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Chapter II - Truth and suspicion

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Whilst Mikey is being interrogated by the FBI, Gerard is doing some detective work of his own. And what is the elusive Lisa hiding?

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Chapter II - truth and suspicion

"I don't want you staying up for too long Gerard, You've been through a very dramatic experience and I want you to get some rest, Frank, Ray and Mikey will be doing the same I'm sure." Gerard's father said on the other end of the phone. He had a comforting but firm tone of voice and had been talking to Gerard about resting and missing out on College tomorrow for the last half hour.
"Dad, I just want to get some college work done, and Mikey said he would phone me when he got back from the station. Besides I need something to keep me occupied, I don't want to rest. Everything just reminds me of Bob." Gerard said as a lump formed in his throat and his eyes began to get wet with tears.
"Okay, just don't stay up all night, and remember, if it helps you should take a break from college tomorrow."
"Dad I just said-!"
"Ok, ok, I understand. We’re just worried about you and the boys. Especially your Mother, you know how she worries about these things."
The tiniest of smiles managed to spread across Gerard's face.
"Oh yeah, she wouldn't let me forget."
"You can speak to her again if you want?" Gerard's father said, much more soothingly then a few moments ago.
"No thanks, Two hours on the phone with my loving mother is definitely two hours too many."
Gerard’s father laughed on the other end of the phone.
"Alright, I'll be off then. You take care of you and your brother, you understand?"
"Yeah, love you Dad. Tell Mom I love her as well."
"Alright, bye son."
"Bye dad."

Gerard put down the phone and walked over towards his desk. He pressed the power button on his computer and went straight onto the internet. The news of Bob's death was all over the internet.
180, 000, 00 results. And this was on Google alone.
College boy brutally murdered in Virginia!

Boy killed in cold blood in Fairfax, Virginia!

Suddenly, Gerard found a headline that made the hairs stand up on the back of his neck and sent a chill through his spine.

College student hacked to death under haunted bridge

Curious and ever so slightly frightened, Gerard double clicked the link and a news article from a newspaper in Virginia appeared on the screen.


On July 9th 2012. Robert Nathaniel Cory Bryar (aged 19) was murdered under the famous Bunnyman Bridge. Robert was found by best friend Michael James way (aged 18) under Bunnyman Bridge supposedly hacked to death. The two boys, along with their two friends Gerard Arthur way (aged 19), and Franklin Anthony Iero Jr (aged 19), had travelled from their home town of Jersey city (New Jersey), to accompany Robert who was supposedly meeting a girl (unidentified) at a Goth bar. When the girl had not turned up, and after their car had broke down. Michael and Robert had decided to walk back to their motel (where Gerard and Franklin were). However due to the heavy rain, Robert had taken shelter under a nearby bridge, Whilst Michael went and asked for the assistance of a driver travelling down the road, (also unidentified). Upon returning to the bridge followed by the driver he had stopped, Michael had found the body of Robert under the bridge. An investigation carried out by the local police and later the FBI, confirmed that Robert was hacked at with an axe. Local police have sealed off the road in which the incident occurred until a full investigation has been carried out. The FBI has not revealed any suspects or arrests that may have already taken place.

Gerard clenched his fists tight and banged as hard on the desk. How could the media publish this? And more importantly, how come this Lisa character has been left anonymous?

"Why don't we go over this one more time Mr Way?" Detective Griffin said, taking a sip from his coffee cup.
"We've been over this time and time again, for the last five hours. How hard is it to get in your heads! I! DIDN'T! KILL! BOB!" shouted Mikey, banging the palms of his hands on the wooden table between the last four words. The water in the drinking glass that had been provided for him rippled with each hit.
"We're not saying you killed him Mr Way. We're just trying to gather as much evidence as possible, so we can find and arrest the one who killed him."
"Can you please stop calling me "Mr Way"? It's really pompous and it's doing getting on my nerves."
"Fine, Mikey we-."
"Look you're wasting your time, alright! Yes. I was with Mikey the night he died. Yes. I found his corpse under the bridge. Yes! I put my hands on him. I held him in my arms and cried, because some heartless son of a bitch had hacked away at his body in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere. And yes I got his blood on my hands. So I suppose you have very good reason to think I killed him. But I want to get to the bottom of this just as much as you do! Keeping me in here isn't doing anyone much good is it?!" Mikey stood up so sharply, the chair he was sitting on fell to the floor.
"Sit down Mikey!" Griffin said also jumping out of his seat.
Mikey put his chair upright and sat back down.
"I'll tell you what Mikey. Tell me what you know about Lisa silver and then I'll let you go home."
Mikey looked uneasy for a moment, but at the same time, couldn't wait to tell all about that vile murderous whore, who was probably at home celebrating that she'd gotten away with the crime.
"Bob met her on e-harmony. They'd arranged to meet at some club in Fairfax. Bob and I went to the club to meet her, but she never showed up. Then she showed up at his funeral. And I snapped at her."
"Ok. Did she say anything about the night Bob was killed?" Griffin said clasping his hands together.
"She'd said something about a personal emergency. I didn't really listen. I didn't want to, I just wanted to shout and scream at her. I personally think that she did kill Bob. But if she didn't she's still to blame. If she'd bothered to drive from one state to another for a funeral. She can make an hour's drive for a drink."
"Ok. Why did you go with him to the club Mikey? And why did you, along with your brother Gerard, and frank iero go with him to the state?"
"We went to Virginia just to get away for a few hours. I went with him to the club for support. When it comes to girls, Bob's not that much of a talker."
"Fair enough. And why didn't Ray Toro go with you. He's one of group of friends isn't he?"
"Yeah, but he had to stay behind at college to catch up with some work, and he'd already arranged to go out with some friends".
Griffin nodded his head and looked down at the file of Mikey in front of him.
"Alright then, I'll let you go, but should any new evidence pop up, or should I have any more questions, I'll come looking for you. So don't go booking any holidays. The same goes for your friends. And for Lisa."
At that, Mikey jumped out of his chair, grabbed his damp coat and headed for the door. Mikey pulled it open but did not walk through.
"We're on the same side y'know. I want to catch this killer as much as you do." And then Mikey left the room.

It was quarter past eleven when Ray got back to his apartment. Gerard, Frank and himself had felt bad for having to honour Bob without Mikey. But since he never showed they decided to start without him anyway. The boys had spent all afternoon in Gerard's living room, drinking can after can of beer. At around about 8:00pm, Ray and Frank had left. Frank had gone straight home. And Ray had gone to a bar for a few more drinks, to remember Bob in his own way. He even drank a full bottle of scotch. He hated the stuff; it burned his throat and tasted bitter. But it was Bob's favourite drink, so he thought the hell with it.
Ray was only a little bit drunk, but he still had sense enough to walk around without bumping into anything. When ray walked through the door, he kicked the door shut, through the keys into a dish on a cupboard on the right hand side. Ray then walked into the living room, turned on the light, sat on the green leather sofa, and put his head in his hands.
All that could be heard in the silence of the night was wind blowing through the open window and the sound of wailing police sirens. Hopefully the officers in the vehicle making that noise were out looking for Bob's killer.
After several moments of sitting their doing nothing, Ray finally sighed, stood up and went to close the window. As he grabbed he handle to close the window he looked out on to the street on the other side of the road, and saw a hooded figure walking along the street. The figure stopped and looked out behind where they were walking. The strong wind blew the loose hood down, and exposed the face. The face that Ray was so shocked to see. It was Lisa! Her hair blowing freely in the wind. He took a long look to make sure the scotch wasn't getting to his head. But it was definitely her. Lisa pulled the hood up and continued walking, arms crossed.
"What the hell?!" Ray said. In a rush, Ray closed the window, drew the curtains and ran for the door. After anxiously locking the door. Ray ran down the stairs. Which hadn't taken that long as he lived on the fourth floor. When he got to the ground floor, Ray stormed through the doors at the entrance of the building and ran down the stone steps, onto the pavement.
"C,mon c,mon Where the fuck are you?" Ray put his hands on his head and looked left and right. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a dark figure walk around the block.
"Gotcha!" Ray swiflty jogged across the road. and stopped at the corner, which had walked around. He peeped around the corner and saw Lisa walk into an alleyway, halfway down the street.
Cautiously, Ray jogged ahead, and stopped at the right of the alley. There were a couple of silver garbage can's stood side by side. Ray walked around them and stood at the corner of the alley. Ray put his head slightly around the corner and saw Lisa stand still as a second hooded figure emerged from the shadows, causing Ray to quickly turn his head back. His heart was racing at a hundred miles an hour, his brain was swirling with thoughts. What the hell was going on? What's Lisa doing in a dark alleyway at night? And who's she with?"

"That was pretty risky, showing up at the funeral like that. The way those two snapped at you, I'm surprised you didn't respond more vicously."

"Yeah, well the atmosphere was bad enough, I didn't feel there was any need to make it worse."

"You didn't actually like the guy did you."

"He was nice. I thought it was going well until you came along."

[Well I'm not exactly happy about what we've done either. But it's got to be done."]

"NO! No it doesn't have to be done, you're just twisted in the head. I understand your reasons, but this is definitely the wrong way of doing things. And forcing me to drag Bob out into the night so you can kill him, is hardly fair! His bloods on your hands! Remember that!"

I think your forgetting our little arrangement. You will do what I need you to. You owe me for when I helped you. And besides I won't be needing you for much longer.

"What? What the fuck are you talking about"?!

For a moment, the man did not respond. Ray swallowed and forced a look round. He saw the figure lean forwards and whisper something to Lisa. Ray then moved back and continued listening in. At first he heard Lisa give a desperate gasp. And then it was as if she was sobbing as she spoke. Or a lump had formed in her throat as he r voice had changed.

"No! Why?! You can't that was never part of the deal!"

"I am going to do whatever it takes to make this work. And unfortunately. This is a necessary action. With that has happened. The finger will be pointing at Mikey Way. And when I can sort him easily. Then all I have to do is get rid of the others. And it will all be over.

"I won't let you do this. It's not fair! And what's to stop me from going to the police and revealing who actually did kill Bob?!"

Ray a click. He turned and lay on his stomach, the very gently put his head around the corner. In the light of the moon, Ray could see a retractable knife being pointed at Lisa's neck.

"This. And the fact that I know where your sister is, and that if I find that you have stepped out of line, I will have her in a hospital, hanging on to life by a thread. Nevermind the lame-ass sob story you came up with at the funeral.

Ray turned away. And decided he'd heard enough.

"I'm getting out of here. It's not fair you doing what your doing. And what your going to do. But for my sister's sake. I'll do it."


Ray could hear thunder rolling and it form looking at the sky, it was quite clear that it would soon start raining.

The rains coming. I'd better be going. I have stuff to do. Here. This is the details fo what will happen. And don't try anything clever, Your sister's life may depend on it.

That was Ray's queue to get the fuck out of there. He stood up and jogged down the road. However when he got to the corner, He hid and waited. Hoping to get a glimpse of Lisa and the misterious and clearly deranged man she was with.
A few moments passed, and the rain began to pour heavily. Eventually Lisa emerged, cramming a piece of paper into the pocket of the hooded jumper. Lisa jogged across the road and walked off into the night. Eventually, The figure emerged, but the hood was done up all the way so Ray could not get a glimpse of his face.
The figure stood there for a moment then, walked off down the street, in the direction Ray was facing. A few moments passed, The rain grew heavier. And eventually Ray decided to return home.
"When he got through his front door, He repeated the actions he had taken when he'd arrived home minutes earlier. He kicked the door shut, dropped his keys in the bowl on the cupbaord walked into the living room, fell back onto the leather sofa, and put his head in his hands.
Moments passed and thunder rumbled. And Ray had come up with a plan. He was going to drink some more beer. Get absolutely wasted. And make up an excuse saying he was ill, so couldn't make it to college tomorrow. It was also an opportunity for him to forget the events of the last few days out of his head. And in the morning, after he had recovered. He would figure out what was really going on.

12:18 Thats what Gerard's digital clock displayed. He'd been drifting off into a deep sleep, then suddenly waking up again. After he'd read the article he'd spent the last few minutes researching and gathering information on the Bunnyman bridge. What he had founf was some pretty disturbing shit. He'd been printing page after page and when he ha finished. He'd gathered up all his information, Put it in a black folder covered in stickers and his own graffiti, and left it on his desk, ready to show Mikey, Frank and Ray at college tomorrow.
"When he'd finished, Gerard had shut down his computer. and flopped onto his bed. The thunder was loud enough to wake the dead and the he could see the rain through the blinds at his window, due to the light of the moon. The wind whistled and branches tapped against the the window. When he'd finally started to dose off. His door bell rang. Timidly yet excitedly, Gerard scurried down the stairs and unlocked his front door. When he opened it, he was greeted with the freezing cold weather. Rain drops falling so heavy it stung when it impacted with his bare arms and legs. And his soaking wet boyfriend.
"What the hell, Frank do you know what time it is? Whats wrong".
Frank had his arms crossed and his t-shirt and trousers were pressed against his body.
"I'm freaking out Gerard. All I can think about is-is-is Bob and the funeral, and-". As Frank started to cry Gerard grabbed his shoulders and pulled him into a hug.
"Hey, hey. It's ok. It's only bad memories. We all miss Bob okay. C'mon Take off those wet ass clothes. put them in the dryer, I'll dry them tomorrow and bring them round your house. You'd better stop the night here ok?"
"Thanks babe." And Frank kissed Gerard. About three seconds later Frank dropped a rucksack he had on his back on the varnished wooden floor.
"What the hell's in there".
Frank got onto his knees unzipped the back and pulled out some clothes. Two shirts. A pair of converse, jeans a pair of underpants and socks.
"You were planning on spending the night anyway weren't you?" Gerard said, a smiile spreading across his face.
"I figured we could both use the comfort right now." Frank said standing back up and returning Gerard's smile with one of his own. The he pulled Gerard in for another kiss, but this time longer. Gerard always felt slightly awkward when Frank moved in for a kiss, because Frank was so fucking small, He had to pull Gerard down. But it didn't matter really. It was always worth it...

HAI! Sorry chapter 2 took a while to upload. I haven't really worked out a schedule yet :/. Apologies for any spelling or grammar mistakes. I have just uploaded this at half one in the fucking morning GRRR! But it's worth it. Chapter 3 will be uploaded sometime next week. Maybe tomorrow if i'm feeling like it. R&R and thanks for reading :D. BTW: if you guys have any ideas for urban legends I can use in this story. Then speak. And I'll take them into consideration. However urban legends such as "Bloody mary" Or "the haunted doll". Won't be accepted. They can't be supernatural. But I will mention you at the end of a chapter should I have used your suggestion. Also message me who you think the killer is. I won't say if your right or wrong. It'll just be interesting to see what you guys think.

Thanks guys for reading. cya ;) x

- Connor XO
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