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Cream Of The Crop

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Frank proposes his idea.

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A/N: Request for a BDSM!Frerard

Trust Me.

The screaming covers the entire tour bus like a heavy blanket. It did not matter where you went --- whether it was the kitchen area, or the tiny closet like bathroom; you could not escape from the screech of Mikey's high pitched shouts, nor the whine of Gerard's pitiful attempts at defending himself.

"It's none of your fucking business what I do Mikes! I fucking keep this band together, I have to make all the fucking decisions --- you can't fucking blame me for finding a way to take off some of the stress!"

"Do you even remember your last attempts to take off stress?!? Like the fucking cocaine or all the fucking vodka?!?"

"I stopped doing all that!"

"But Gerard, cutting isn't exactly the healthiest fucking thing to exchange it for!"

"You haven't been a fucking saint either!"

"None of that should even be relevant to what you've been doing! Stop trying to turn this around on me!"

Frank groaned, watching the green freeway signs zoom past the bus windows. He was lying in his bunk, having surrendered from trying to find a place untraveled by the screams of the Way brothers. Of course hearing them argue was nothing new, but not when it had been happening every single week.

Gerard had been caught cutting. Frank and Ray had both known that Gerard had the tendency to go into bouts of self harm, particularly during times of high stress. Mikey hadn't known though -- and it had been kept from him for good reason.

So when he did find out one Thursday night due to a little mix up in schedules, the bus exploded with the fire and smoke of Mikey's sheer fury. While Ray hid, Frank had tried to defend Gerard. He ended up getting a punch to the face by Mikey's skinny fingers. While Frank was barely hurt physically, he got the message that this was not something Mikey could be talked out of.

Yet Frank still could not believe how long this had gone on for. Gerard had not bothered to let up on his self inflictions, but Frank suspected it was now Mikey who was adding onto his injuries. If someone is hurting themselves due to stress, a general rule of thumb is that you should not stress them out further.

He rubbed his temples, another headache slowly making its way to the surface.

"I see the hotel. Thank god." Frank heard Ray remark in the bunk on top of his own.

In a moment like a great breath of air after having been submerged underwater for a very long time, Gerard and Mikey's voices ceased to be heard. Simultaneously, the bus began to emit a loud whine as its wheels began to slow.

The muffled sounds of people gathering and lifting objects graciously filled the air next, and Frank began to get his own things ready. Ray had already been packed up for some time, eager to get to his hotel room and a soothing hot shower.

They all leapt off the bus in silence. Frank shot a glance at Gerard, and from the clouds in his eyes, he did not need to venture too much of a guess to know what he would be doing for the next hour. While Frank respected Gerard enough to stay out of things Gerard considered no ones business, he did still worry that Gerard might take it too far.

All he would need was one cut too deep. Or perhaps one slice on the wrong vein. Or even one night when he decides that he just can't take it anymore.

They checked into their rooms and parted ways like the droplets of blood that would slide down his hips only minutes later.

The band got a very short amount of downtime before they had to go into sound check and begin rushing through their day. Everyone talked again like nothing had happened because that was the easy thing to do. Frank noticed Gerard with a slight limp in the beginning, but he corrected it quickly. He was good at hiding things.

He was good at not trusting.

Aside from a few coffee breaks the afternoon and most of the evening sped past in a blur. A whirlwind of colorful lights, screaming teenagers, and sweat came to an abrupt halt at 1:00 AM. At 1:35, Frank found himself outside of Gerard's door. He lifted a fist which first hesitated, but then knocked.

A few anxious seconds ticked away before he heard the sound of the doors tongue pull away from its burrow. The door creaked open slightly, and a very pretty hazel iris stared at him through its crack. Frank smiled and waved awkwardly, unsure of what else to do.

Gerard opened the door completely and let Frank in.

He could swear that he could already smell the tinge of blood mingled in with the rooms air conditioning.

"You need to stop." Frank blurted out in a surprising display of boldness.

Gerard, having heard this sentence much too many times in his life, seemed unfazed and maybe slightly annoyed. Frank had to fight the urge to surrender his intention and invite him to play a video game instead.

"I know how you feel." Frank pressed on, "I used to self harm a bit last year, just whenever I was feeling a bit testy."

Gerard lifted his gaze, his interest clearly piqued. The couch that he sat on squeaked as he sat up, shifting around on the cushion.

"I never knew." he whispered finally. He looked straight at Frank as he said a bit louder this time "Why haven't you told me until now?"

Frank found this to be a rather stupid question, seeing as Gerard continued to self harm despite all the help that was being not only offered but literally thrown at him. What could Gerard have ever done for him? Had them start a wristcutters club together?

Of course he refrained from acknowledging the sheer hypocrisy and smiled at Gerard pleasantly, the plastic bag he had behind his back making crinkling noises as it swung slightly.

"Well I don't anymore." Frank said with confidence. "Jamia helped me out with that. She had an interesting solution that I'd like to maybe...try with you?"

Gerard paused for a moment, clearly bewildered. The way he was staring up at Frank reminded him of the way his dogs stared when they were confused, heads tilted slightly to the side.

"So..can we try it?" asked Frank.

"You haven't even told me what it is." said Gerard.

"That's the thing." Frank told him, "You're going to have to trust me."

Gerard's expression was apprehensive, and Frank understood that past experiences (mostly pranks) gave Gerard reason not to believe him. So he was surprised when Gerard gave him an uneasy "Alright."

Frank smiled wider and lent out his free hand.

"Come on." he urged Gerard to take it, and when he did he led them both to the mattress with its dark red sheets.

Frank then revealed his plastic bag, the contents rattling inside.

"Whats in there?" Gerard could not stop himself from asking.

"Trust, remember?"

"Right, sorry."

Frank dipped his hand inside the bag and felt around. A soft fabric brushed the back of his hand and he grabbed it, pulling it out. It was a strip of velvet cloth, its black color being broken here and there by tiny specks of glitter. He brought the cloth up to Gerard's eyes and covered them, reaching around to tie the ends together.

"What are you doing?" Gerard asked, his voice beginning to wobble with nervousness.

"Blindfolding you silly." Frank answered bluntly.

Gerard looked as though he wanted to retort further, but he decided against it.

Frank secured the knot and moved his hands down to the bottom of his shirt. He gripped its ends and looked up at Gerard, even though his expression was hard to read with the blindfold on.

"Do you trust me?" he asked.


"Then do not question my actions for the rest of the night."

A moment’s pause.

A nod.

Pleased with Gerard's cooperation, Frank lifted Gerard's shirt and underwent the process of removing it through his arms.

What he revealed underneath was a pale glob with red stripes etched across its face, like a candy cane gone wrong at the factory. Gerard said nothing to this exposure, but Frank could tell that his breath was held and his muscles were tensed.

Frank could not help but stare at the mass amount of red marks, some darker and some fresher. Even he had to admit that there were much more than he had expected. He placed a hand on the edge of Gerard's shoulder, feeling a few. He ran his hand downward and accidently grazed his left nipple. Gerard shuddered.

Snapping out of his fixation, Frank unbuttoned Gerard's pants, allowing a bit more of his waist fat to exhale graciously. The zipper slid down easily, and Frank slid the ridiculously tight jeans off.

More marks.

More scars.

Frank tried to ignore them. He should be savoring the image of Gerard in nothing but underwear, completely submissive to his command. Frank brought his hand to Gerard's crotch and cupped it from outside the blue panties. Beneath the blindfold, Gerard's mouth opened up into a gasp.

"Frankie..." he uttered, but said no more out of respect to their agreement.

Frank peeled off the underwear, a set of balls and an erect penis falling out of them eagerly. Gerard was completely naked, finally exposed to him after so many years of barriers and defense mechanisms. Frank's mouth watered.

Gerard was his tonight.

Yet the blindfold wasn't enough. Frank needed an extra precaution. He reached into the bag and retrieved a roll of duct tape. He began to unravel it, and Gerard's head snapped up at the sound.

Frank brought both of Gerard's arms behind his back, pressing his wrists together with one hand and bringing down the loose end of tape with the other. He began to wrap a thick layer of binding around both the wrists. Gerard remained loyal to his vow of silence, but Frank could sense that panic was sinking in. His massacred chest was falling and rising rapidly.

Frank allowed his fingers to caress Gerard's face lovingly.

"You know I would never hurt you more than necessary." Frank assured him. "If you find that I am hurting you too much, the safety word is sushi."

Gerard actually chuckled.


"It has to be something you would never say during the activity otherwise. Something out of context." Frank explained.

"I don't know man, sushi is pretty sexy. It turns Mikey on." Gerard chortled.

"Gerard, shut up."


Frank sighed and inspected his work. The knots and binds were both secure and so he himself began to undress. He only removed his pants, as his stimulation needed but one tool. It was already erect and ready to be moved.

"Lie down." Frank commanded.

Gerard flopped backwards on the mattress. Frank could not help but think he was enjoying this himself.

"I'm going to hurt you a little." Frank began.

"This seems a little counter productive, doesn't it Frankie?" Gerard remarked.

"Let me finish." Frank said sternly, "I promised I wouldn't hurt you more than necessary, and you'll have to trust me that I won't. It won't hurt more than those cuts you love so much. As we discussed, you do have a safety word just in case."

He paused and waited to see if he had any retorts. When he received none, he continued on.

"If I do this for you, however, you must promise you won't try to hurt yourself for at least a few days after. These sessions will serve as your weekly fill of pain, granted that I do my job in satisfying you. Deal?"

Gerard took a moment to consider. Frank could only see his mouth, but one corner of it was raised upwards slightly. If Frank could view the whole picture, he imagined that his expression would be alight with the prospect of a fun challenge.

"You drive a hard bargain, Iero." said Gerard at last. "Do your very worst."

"Sorry. I wouldn't do my worst in anything for someone I love." Frank replied in what even he thought was a random statement.

Gerard's smirk fell.

Ignoring the awkward moment, Frank began to proceed. He crawled on top of Gerard, making an effort to spread Gerard's legs further. He reached in the bag, and out of it retrieved a stick-like object with a handle on one end, and a small wedge on another. This object was known as a riding crop, typically used as a whip for horses and whiny 34-year-old singers who are not listening to any other means of reason.

He did an experimental tap, and slapped Gerard on the hip with it lightly. He listened closely, but Gerard did not budge nor make a single noise. He took this as a good sign and applied a second slap, this time a bit harder. Gerard jumped slightly.

There we go.

Another slap, this one along his side. The noise of its collision with his skin resounded in the room like the snapping of a twig. Gerard yelped. Frank slapped him again, and Gerard began to gasp. With each slap of the crop, Gerard took one step further into the moment.

Once Gerard was panting, Frank grabbed Gerard’s hardened dick and rubbed it against his own.

“Fuck… Frankie…” Gerard groaned as their pelvises mingled with one another, a mesh of flesh, genitals, and the wetness of the pre-cum that was springing forth from both of them.


He targeted Gerard’s balls.


Gerard screamed a little, but did not utter the safety word. He knew by now that he wasn’t going to. Frank could tell he was loving this.

Hell, Frank was loving this too.

He grabbed Gerard and flipped him over roughly, unveiling the boy’s deliciously large, pale ass. This part of his body, at least, was unmarked by scars and cuts. It was untouched land, something pure. Frank would fix that soon.

The crop then came upon Gerard’s buttocks in a blitzkrieg of angry blows. Gerard screamed and squealed, but still no safety word. Frank relished in this, using his own hand to jack himself off now.

There was a tear in the skin, and the perfect whiteness of his wonderland became marred with a river of blood that leaked down from it. Gerard did not even seem to notice, but Frank withdrew the crop for a moment.

Gerard twisted his head around, although he could not actually look at Frank. However Frank was not quite finished. He took the crop and brought it’s wedge between Gerard’s buttocks, right at the entrance. Without a word or even any warning, he drove the crop into Gerard’s anus.

“AGGGHHHHHHHH!” Gerard screamed, his entire body curling and for a moment Frank almost withdrew – but he had to be sure.

“Did I go too far?” Frank asked for the first time.

After what felt like an eternity, Gerard shook his head. His body seemed to disagree --- it was soaked in sweat, blood still running down its surface, it’s paleness replaced with a deep red --- but as long as Gerard was happy, Frank figured it didn’t matter.

He was, after all, doing this for Gerard.

Frank none the less removed the crop and tossed it aside. He decided to finish Gerard off all natural, and so he crawled forward and perched himself so that his dick fell on top of Gerard’s ass. For a moment, Frank had the thought of taking a picture of Gerard like this --- his hands tied behind his back, his eyes covered with a blindfold – it was truly something of fantasies. However he knew that was not his business here, and so he continued to ready himself, using his hands to part Gerard’s cheeks slightly.

Frank brought the head of his penis up to the hole, and he entered.

No he hadn’t used lube, but pain was the point of this whole exercise.

The benefits of being in lust with a masochist.

He began to thrust.

“Frankie! Fuck! Oh fuck Fran --- owwww!” Gerard whined, his body beginning to twist and writhe.

Frank closed his eyes in ecstasy. His penis fit perfectly into Gerard’s hole, and his screaming was just influencing the most incredible feeling that was not only in his pelvis, but in his whole body.

He opened his eyes and reached over for the crop, lifting it and slapping Gerard on the back.

Giddy-up, little horsie.

He continued to whip at him until he found himself breaking skin again. Gerard certainly felt that one, and he let out another ripping scream.

Frank came with a vengeance.

Once his muscles finally came to relax, he brought himself off of Gerard. Gerard seemed to be on the verge of tears, but he was able to sit up quickly. Frank made quick work of unleashing his binds, and made sure that a smile was the first thing he saw once the blindfold fell away.

“Wow.” Was all Gerard had to say.

“Wow, indeed.”

Gerard looked over himself and at the bloody mess they had mess on the sheets.

“I have a lot of cleaning up to do.” Gerard laughed, seeming as though he was trying to be lighthearted about the situation.

“Yeah, if they ask about the blood, you can always say you were on the rag.” Frank joked, taking his lead.

There was another long pause before Frank bashfully questioned, “So… did I do good?”

Gerard studied him before responding, “How long was I supposed to refrain from cutting again?”

“Until the next session.”

Gerard smiled.

“Alright, well I guess I’ll see you then.”

“Yeah, see you then Gerard.”

Frank put his pants back on, and then stuffed the crop back into the bag. He was almost to the door when he turned around, looking at the messed up boy who was still sprawled out on the bed.

“How will I know that you’ll keep up your end of the bargain?”

A laugh. Gerard’s grin grew wider as he told Frank, “I guess you’ll just have to trust me.”

“Ah. Touché.”

And with one last nod of acknowledgment, Frank walked out the door and closed it, his bag of tricks swaying behind him.

Until next time.
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