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Brand Spanking New

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It's a new kind of ball game when Frank brings out the tennis racket.

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Brand Spanking New

Gerard had begun to feel strange.

Although he had been enjoying the sessions between him and Frank, he could not deny that he was beginning to feel more depressed than he had before -- particularly when Frank was not around.

He would not mention it to anyone, of course. Ray and Mikey didn't even know what they were doing, and Gerard hadn't intended on letting them know, feeling unsure as to how they might react.

Well, Ray would probably be okay with it as long as it was consensual on both ends. But Mikey... Gerard shuddered at the idea of his likely reaction.

Frank. Frank was the problem, so the more he should tell him, right? Yet Gerard would admit to himself that was slightly embarrassed by his sudden attachment, especially when they had presumably buried any romantic feelings between them long ago.

Not that what he was feeling was anything romantic, of course. In fact, he didn't know what he was feeling at all. All he knew was that... it felt bad.

It was only when Frank came in to his hotel room that he felt a little less bad, just as it so happened one Wednesday evening.

"You know the drill." Frank said, right after he closed the door.

Gerard had his clothes off in a matter of seconds, but was still slightly disheartened to see that Frank didn't look at him until after all his clothes were gone. Yet, Frank was watchful then. His large green eyes made their scan of Gerard, looking into the knooks and crannies of his pale flesh.

"Very nice." Frank smiled at him.

He brought out the sparkling blindfold, and the session officially began.

There was a bit more noise than usual. Gerard heard not only the crinkling of the plastic bag as Frank retrieved things from it, but what sounded like the spilling of something onto a hard surface. In addition, there was generally more sounds of the plastic bag than usual.

Once he was done fuddling around, Frank went to Gerard and instructed him to get into a doggy style position. Once that was all set up, Frank crawled onto the bed with him, his face almost instantly encountering Gerard's cheeks as he did.

He ran his hand over the pale things, caressing them almost lovingly. Frank then reached over into his bag and retrieved a tennis racket. He turned his attention back to Gerard's ass and spanked him as hard as he could.

Gerard jumped a little, but was otherwise silent. And so Frank continued to spank his buttocks, rubbing them with his hand in between each hit, as to make sure the nerves in them did not grow numb.

As the spanking went on, Gerard's bottom grew redder and redder. In sync with this, Gerard's discomfort become more and more evident.

His hips squirmed, and out of his mouth came groans and yelps. As his buttocks began to turn a deeper red, Frank could feel his body tense. Frank increased the power in each of his strikes, focused on enforcing a nice, tennis racket resembling imprint on the snow white cheeks.

Finally, Gerard let out a small scream as another blow struck. Frank paused, his hand itching to go further.

Yet this wasn't the only thing instore for tonight, and Frank knew that he had to pace himself and Gerard. So he put away the tennis racket, and gave Gerard's butt a small kiss on the crack.

"Come here." Frank told him, and he brought Gerard back into a sitting position. Gerard moaned as he sat, even the soft comforter of the bed feeling like razor blades on his aching bottom. Frank grabbed his wrists, and began to maneuver him off the bed.

He brought Gerard to a shallow cardboard box on the floor. It was the top of a Macy's gift box. The box was filled with uncooked rice and corn kernels. He lowered Gerard's bottom onto this and had him sit.

Gerard cried out as he sat on the mixture, his legs splitting open and closed repeatedly, as though that would help him.

"Its okay, it's okay... I got ya." Frank whispered to him, fearing that Gerard might call it quits before he was able to relieve himself.

Gerard whimpered, but did not say anything else as he settled down on the painful seat. Before he decided to change his mind, Frank removed his own pants and brought out his erect dick. He used a hand to gently lower the bottom half of Gerard's jaw, and he guided his penis into Gerard's open mouth.

As Frank was particularly big, Gerard gagged a bit at first contact. But then his lips closed around the monstrosity, and Frank slowly began to thrust inside Gerard's wettest entrance.

He was still tense, Frank could tell, from the pain that the uncooked rice was inflicting upon his wounded buttocks. Yet he appreciated that Gerard made an effort to suck him, as best an effort as he could given the circumstances. He could feel Gerard snaking his tongue around the shaft, trying to massage the head. Gerard's lips acted as a suction the entire time, not losing their grip whenever Frank reinserted himself. Frank moaned his gratitude.

After a while Frank picked up the pace as he heard Gerard's whimpers become more frequent. He thrust into Gerard harder, careful not to snap his neck off. Gerard helped him along, doing all sorts of things with his tongue then.

Finally, Gerard let out a particularly whiny groan. Frank didn't know if it was from the bits of dried rice digging into his cheeks, or from the force in which Frank's dick was imposing into his mouth. Whatever it was, it was the noise that finally made Frank expel his discharge -- right into Gerard's mouth.

Gerard had never swallowed before, not to Frank's knowledge anyway, so Frank had no idea how he might take it.

He did seem surprised at first, and Frank could hear him gagging. Yet he swallowed it all down like a good boy (not that he had much choice, Frank kept his dick in his mouth until he did). When Frank removed himself, Gerard actually gave him a small, slightly abashed smile.

Frank removed the blindfold, revealing his own smile to Gerard. He quickly pulled him off of the box top, using his own hand to wipe off the bits of rice that had stuck. Gerard grit his teeth at this, but it was quick. Frank set him down on the bed right after.

"Wanna watch some movies tonight?" Gerard made sure to ask quickly this time. "I think they have new stuff on Netflix."

Frank smiled at him as he was redressing himself, "Nah, I have to talk to Jamia tonight. I forgot to call her this afternoon."

"Oh, okay." Gerard hid his disappointment, looking at his own phone instead. Lindsey had not called him in some time, but neither of them were making any effort to make that up.

Still, he knew Frank and Jamia were different.

"Goodnight, Gerard.", he heard Frank say.

"Goodnight, Frank."

Frank, having gathered all his things, walked out and closed the door behind him. Gerard sighed, collapsed onto the bed, and eyed the drawer that held his razorblades.
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