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Oh memories, where'd you go..

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Brendon's trying to deal with being apart from Ryan, and Ian's not being helpful.. (I suck at summaries..)

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Today was one of those days, the days where I really missed him. Like when someone said something that reminded me of him, and nothing that Dallon, Ian, or even Spencer could say would be of any help. I knew Spencer missed Jon, but they didn’t have anything like what I had with Ryan. George Ryan Ross III. Even his damn name brings a tear to my eye. Why? Because I loved him. Correction- I still love him! But he doesn’t love me back. Ever since that stupid argument. The same stupid argument that caused Panic! to split. And guess what!? It was all my stupid fault. If I had just let Ryan record that track the way he wanted it, then none of this would have ever happened. But then, there’s a small part of my conscience that thinks it was a good thing that he left, and that Panic! was a better band for it. Sure, Spence and I work so well together. But there’s just something missing without Spencer and Jon. Anyway, the reason why I’m having one of those days, is because we’re playing Denver tonight, the first one of our shows that was ever filmed, and made into a DVD, and I’m upset because the sofa I’m currently sat on is the very same one that we recorded all our backstage interviews from.

“Hey, B, come on man, we need to practise some songs.” Dallon put his head round the door, his hair slightly messy from just waking up. “Okay, mate, I’ll be right there.” I sighed, and dragged myself of the couch. Why was it such an effort? Surely I wanted to move away from the stupid couch, which, it seemed, had memories sewn into the fabric. “Brendon!” I heard Spencer call me. I turned around, “Hey Spence…” I said, trailing off. “Are you okay mate, I’m guessing this place is giving you some pretty awful memories.” I shook my head. “No, not awful, I’m just feeling thoughtful…” I trailed off as he pulled me into a bear hug. “It’s okay Bren, come on, let’s go and practice!” I nodded, and followed him through to the main hall of the stupid building. “Dude, we need to run over the set list.” Ian said, and I nodded, motioning for Spencer to go and start drumming. I took a brief moment to collect my thoughts, before picking up my acoustic guitar. “Dude… I didn’t know we were doing any acoustic songs…” I frowned at him, as my fingers automatically found the chords for Northern Downpour. “Change of plan.” Spencer muttered, saving me from the looks Ian and Dallon were giving me. “Hey guys!” Zack walked into the room, probably expecting to hear music, and instead, walking into complete silence, and awkward staring going on between us. “Um…Guys…” He crossed his arms across his Muse t-shirt. “Sorry, Brendon’s being awkward.” Ian said, crossing his arms. “IAN!” Spencer yelled, throwing his drumsticks on the ground, making as much noise as possible. “You know why Brendon’s not too happy today?” Spencer snapped. “No… I…” Ian trailed off. “Then shut up.” Spencer sneered. “Spence, chill, it’s cool.” I said. “No, Brendon, it’s not. I’m going to get some water.” He knocked his drum stool over, and stormed off the stage. “I’d better go and see if he’s okay,” I said, but Ian crossed his arms. “Oh no, Urie, you want acoustic songs, then you have them!” “Jeez Ian, is it someone be mean to Brendon day and no one told me about it?” Dallon joked, trying to lighten the mood. “Yeah, okay Ian,” I said, ignoring Dallon’s awkward attempt to make things better, “and I want it to be Northern Downpour. You know why?” He shook his head, still glaring at me. “Good!” I yelled, and left the stage with my guitar in my hand. Dallon shrugged as I left, and Ian thumped his guitar down so hard it was almost a throw. Almost.

I ended up on the sofa again, but with my guitar this time. I sat down, cross legged, and started playing Northern Downpour. “If all our life is but a dream, fantastic posing greed, then we should feed our jewellery to the sea. For diamonds do appear to be, just like broken glass to me.” I stopped, as Spencer came into the room. “Hey Spence.” “Brendon, go home. We’ll cancel the show tonight, and you can think.” “Seriously Spencer.” I shook my head. That was not an option. Just then, Zack walked in. “Guys, you’re support act have just arrived.” I nodded, and said, “Come on, Spence, let’s go and meet them. I hope they’re as cool as Fun. were when we toured with them! He nodded. “Brendon, Spencer, meet The Young Veins.” Zack said.

Hey! You can review if you want, it's up to you! just for those who don't know, The Young Veins are the band that Jon and Ryan formed when they left Panic!. (I don't mean to make Ian be mean, he's awesome, but I needed someone to be mean!) x
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