finally said, “We really must be going.”

Elizabeth’s face fell, “Good day Mr. Turner, Miss Turner.” Elizabeth said before turning on her heel and leaving with her father. Will hurriedly tried to catch up with her and let out a small shout of ‘Good day, Elizabeth.’

Robin followed before the doors shut behind her, she leaned against the railing, “She seems awfully frustrated with you.”

Will turned around to look at her as if he forgot she was there, “You sure it wasn’t because of you acting all loony?”

Robin looked at him in surprise, “I’m crazy for asking a simple question?”

Will sighed, “Its’ answer is already know to yourself. Of course you were there, you were with me!”

Robin pushed herself off the railing and walked down the steps, “Well, aren’t you the big brother I never asked for.”

Will ignored her comment, “Any other silly questions you want to run by me?” He asked exasperated.

“Yes, as a matter of fact there is.” Robin replied, surveying the ocean, “Are we invited to the ceremony?”

Will looked at her, baffled, “What? No.”

Robin nodded, “Well then, could you remind me where the docks are?”

Unfortunately, Will couldn’t escort Robin to the docs himself, so she made due with the directions he gave her. She finally spotted the familiar rows of ships and made her way to the last one. Her eyes were peering up at the rocks above; Elizabeth was bound to fall from there.

“And that’s how it starts,” Robin said to herself, “With that necklace around her neck; once it touches that ocean she’ll be sure to awaken the curse.” She reminded herself.

“Hey! You! Get away from there!”

Robin froze, turned over her shoulder, but saw no one. Where were the guards?

“Oh right, on the ship already!” She said to herself as she quickened her pace until she was finally in front of the last ship. And there he was braids and all, Captain Jack Sparrow.

The two guards were obviously arguing with him. Robin looked at them curiously, but decided that she’d take a dip on the wild side and go aboard. It was just a dream, what harm would it do to speak to the oddly sexy Captain.

She took one step aboard and one of the guards instantly noticed her.

“Hey! You don’t have permission to be aboard, Miss!”

She looked at them incredulously, “And what about him?” She retorted, surprising herself, “A man can break the rules, but when a lady comes along its all hell?!” She snickered at the looks they gave her. She made her way towards Jack, but made sure to keep a good distant between them.

“No civilians allowed,” The guards repeated.

Jack looked intently at Robin, she returned the gaze.

“Darling,” He began, “Why is a fine lady like yourself trying to start trouble?”

Robin shrugged her shoulders and again glanced at the rocks, She could barely see the top. “Oh, I’m just waiting for my cue.” She said, leaning against the railing of the boat.

Jack looked at her with his intense dark eyes, “Cue? Lass, what cue?”


All four of their heads snapped to the direction of what Robin was sure was Elizabeth’s body sinking into the ocean. She didn’t even bother to wait for Jack’s snide comment on who can swim and dove in.

Robin wasn’t sure why she was playing hero, but something in her gut told her to jump in. What surprised her most was how wet the water was. Yes, water is supposed to be wet, but she was dreaming. How was this dream so real that as she pumped her arms harder and harder down into the blue that she could feel the coldness of the ocean and the hurting in her lungs from holding her breath? She’d never had a dream of swimming that felt as real as this one. Then came the pulse of the water that Robin was sure was from the medallion.

She finally saw Elizabeth’s white figure lying on the ocean floor, she remembered the movie and quickly tore off the first layer of her dress. Immediately, Elizabeth rose. Robin quickly grabbed hold of her and kicked off upward.

Robin was never the best swimmer, so as she tried to swim she noticed that her lungs were about ready to burst and her arms about to give up. Robin kept her eyes open; they were stinging from the salt water. She kept her eyes on the sun glimmering above the water and held onto Elizabeth, whom she noticed was slipping from her grip.

That’s when she felt a pair of hands around her waist that pulled them both up faster than she was able to. Robin didn’t realize who it was until her head bobbed out of the water and air filled her lungs again. Jack was there, trying without much success to pull the two. Robin tangled herself out of his grasp and helped him pull Elizabeth to the dock. The two guards were there to pull Elizabeth up.

Once Elizabeth was out, Robin shouted, “Her corset, tear it off!” After giving that order and them delivering it, Robin coughed hoarsely and gripped the pier, trying to pull herself out

Jack’s arms were again around her and pulled her up. He laid her down gently. “You’re mighty brave lass for jumping in.” He commented. Robin opened her mouth to say something when Jack’s gaze went down to her neck.

He reached a hand and gently grasped at a gold medallion with a skull on its front. “Where did you get that?” He asked with wide eyes. Robin looked at it in disbelief.

“But…” She began, but was cut off by more guards coming to Elizabeth’s rescue. Jack stood up abruptly while Robin just sat up, staring at the thing around her neck in shock. Elizabeth was supposed to be wearing it, not her!

She looked out to the ocean, everything seemed to have grown dark, “Oh no,” She whispered to herself, “I’ve awoken the curse.”

“Shoot him.” Robin heard the Governor order. She quickly stood up, standing beside Jack. The Governor barely glanced at her.

“Commodore, do you really intend on killing my rescuer?” Elizabeth said.

Jack smiled as the swords were taken away from him, “Actually, I did have help.” Everyone’s eyes went to Robin, who was soaking wet. Elizabeth hugged her.

“Thank you, Robin.” Elizabeth said in her ear, pulling Robin with her to her fathers’ side.

Norrington looked at Jack in suspicion, “I believe thanks are in order.” He held out his hand.

Robin let out a small “Don’t,” but it was too late, as soon as Norrington gripped Jack’s arm he revealed a certain P upon Jack’s skin.

“Had a brush with the East India Trading Company did we, pirate?”

“Hang him.” Governor Swann ordered.

Robin bit her lip.

“Keep your guns on him men. Gillette, fetch me some irons. Well, well Jack Sparrow isn’t it.”

“Captain Jack Sparrow, if you please.” Robin smirked.

“Well I don’t see your ship, captain.”

“I’m in the market, as it were.” Robin couldn’t help but snicker. She was ignored as usual, except by Jack who glanced her way.

“He said he’d come to commandeer one” “I told you he was telling the truth, these are his sir.” The guard picked up Jack’s things which happened to be at Robin’s feet. She sighed exasperated; she could’ve kicked them out of view or something. But Jack would eventually handle himself, for awhile.

“No additional shot or powder. A compass that doesn’t point north.” Norrington pulled at the sword, “And I half expected it to be made of wood. You are without doubt the worst pirate I have ever heard of.”

“But you have heard of me.” Norrington grabbed at Jack and pulled him away, Elizabeth following and Robin following Elizabeth.

“Commodore I really must protest! Pirate or not this man helped save my life.”

“One good deed is not enough to redeem of man with a lifetime of wickedness.”

Robin blurted out at the same time as Jack, “Though it seems enough to condemn him.” Jack glanced at Robin in confusion.

“Miss Turner,” the Governor finally seemed to take not of her, “It is highly improper for you to be speaking so out of term.”

“Pardon me Governor but I’m not my brother.” Robin said with a shrug.

“Finally,” Jack sighed before grasping hold of Elizabeth’s neck.

“No! Don’t shoot!”

Even Robin felt on edge at this intense moment.

“I knew you’d warm up to me, Commodore Norrington my effects please…and my hat!” No one seemed to move so Jack shouted in a more demanding tone. “Commodore.”

Elizabeth’s fearful eyes locked with Robin’s, Robin instantly felt anxious for the girl even though she knew she’d be fine. Norrington had turned around and was grabbing Jacks effects into his hands. “Just relax Elizabeth,” Robin hesitantly remarked, more for Elizabeth’s comfort since apparently they were friends, “This drunken pirate would hardly kill you.”

Jack answered back with a simple smirk while Norrington gave Robin a wary gaze. She was obviously not supposed speak.

“Miss Swann, if you’d be so kind.” Jack said, turning his attention to an irritated and uncomfortable Elizabeth, “Come, come, dear. We don't have all day." Norrington reached forward and handed Elizabeth the effects that she tentatively gathered up into her arms. Jack immediately snatched up the pistol into his hands. He spun her around, with the pistol in his right hand pointed at her head. "Now if you'd be very kind." He replied in a soft raspy tone.

Elizabeth grabbed at his hat and then the rest of the effects, placing them as roughly as she could manage. For a moment, Jack looked up grinning at the guards and Norrington. He then turned his attention to Robin, who instantly blushed at the alluring way he gazed at her. Robin glanced away towards the ocean, the sky had definitely changed from earlier that day.

Sparrow’s attention was brought back to the frustrated Elizabeth, “Easy on the goods, darling.”

“You’re despicable,” Elizabeth spat at him.

Jack just grinned, Robin took note of his ‘shiny’ smile, "Sticks and stones, love. I helped save your life, you help save mine, we're square."

In a quick movement he had once again turned Elizabeth around. He was moving backwards. Robin couldn’t help but smirk, this was the ‘great escape’.

"Gentleman!" His voice was raspy and a bit harsh. "Milady." He said with a wink in Robin’s direction, she cringed at the odd feeling she got in her gut. "You will always remember this as the day that you almost caught...Captain Jack Sparrow!"
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