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“Damn it, Spencer, pinch me, I think I’m dreaming.” I whispered. “Oh my…” Spencer whispered back. With that, I left the room, trying to prevent the tears until I could get to somewhere on my own. I ended up in our dressing room, just as the tears started falling down my face. I didn’t know why our stupid management had decided that they wanted to torture me even more! Next thing, they’ll be sharing the tour bus with us. Oh my god. We have extra beds on our tour bus. 4 extra beds to be precise. But there were 5 of them so we couldn’t be sharing. I breathed out a sigh of relief, and decided I’d go and find everyone else. I looked into the main hall, and saw nothing, so I decided to go back to the bus. Climbing up the stairs, I heard silence. Frowning, I called out, “Spencer? Dallon? Ian?” I pushed the door open to find Spence, Dallon and Ian, sitting on one side of the sofa’s on the bus. I peered round the corner, and saw the Young Veins. Great, so we would be sharing with them. I decided I was going to do the bigger thing and introduce myself to the others. “Brendon Urie,” I said, holding my hand out to the guy on the end. “Andy Soukal.” He smiled, and shook my hand. I did the same thing to the others, who I discovered were Nick White (W) and Nick Murray (M). Then I got to Jon. Oh god. “Jon.” I said, nodding to him. “Brendon.” He gave me a half smile. “Ryan…” I said, looking directly at him. He hadn’t yet made eye contact, or even looked at me. He ignored me. “Well, now you’ve got that out of the way…” said Ian, “Can I have a word please B?” I nodded. “Sure. Shall we?” he nodded, and we stepped outside of the bus. “I am so sorry I was an ass earlier.” Ian said, and pulled me into a hug. “Hey, don’t worry!” I said, hugging back. “Ryan’s your ex right?” I nodded. “Aw man, I feel so bad.” I shook my head. “Don’t feel bad. It’s not your fault, you didn’t know!” “But I do feel sorry!” Ian said, and he gave me a hug. Ian can be an idiot at times, but he’s awesome. “I’m gonna go and lie down for a while- my head hurts, and the other guys need to sound check.” I said. Ian nodded, and I followed him back onto the bus. I didn’t look to my left, I just went right, and up the stairs to the tiny sleeping compartment. We all had our beds, Spencer and Ian shared a bunk, as did Dallon and I. There were 4 spares that no-one slept in. When I got to my bed, I found the curtain drawn. I frowned to myself. I don’t remember drawing that earlier?! As I pulled the curtain across, I heard light snoring, and, to my complete and utter shock, I saw Ryan! I covered my mouth with my hand, and slowly closed the curtain again. I decided, as Ryan was here, I would go back to the other end of the bus. When I got down there, I was confused as to what was going on. There was loads of screaming, and then I realised that there was an X-box tournament going on. Great. “Hey Brendon,” Spencer said, “We’re deciding who’s sleeping on the sofa out here tonight.” I frowned, “I’m guessing it’s not you know who!” I said, although Ryan’s band mates were all out here. Spencer shook his head. “No, he said he’d gone to choose a bed.” Jon said. “Oh. Didn’t anyone tell him which ones were already taken?!” Everyone shook their heads. “Well. Does someone want to go and tell him that he’s in my bed?” I questioned, already getting into my slightly diva state- hands on hips, pouting, you know…
Spencer motioned for me to turn round. “Um… Hi Ry…” Nick M said. "hey guys, what's happening?" Ryan said, totally ignoring me. "Oh for goodness sake." I said, and pushed past Ryan. "Brendon." I was never expecting to hear my name said in that voice again. No way. I slowly span round, to find Ryan looking at me. "Yeah?" I nodded, trying to keep cool, but a part of me was celebrating that he'd actually spoken to me. "Can I have...Um... A word? Outside? Please?" I nodded, there was nothing else I could do. I followed him down the steps, and prepared myself for the worst...

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