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Rattle My Cage

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This session puts Gerard in a "tight" spot.

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A/N: In response to a previous review, I never really wrote an author's note as to why I was leaving, but you all will probably get one later.

So for this chapter, we use a specific device that I don't think everyone's heard of. Just in case my description sucks, heres a picture (NSFW):

Rattle My Cage

"Have you been a good boy?"


Gerard sat cross legged on the hotel bed, staring up at his dominator. He was there again, his bag of tricks behind his back.

"Prove it to me." Frank said. "Strip."

Gerard repeated last week's routine, removing his pants, underwear, and button up blouse. He could feel Frank's eyes on him the entire time --- whether searching or hungry, Gerard didn't know. He couldn't deny that he was enjoying the attention, what with no Lindsey to give him any on when he was on tour.

When Gerard was done, Frank conducted his review -- sniffing around as though searching for a hint of blood. When he saw that Gerard was clean, Frank grinned.

"You know one of these days..." he said, "I'd like to actually reward you with something that doesn't cause you pain."

"This is fine by me." Gerard said as he let himself fall back onto the mattress, without waiting for Frank to tell him to do so.

Well of course it was fine by him. It was an excuse to cheat on his wife, without actually calling it cheating. It was therapy, right? It's not like he was having sex just for the pleasure of it --- now that would be cheating. Gerard wasn't cheating on Lindsey, and Frank wasn't cheating on Jamia. They were doing this as a safety precaution. That's all.

Frank sighed and got out the trademark blindfold, wrapping it over Gerard's eyes.

Blissful darkness.

Another way for him to feel less guilty.

He couldn't even see Frank doing any of this to him.

He had no idea what Frank might do.

How is it cheating if he doesn't even expect it?

Frank, of course, saw everything that was going. His eyes were, at the moment, observing a device that he retrieved from his bag of tricks. It was in the shape of the male reproductive organ, and looked something like a metal condom with holes in it.

This was called a cock cage. It was meant for maintaining chastity for men, and preventing erection or orgasm. It's restraints would stop an erection from fully forming, usually useful in preventing embarrassing situations at work or at church (if your pastor happens to be particularly hot). It is, however, absolutely horrifying on a prolonged erection due to the pressure it inflicts. And Frank had one that was a bit too small for Gerard's cock, which would prove to be just perfect.

He went to work setting in place. He had all of Gerard's cock and balls go through the ring like holder that would set it place. Frank took out the little lock and locked the device just behind Gerard's scrotum, and then fitted his flaccid penis into the cage itself. He could tell that Gerard was feeling the cold metal of the cage, because his body instantly went rigid.

Once the cock cage was in place, Frank removed his own clothes. For Gerard to achieve the best erection possible, skin on skin contact was an absolute must.

He climbed on top of Gerard, and kissed him lightly. Frank was not sure why he felt the need to kiss Gerard during these activities. He certainly did not want Gerard getting the wrong idea about things. Frank figured it was merely a habit he had during sex.

Frank then proceeded to suck at each nipple, massaging the other one with his fingers. Gerard got to moaning instantly, and Frank would grind his own erect cock against Gerard's abdomen for good measure. He had a lot to work with -- Gerard's nipples were always quite large.

He badly itched to look down at Gerard's cock, to see if it was becoming erect at all, but fortunately he did not have to wait long to find out. Gerard's moans went from pleasured to slightly distressed, and Frank knew --- the cock had found the cage bars.

Frank continued with the nipple play a bit longer, his tongue enjoying the slightly roughness of their texture. Plus, he knew Gerard loved nipple play. It's too bad he probably wasn't enjoying it much this time around.

His hand flew to his mouth before he let out a laugh at his own thoughts. It was cruel enough doing this to Gerard without letting him hear that he was being mocked.

At that point Frank moved away from his nipples, crawling backwards so that his tongue met the singer's belly button. The tip of his tongue entered there slightly, before it slowly slid down Gerard's happy trail, stopping right before the locking collar on the cock cage. He lingered there for a while, tracing the areas around the throbbing cock.

Here, he could observe his work.

Gerard was terribly erect, and the bars of the cage were pressing down on his dick hard enough to cause indents. The whole organ looked to be on the verge of bursting. Frank would have to be careful not to keep this up for too long, or Gerard would definitely suffer circulation problems.

Deciding he felt daring, Frank very lightly flicked the tip of his tongue at the tip of Gerard's penis, the small part that was exposed through the urinal hole. Gerard let out an agonized groan, which Frank took a moment to savor.

Frank flipped Gerard over, and moistened his lips. He spread Gerard's buttocks with his hands, exposing his little asshole. He dove in to fulfill another one of Gerard's favorite fantasies.

His tongue only flickered at it a bit, to get a good measure of taste. A lot of disease does get transmitted during this particular act. But deeming that he was clean, Frank dove his tongue straight into Gerard's asshole, allowing it to squirm around.

Gerard clearly felt this in an overpowering sense, because he began to both flail and moan loudly at the same time. Yet despite Gerard's less-than-still body, Frank held his ground, licking inside as much of Gerard's ass as he could reach.

At a point, Frank heard Gerard's moans transform into half screams. His hands were clambering for whatever was binding his cock, but Frank would make sure he couldn't reach it. It was locked, after all.

"Frankie... Fraaaannkiie.... fuck! Frankie, please take it off!" Gerard began to plead with him. Still no safety word, however, so Frank felt no obligation to reply.

With Gerard's asshole so moist from his saliva, Frank figured it would be a waste not to give it a good fuck. So after a bit more of the rim job, and a bit more of listening to Gerard beg, Frank got off and inserted his own cock into Gerard's entrance.

Gerard's begs cut off and he screamed somewhat, probably not having expected that. Frank smirked a little and began to thrust.

In, and out. In, an out. Gerard felt so amazingly tight and good. The singer was having an absolute terrible time at the moment, Frank knew, but for a second there he almost forgot, lost in the pleasure that he was experiencing.

Finally, he decided he ought to finish his job before anything of dire consequence occurred to Gerard's poor dick. So he picked up the pace --- and bam. It was Frank's turn to scream that time.

He flipped Gerard over and got the key from the table that was next to the bed. He unlocked it, and yanked it off Gerard's dick, almost crying out of alarm at the blue and black state of it. He kissed it playfully and then went forward to removed Gerard's blindfold.

Gerard was almost glaring at him when he did, but perhaps Frank's apologetic expression was evident, because his face softened a moment later.

"You'll get to have one next time, promise." Frank smiled at him as he began to redress.

"After that, I better." Gerard crossed his arms and made a rather disgusted face down at the sight of himself.

Frank laughed and grabbed his bag, everything now packed away inside it. As he head out, he turned back at Gerard to say goodbye.

"You'll remember your end of the deal?"

"Haven't let you down yet, have I?"

"No, you haven't." Frank nodded. "Goodnight then, Gerard."

He shut the door before Gerard could respond -- before Gerard could ask him if he could stay the night. Gerard stared at the empty space instead, mumbling a "Goodnight, Frankie." before he shut out the lights.
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