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Chapter 12

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Hello. I know my chapters are quite short and sorry for this but Im just afraid I will start rambling on about stuff, just like right now. So I'll shut about that. I hope you like this chapter!

Chapter 12
Franks POV

He lay in my arms for the night not even waking up to sleep in an actual bed. He was so wrecked. I heard my mother come in from work very late who just went straight to bed quietly assuming it was just me in the house. I can't believe I told Gerard Mikey's secret. I can't believe it was a secret. The Way brothers are closer than ever. There wasnt a thing Mikey couldn't tell Gerard about, hoping he wouldn't get mad. I can tell. Gerard is such a genuine person and certainly wants Mikey's happiness more than anything. The poor kid has been in so much shit. I'm surprised he is still alive. He needs help and I don't know what I can do. The worst part is that he doesn't think we should care. He thinks it doesn't matter.
At the hospital yesterday he barely talked. He just sat there like he was invisible and he didn't matter. But he definitley matters! He's important to Gerard and me. We care about him. I wish he could see that
Suddenly, I felt Mikey's body start to shake, snapping me out of my thoughts and back to the ruthless reality. He started sweating and I was trying to wake him up. I called his named and shaked him lightly. He was having another nightmare. Soon my mom came in wondering what the noise was. Firstly, she was shocked to see some one her and secondly she looked very really confused.
"Mom. Help. This is my friend and he's having a night mare. I ant wake him up" I urgently inform my mom.
"Who? Why is he here?" she aske puzzeled.
"It's a long story just help my wake him up. Please."
She rushed over to us and tried to shake him awake. Within a few minutes he woke up feeling freezing cold. He is not well at all.
He opened his eyes looking into mine for a second when he noticed another face beside him. He looked at my mom, eyes wide and panicky.
"Mikey. It's alright. This is my mom. She was just helping me wake you up." I assure him.
He nodded and looked at my mom again who held out a hand saying "I'm Linda". He took it slowly and replied. "I-I'm Mikey Way."
"Nice to meet you. But I better go out shopping now. It's almost 12 o clock." She says rooting for car keys in her bag. She finds them and says good bye and leaves.
I look back at Mikey who has his eyes shut lying on the couch. I sit down beside him.
"Are you okay?" I ask cautiously.
"...No". He bursts into tears. He is so broken and upset but hasn't been able to admit it til now.
I hug him tightly. Letting him cry into my shirt.
"Tell me about it all Mikey. And I'm serious. I want you to talk about it. It's so important."
"That's just it. It doesn't matter. Does it?" he replies looking at me with two emotionless eyes.
"It does. I promise you it matters. You are so important to Gerard and I. If you could just see how hurt he is when you are hurt. Injured or just upset. You Mean the world to him. He loves you and I do too."
"I love you both too. Your the only people I have. Seriously. Can you think of anyone else who cares? My parents dont, the bullies don't. So why should I care about myself?"
"Mikey. Never say that again. I know that it's easy to believe this when your own parents move away but what about the people around you right now. Me. I care about you. So much more than you seem to think and I know Gerard cares about you."
He really has lost all hope. He doesn't believe in himself anymore. I need to get it into his head that he is all that Gerard has. Gerard is finding it hard to cope with it all too. It must be so heart breaking to hear your brother shout for help and there's nothing you can do. Listen to your own parents tell you they didn't want you. To protect the most fragile and sweetest kid but who is also the most hated by the jocks. And to survive a car crash. No one should go through any of these problems.
"I'm going to ring Gerard and see if he wants picking up from hospital okay?" I tell him, pulling out my phone.
He nods blankly.
Gerard said he could leave now and so we left in my moms car.
Mikey just sat there staring out the window.
When we arrived, we headed straight to Gerard's room, to find him with a nurse. Then she leaves and we over to Gerard.
"Hey." I said
"Hey. How are you Mikes?" he asked Mikey
"ready to go?" I ask.
"Yeah. I guess so".


Not a very exciting chapter but I'm gonna start on the next on and may or may not have it up tonigh. I hope you enjoyed it though. Sorry for the crap ending. This is quite a boring chapter!
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