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Kill for you (prologue)

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Something is wrong in Jersey City, and Gerard knows this. And after the gruesome murder of one of his friends, he is determined to find out what. With help from his brother Mikey, his boyfriend Fra...

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Fairfax, Virginia

The rain was pouring heavily. Their trousers soaked and tapping their shins as they walked. Bob was extremely pissed off. This was a huge waste of time. Bob along with Frank, Gerard and Mikey had driven five hours from Jersey city to get to Virginia, so bob could meet a girl he had met on e-harmony, only to find that she had better things to do. And to make matters worse, it was one o' clock in the morning, and Mikey and Bob were stuck on a road in the middle of nowhere because there car had broken down, whilst Gerard and Frank were in a comfy motel room, probably shagging, and ray was back in his apartment in new jersey, probably picking up girls he had no chance with.
The girl Bob was supposed to be meeting was called Lisa silver, A student at college like him. According to her profile picture on e-harmony, Lisa had short, dark red hair, the fringe pointed and going over her left eye. She had brown eyes and two skull earrings. She also had a ring on the right side of her bottom lip. After a week of conversing and sharing pictures of each other, and one webcam chat, Lisa had asked Bob to come to Virginia to meet her.
I can't wait to meet you, you’re so cute. And I really think we have a shot ;) ♥ xxx
So Bob went to Virginia with the guys, god only knows why they came along. Lisa had told Bob to go to the Dark cut club on Everdale street. After driving around and asking around, Bob had discovered no such place existed.
Now he and Mikey were in Burke Virginia, at least a half an hour drive back to the motel they were staying at. Furious and ready to kill, Bob stormed down the road, and was not willing to stop until he saw the glow of the nearest town. Mikey was trailing behind, also annoyed, but more worried of what might be lurking in the surrounding woodland area.
"Bob! God dammit! Bob will you just wait up"?
Then Bob stopped walking and just stood staring straight ahead, waiting for Mikey to join his side.
"Bob, I'm sorry about Lisa, but if she can't make the effort to travel for just under an hour, when you travelled five, then she's not worth it, no matter what excuse she has". Mikey said in a soothing and reassuring voice.
"I know, it's just, I thought she was the one, I thought that she really liked me and all. I'm sorry I got you into this dude, It's not fair I drag you out in the butt-ass cold rain like this". Bob said looking at Mikey, then the wet tarmac beneath them.
"It's okay, Now let's get moving, we need to get back to New Jersey before nine". Mikey put his arm around Bob's shoulders.
"Now, please can we go home"? Mikey said removing his arm and the pair continued the journey.
After five minutes the rain seemed to be getting heavier, and the road seemed to be getting longer. Bob was slowing down because his body was cold and aching. Then suddenly he tripped. And landed face first on the road.
"Ow, son of a bitch"! He shouted. Mikey grabbed bob's hand in a tight firm grip and helped him to his feet.
"You okay"?
"Yeah, I jus- hey isn't that the Bunny man bridge"? A puzzled look spread across Mikey’s face, he looked from Bob to where he was looking, and let go of his hand. The pair were looking at a bridge, that was obvious. The bridge nearly invisible, coated in the darkness and the trees. Lit up by the light of the moon.
"Well, it's definitely a bridge, but I don't see a guy dressed as the Easter bunny in a booth saying welcome". Mikey said, a smile spreading across his face for the first time all night.
"hahaha. No man, the bunny man bridge, it's an urban legend. About a guy who dresses up like a fluffy pink rabbit, and kills people with an axe or something".
"Oh wow, Bunny gone bad huh”? .The pair of them laughed and then turned as a the headlights of a car emerged from the road behind them.
"Thank god, I'll go signal them to stop". Said Mikey. Jumping up and down like a young boy on his birthday.
"You do that, I’m getting under that bridge because I’m freezing my ass of out here".
On that note, Mikey jogged off towards the car waving his arms in the air indicating he wanted the car to stop. And Bob headed towards the bridge to seek shelter from the freezing rain. Once under the bridge. Bob pulled at his jacket and jeans to keep them of his skin, as the rain had come down so hard, they had stuck to his skin. Bob sat down and put his hands on his head, huffing and puffing. He looked to his right to and could just make out Mikey leaning through the window of the front passenger seat pointing in Bob's direction.
Then there was a rustling sound from the other end of the tunnel under the bridge. Bob stood up and looked across. Bob jumped when there was flash of lightning. The rustling sound continued and what sounded like footsteps on the road. Though the footsteps sounded more like bare feet running. There was a second flash of lightning and Bob saw something that made the hairs stand on the back of his neck, and made Goosebumps appear all over his body. He saw the shadowy figure of a man on the other end of the tunnel. But the most disturbing feature of the eerie man, was the bunny ears that Bob could make out, and what looked like an axe in his hand. Bob fell back in shock and crawled back. The figure was only there for a split second when the lighting had flashed. When it went dark again Bob crawled back even faster, scared that the figure may have been approaching him. However his anxiety was eased there was another flash of lightning and the figure was gone.
"Man i'm cracking up. I gotta get some sleep". Bob got back to his feet and ran the palms of his hands across his head. Looking in the same direction as he was when the figure appeared, Bob turned to walk back to Mikey, but the moment he turned around was greeted with a figure dressed in a bunny outfit. Bob had not been hallucinating, the figure was standing their before him in a pink bunny costume, the inside of the ears white. And the face, the face was not that of a sweet little bunny. It was a mask obviously, but disfigured and terrifying. The face was brown and wrinkled and brown with bright yellow eyes, sharp teeth and eyebrows lowered as if constantly angry. And the figure mostly definitely had an axe in his left hand. The moment bob saw the figure, he gasped and took a step back.
"What the fu-"! Bob's sentence was cut short when the figure lunged forward and buried the axe in the middle of his chest. On the moment of impact Bob screamed and fell to the ground. Flat on his back Bob raised his head and braved a look at his chest. The axe was at least halfway in. Blood was spilling out from all around the axe like an overflowing bath tub. Bob groaned as blood began trickling down his cheecks and chin. He grabbed the wooden handle with both hands and pulled as hard as he could. It didn't budge but he still felt it and let out a scream.
The bunnyman began to walk towards Bob limply crawled away, hoping to get away frmo his attacker. The figure picked bob up by the scruff of his collar with one hand, whilst grabbing the axe with the other, and pulling out of Bob's chest, a stream of blood spurts out of his chest when the axe is removed.
Bob groans and tries to throw a punch at the bunnyman, but before he gets the chance, the bunnyman smacks him against the wall walks back and drops him to the ground. Bob lay there, shivering and convulsing. Looking to the right, past the bunnyman's leg, he could see Mikey walking up with the car he had stopped, Presumably to pick him up at the bridge. Bob reached out for Mikey's direction.
"M-M-M-Mikey". Said Bob, know more than a whisper, blood was trickling down bob's mouth faster when he spoke. The Bunny man knelt down beside Bob, and placed Bob's head on his lap. Bob looked up at the Bunnyman. Bob started coughing rapidly and blood splattered on the ground and all over the bunnyman's outift.
Taking one hand away from Bob's head the Bunnyman removed his mask, and Bob looked up in shock, as he realised who his attacker was.
"No, not you. How can it be you, why? The Bunnyman put his mask back on, picked up the axe lying harmlessly next to Bob, picked it up. and swung it into Bob's chest again. And again. And again. After five more hacks, each followed by a groan or a scream from Bob.
"I'm sorry". Said the bunnyman. And then swung the axe into bobs head.

"I appreciate your help Mr"! Shouted Mike to the man in the car. Who obviously had offered them a ride back.
"My friend is waiting under the bridge"! From aboout fifty metres away, Mikey jogged towards the bridge, the car following.
"Bob, we've got a ride let's go"! Mikey shouted walking towards the entrance of the bridge. Mikey walked under and was horrified to find a tiny puddle of blood, at his feet. As car drew closer, the inside of the bridge became more visible, Mikey could see a trail of blood heading in the opposite end of the tunnel.
"Bob"? Mikey said, a lump in his throat. Mikey gulped and move further into the tunnel. Finally the car got to the end of the tunnel, and the lights lit up the whole thing. Mikey wished he couldn't see what he was seeing.
"No". Bob dropped to his knees, covered his mouth with his hands and tears began rolling down his face.
"No"! How could this have happened, Bob was standing next ot him five minutes ago and they were both laughing. Now Mikey was looking at Bob's mutilated corpse. Blood gushing from his body, mouth and forehead. There was a long gash in Bob's forehead and blooding was pouring out.
"Bob! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! BOB"!. And as lighting flashed and rumbled. Bob put bhis head in his hands, and wept like a child.
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