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Strike While The Iron Is Hot

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Frank and Gerard's second session sizzles.

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A/N: Oh hey. So like I said, I would turn this into a multi part even though its not going to really be like a full story. I just figure since my next (and last) story is all emotional, might as well have one last smut romp before I go. And in light of that, I'm giving all the parts of this story porno sounding names.

If you're into this kind of stuff, over the age of 18, and live in Los Angeles, you may want check out our holiday based parties at Bar Sinister: I'll most likely be at the next one. ;)

Strike While The Iron Is Hot

Gerard was itching for his razor to the point of bursting by the next time Frank agreed to see him for another therapy session.

Frank stood in front of his hotel bed, the bag of tools swaying teasingly behind him. Mikey had gone out with Ray for an after show party, so they had a bit of time. Gerard hadn't quite told his brother about their new arrangement yet. He wasn't really sure how he would react.

"Strip." Frank instructed him sternly.

Gerard nodded and removed his shirt first, as well as his pants. He stopped at the underwear, but Frank's expression urged him to lose that as well. Gerard obliged and became completely exposed, slightly spread eagled on the bed.

Frank came forward and grabbed Gerard's arms one by one. His eyes went over them carefully, and when he did not see whatever he was looking for there, Frank reviewed the remainder of his body. It took Gerard a moment to realize that he must be looking for any evidence of fresh cuts.

His theory was confirmed when Frank smiled as he pulled away and said, "Good job, Gee. Proud of you. You've earned this."

Gerard smiled back, but Frank did not give him much time to relish in the moment. He dove for the blindfold in the bag, setting the rest of the bag down on the floor. Frank placed it over his eyes, submerging him in glittery darkness once more.

He heard Frank begin to fumble with some items, and listened as his voice spoke, "You're going to have to give this thing a moment to warm up..."

Warm up?

Gerard fought the temptation to ask, knowing that trust was the point of the game. While he did trust Frank of course, it was also an issue of control. Gerard did not typically like being this submissive. He liked being dominant. He like being in the know of what's to come. He was the lead, after all -- it was his job. So why was he playing this game?

Frank's cold hands suddenly stroking his bare stomach answered that question:

Because it was something exciting and fun in a life that had become unbelievably boring and predictable as of lately.

Soft lips touched his, and pressed against them gently. Gerard felt ashamed of his own dry and cracked ones, but Frank didn't seem to mind.

"I think it's ready." Frank whispered in his ear, "Lie back."

Gerard felt Frank's hands holding him so that he did not miscalculate and fall on the mattress too hard.
"Remember the safety word?"


"Good. You trust me, right?"


There was a pause, then a sound like a cord being unraveled and an object being removed from a wooden table. Gerard held his breath, his heart suddenly thundering in his chest.

He didn't see Frank's smile as he walked toward the completely nude singer on the bed, the curling iron hot in his hands.

Frank hopped on to the bed, next to Gerard's right side. He kneeled until he was comfortable, positioning himself so that he was within arm's reach of every bit of Gerard. For good measure, he gave Gerard a second kiss of comfort before he began burning him.

The first contact was made on Gerard's bellybutton. Frank laid the curling iron down upon it lightly, barely pressing down before he slowly began to apply more pressure. He wanted to give Gerard a good measure of what he was in for.

Gerard's breathing became strange at the first contact, where he almost seemed like he was going to hyperventilate. His mouth was gaping open, as though he wanted to scream but was getting stuck somehow. Frank stared at this, savoring the helpless expression before moving on.

Frank reached over and tapped Gerard's right side with the curling iron, and then tapped his left. He made these contacts quick, unlike the trail he did with Gerard's belly button. He planned to make them progressively quicker, but with harder whacks as he went on.

And so he did. He scorched different parts of Gerard's sides with the iron, to which he got many yelps from Gerard. He slowly moved his aiming points downward, having particular fun with Gerard's hips.

Frank let the curling iron linger there, while trying to help Gerard along. He took two whacks on Gerard's left hip, then pressed down with it. As he began to work with the right one, Frank took a hold of Gerard's penis, which was only slightly erect, and played with it using his free hand.

He would whack at Gerard's hip bone while he rubbed his dick, causing Gerard to both moan and scream simultaneously.

When Frank was done with his hips, he moved himself so that he was kneeling right in front of Gerard's genitals.

"Spread them, wider." Frank instructed him, and Gerard followed immediately.

Frank could now confirm what he had felt in his hand -- Gerard was now completely hard. Frank licked his lips and crawled forward, still holding the curling iron in one hand. In one sweeping motion, Frank consumed Gerard's entire dick into his mouth.

It wasn't that Gerard was small -- oh no. He was of borderline above average size. Yet Frank had plenty of experience, in deep throating and oral in general. The sounds that Gerard were making established this, as he yelled out such classics as, "Oh god!" "Fuck!" "Oh Jesus Christ..." "Frankie... oh fuck... I'm going to burst...." -- and other noises that were just coherent moans and groans.

Frank licked around the whole area, moistening Gerard's balls as well. He never really realized until then that Gerard shaved his private area, but at the same time, he wasn't really surprised. He wasn't complaining either. Frank had wanted to get the area nice and wet before he abused it.

Gerard made a small whining noise when Frank finally stopped sucking him, giving the tip of his penis a playful little lick. But Frank did his best to ignore it. They had to move on. Jamia was expecting a call from him later tonight.

He established Gerard's spread eagled position before he made his first whack at Gerard's dick, to which Gerard resounded accordingly. He whacked even harder at his balls, which he hit with the force a child trying to burst open a piñata. At that, Gerard screamed shrilly, but did not give the safety word that Frank was intently listening for.

Frank then aimed for the area around his genitals, the borders where his legs merged together just before his reproductive organs. He began to apply more strength to his blows here, as they would mean less permanent consequences than they would with his balls or his penis.

He beat the area hard, having to remind himself towards the end not to get out of hand. Gerard was still giving no safety word, but his body began to struggle with his screams. His legs were trembling, his hips squirming; t'was as though his body was trying to flee from the pain while only his mind willed him to take it -- they were battling each other.

Frank had a few more good, hard whacks at his still erect penis. He then moved upwards and decided to finish him off by digging them nicely into Gerard's large nipples. He took a moment to linger on both, and then he licked them playfully too.

Stepping away, Frank took a good look at Gerard. His teeth were gritted, but he was still hard. Almost shaking, as though ready to explode in either pain or pleasure. Frank sighed, put the curling iron down, and got a small amount of lotion from the plastic bag.

He squirted some into his hand and went back to Gerard, grabbing his dick firmly. He leaned over, grabbed the curling iron again, and sizzled it into Gerard's left side as he began to jerk him off.

"Frankie... Frankie... oh fuck...." Gerard groaned, his voice with the tone of one who is pleading.

4 yanks, 5 yanks, 6 yanks, 7.... boom.

While fluid drenched Frank's hand as Gerard cried out. Frank looked at it with an almost bored expression, licking it off like icing from a cupcake. He turned off the curling iron, and removed Gerard's blindfold.

Gerard looked up at him with what he read as awe and bewilderment.

"It's because you didn't have one last time." Frank shrugged, "I figured you should."

Gerard's expression went from confused to beaming. "Thanks Frankie. You're so considerate."

"Oh I know." Frank laughed as he put the curling iron back in the bag. He packed up and began to head out, his mission accomplished for now.

"Next week then?"

"Next week."

Frank winked at him and left, contemplating the extents he always seemed to have to go to to save Gerard Way's life.
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