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Chapter I - No going back

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Bob's funeral...

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Chapter I - No going back.

The rain was just another reminder to Mikey, Gerard, Frank and Ray of what had happened that awful night. The night Bob was killed. They all felt guilty in their own way. Ray for not going with them, Gerard and Frank for not being with Mikey and Bob, purely because they couldn't be bothered to go out into the rain. Bob was there friend and he was happy when he found out he was probably going to get a girlfriend. The boys had never seen him happier. And Mikey felt guilty for obvious reasons. For leaving Bob alone, for leaving him under that tunnel by himself. There was a part of Mikey's conscience telling him that it couldn't have possibly been his fault. He wasn't to know that there was a killer lurking about, watching them from the darkness, planning on killing Bob, or even him! Oh Christ! What if it had been him under that bridge? Would it be him in the coffin flat in front of His and his friend’s toes? Would Bob be standing where he was now? Maybe that would've been better.
The boys had attended many funerals before, but this one was the worst. It was as if they had lost a piece of their hearts. They may as well take a knife tear into their chests, cut of a tiny piece of their hearts, and put it next to Bob in his coffin. They wouldn't need medical attention; Bob's love for them would've healed them.
"We pray o' lord, that you help Robert Nathaniel Cory Bryar, Make a safe journey to your kingdom and may he rest in peace. Amen". Said the reverend leading the ceremony. "Amen" repeated all of the attendants, Except Frank and Mikey. Frank was in Gerard's arms crying into his shoulder; Gerard had his arms around Frank, His arms around Frank, tears rolling down his face. And Mikey was lost in thought, thinking about all different possibilities and what it’s about that night. When the Crowd started to leave, making their way to the wage. Mikey got down on his knees, put his hands in his head and wept. Ray got down on one knee next to Mikey, and put his arm around his shoulders.
"Mikey, i'm so sorry man, this is really hard for us all, but you gotta understand, none of this is your fault".
"No Ray"! Mikey snapped shifting his shoulders to indicate that he didn't want Ray's arm around his shoulders.
"It was my fault; I let him walk off on his own into the dark! I'm the one who didn't get there in time! I'm the one who was too late to do anything! I'm the one who was standing there in the dark, and the cold, and the damp, and found his body! I'm the one who held his corpse as his life slipped further and further away from me! I'm the one who had Bob's blood on my hands"! Mikey stood up and was pointing at himself as he spoke, looking deep into Ray's eyes, Tears welling up in his own.
"Mikey"! Ray said grabbing his shoulders.
"It's not your fault". And then Ray pulled Mikey in for a hug. And Mikey burst into tears, crying down Ray's back. Gerard walked over and hugged Ray from behind, wrapping his arms around his brothers back. And then Frank reluctantly joined who went to the left side of Mikey and Ray.
"C'mon guys, fuck the wage, let’s go back to my place. We'll honour Bob our own way". Said Gerard, releasing himself from the group. Followed by Frank, then Ray let go of Mikey after briefly rubbing his back.
"Yeah, C'mon le-". Mikey's sentence was cut short when he stopped and started in Gerard's direction. The others turned around and a puzzled look appeared on their faces. A girl in a black dress, the skirts of which were quite frilly and patterned like curtain nets. The dress had silk flaps all around the dress, from the waist to the shoulders. The entire dress was black. The girl had dark red hair, shoulder length, with black highlights. Her fringe pointed and covering her left eye. Her eyes were a dark chocolaty brown eyes and a Sapphire coloured ring pierced in the left corner of her lower lip. Mikey knew who she was instantly, and still angry walked over to her.
"Hey, you must be Bob's friends. He mentioned you a few times on the website, I'm lisa si-".
"Yeah, I know who you are, what the fuck are you doing here"! Bellowed Mikey. His face an inch away from Lisa's.
"I-I came to pay my respects. I was going to meet him that night but-". Retorted Lisa sheepishly. She had felt offended and scared at this sudden outburst.
Ray equally outraged by this "intrusion" joined Mikey at his side. Gerard was at Ray's left, but not right next to him. About two feet behind. Frank was standing by Bob's grave arms in his coat pocket. Rain drops falling from the point of his black fringe.
"Excuses Excuses. I was with Bob you know, I was with him the whole night, I only left this side once and that was to ask for a lift back to our motel, I was gone for five minutes, and when I went under that BASTARD bridge, I found a puddle of blood, and then his mutilated corpse. The reason we had to walk and get a lift back, was because the girl he cared about and was supposed to meet him hadn't shown up. I don't no about you, but I find it quite suspicious that he was capable of making a five - six hour drive from New Jersey, to Virginia but you weren't able to make a five - six minute drive to a club to meet him. But half an hour later he was murdered, three and a half miles down the road, don't you"? Mikey said screaming and pointing at Lisa. People all around the graveyard were looking at the scene, with a look saying, How rude, show a little respect for the dead!
"You’re probably the one that killed him. You lured him into the woods and hacked at him, probably spat on his body and licked his blood off his fingers"! This was now Ray, shouting at Lisa and pointing just as Mikey had done.
"Guys, c'mon this isn't going to get us anywhere, just calm down". Said Gerard putting his arm on his brother's shoulder. Mikey simply shrugged it off.
"I". Was all Lisa managed to get out before Mikey had another outburst.
"Killed in cold blood. That's sick. How cold was his body when you finished slicing him up! Did you feel his stone cold fingers and laugh at him! Did you laugh when you'd finished. Did you! DID YOU"!
"STOP IT"! Lisa shouted right into Mikey's face. She fell to her knees and wept.
"I never touched him, all I wanted was to meet him and have a nice time with him. You want to know why I never showed. Because my friend had just gone into hospital due to a car accident. And I had no way fo contacting Bob! You may think that me not showing means I'm a careless bitch! But if that were true, do you think I would've made a "five - six" hour trip to New jersey to show up for his funeral? Answer me that"!
"For all we know, your only here to hide your innocence. We'll I’m not buying any of it! The four of us Loved Bob like a brother and we would've made sure that he was properly informed, before, OR after! So you can drop the innocence act. Before I REALLY lose my temper". Shouted Mikey, clenching his fists tight.
"Fine, go ahead; attack me, that'll really help your suspicion. For all I know YOU killed Bob and are looking for someone else to pin the blame on".
"You smart mouthed bitch"! Mikey shouted, lunging forwards ready to strike.
Luckily, Gerard and Ray were able to restrain him before any damage was done.
"Leave it, Mikey. She's not worth it". Said Gerard.
Gerard and Ray lost their grip on Mikey, But when he got free he didn't go to attack Lisa.
"You gonna get what you deserve" Mikey said , pointing and shaking his head as he said so. A crazed look in his eye.
The three boys walked over to wear Frank was standing a few feet away from Bob's grave.
"Mr way"! The four boys turned around to see a man in a brown coat approaching them. The man had to be in his 50's, and had white curly hair. Walking next to him was an aisan woman with long Black hair, and a black raincoat.
"Mr way"? The man asked facing the boys. His colleague at his side.
"I'm Gerard way. This is my brother Mikey way, Which one of us are you looking for"?
"My name is detective Griffin. This is Detective Mei. we're with the FBI". Both cops pulled badges to prove the fact.
"Mikey way, we'd like you to come wiht us".
"What for"? Mikey asked, a puzzled look on his face.
"You were with Robert Bryar the night he died, we just need to ask you a few questions". Said Mei.
"You think I killed him". Mikey said matter of factly.
"No, we just need to confirm what you were doing that night". Said Griffin.
"If you're looking for a suspect, arrest her"! Mikey shouted pointing at Lisa, standing there watching the seen, tears rolling down her cheeks.
"Fine, the sooner my suspicion is cleared, I can looking for the killer so I can kick his ass, Even though I fucking well know you she is". Mikey scowled at Lisa.
"Can we all have a moment on our own, to say one more goodbye to Bob"? Gerard asked.
"Of course". Said Mei. The four boys walked over to Bobs grave. Gerard knelt down in front and straightened a bunch of flowers that had toppled over due to the wet mud.
"Goodbye Bob, We love you". A tear rolled down Gerard's cheek and he stood back up and turned to give his friends a hug.
"when I get back, we're gonna find this guy. And we're going to kill him. Whatever the consequence we're gonna kill him. For our brother. Promise that now". Mikey said.
"I swear". Gerard said instantly.
"I swear". Said Frank, looking at the ground.
"I swear". Said Ray, reluctantly.
"We just made a promise. And it's one I don't tend to break. There's no going back now".
"Mr Way, we'd like to escort you to the station now". Shouted Griffin.
Mikey looked at his friends in turn then walked off.

When Mikey had been escorted to the police car by Griffin and Mei. The three boys had stayed by Bob's grave until the cart had gone.
"Let's go". Said Gerard. Walking off towards his car. He stopped and turned around.
"You guys coming"?
"Yeah". Ray took one last look the grave, and then walked to join Gerard.
"I- I need a minute". Said Frank. Gerard nodded and he and Ray walked away.
Frank stood in front of Bob's grave. He got down on one knee, his hair dripping wet from the rain. He whispered something that never would've been heard, no matter how close anyone was to him. Then he rose making a sign of the cross across his chest. Then he turned to walk towards the car where Gerard and Ray were waiting for him.
Frank began making his way, when he noticed Lisa walking towards his direction. She walked slowly, it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Lisa looked into Franks eyes. As he did hers. Lisa approached cautiously like a mouse. They walked past each other and parted.
Lisa got down on one knee and pulled a white rose out of a poorly sewn pocket on the back of her dress. Using her index finger, she dug a hole into the dirt on the grave, and buried the stem at the halfway point. She then removed a knife from a belt under her dress. Lisa cut the end of her middle fingertip. As blood began to emerge, she tilted finger and let the three drops of blood fall onto the rose, staining the petals. After that, Lisa wiped away the blood and tucked the knife back into the belt. She then stood and wiped a tear from her eye.

A figure stood under a tree, watching Lisa as she walked away. This was all working out well. With Lisa and Mikey as the prime suspects, no one would suspect him. No one would work out his motive. It may have not been the best plan, but it would all work out just fine. Once the others were gone, he could get exactly what he wanted...

HAI! This is the first chapter of the fic. Sorry it took a while to upload, there have been a couple of problems. From now on you may notice a change in the punctuation. Thanks to Unicorns-are-real. Who happens to be sitting right next to me, showing me a horrific picture of Gerard. (Kerrang are not very good at taking pictures). But it's all good, Gerard is awsome and Sara has shut up now she has the poster. Oh god, and now she is making owl noises....


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