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Chapter 13

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Sorry for the dullness of the last chapter but I hope this will be more interesting!

Chapter 13
Gerards POV

He's anorexic. How did I not notice? Have I really lost my brother so much that I can't even take note of when he has eaten last or that he was afraid to tell me about. My poor baby doesn't think it's important or that he matters. The worst part is, is that Frank had to be the one who told me which means Mikey told him more. Frank only knows him a few days. How can he just be trusted by Mikey so fast when it took Mikey years to confess he was being bullied.
Okay, it's not Franks fault. I just can't but feel annoyed that he knows it. What is he saying to make Mikey feel so safe?
Interrupted by a nurse, my thoughts snapped to the back of my head linger and mess up. She tells me I can go but to make sure to rest.
When she left, Mikey and Frank entered.
Frank greeted me. But Mikey kept his head down probably hoping not to be confronted.
"ready to go?" Frank asks
"Yeah I guess so"
We headed out of the hospital building and got into his car. Mikey not saying a word.
The drive is very awkward. Nobody knew what say. Thankfully, Frank quickly pulled up outside the motel. We got out as Frank grimaced at the dirty surroundings.
"You can stay at mine if you like?" he offers thoughtfully.
"Um... No but thank you forthe offer. We have some things to sort out" I declined his offer as I have lots of things to say to Mikey.
I unlock our door and we walk in frozen by the cold weather. Mikey must be so cold, just living in his t-shirt. I need to buy him clothes.
"So. How was Franks house?"
"..I I-I had another nightmare" he replies quietly. Poor kid can't have one restfully nights sleep without the terror of probably his creeping up on him.
"Oh... Sorry I wasn't there" I apologise knowing I probably couldnt have done much more than Frank.
"It's okay." But it's not okay. He thinks he deserves it all. The trauma, the beatings, the fucked up life he has. But he doesn't. He shouldn't put up with the bullies smashing his head into lockers or walls, he doesnt deserve the beatings he took from dad and all the times he hid from fear I'd find out.
I collapse down on the bed and look over to where Mikey has thrown his broken body on his bed covers. He's wrecked. I can see it in his eyes but he's not going to want to sleep. I guess I better ask. But before I can he pulls me out of thought.
"How is your arm from the accident?" he asks.
"It's a little sore but nothing that bad" I reply just waiting til I could ask hi-
"Sorry I didn't text you in the morning"
"It's fine. This isn't your fault." I say bursting to just finally ask.
"But if I told you when I was goi-"
"Mikey, why didn't you tell me?" I snap regretfully not meaning to sound harsh I just need to know. He jumps a little at my outburst. Oh shit! I've frightened him now. Why did I have to shout?!
"...W..what?" he whimpers back almost afraid to answer me.
"I'm sorry Mikey. I didn't mean to snap. But... How come you never told me you were anorexic?"
He looks down in immediate shame and guilt.
"Y- You would have got frustrated and angry"
He's afraid I'm gonna give out to him. No wonder he has no trust. He can't even trust me to help him.
"Mikey, I could never get mad at you. You're too sweet and innocent and you really haven't done anything wrong. I just want to know why you can't trust me to not get angry with you."
"Everyone else gets angry. Why don't you?" he replied hopelessly.
"Because Mikey... I'm not an idiot. I can tell when someone needs help and to see you hurt... I just love you so much cause I know how much effort it takes to go into school each day to face them. I love you way too much to let you get hurt." I say in complete honesty.
I hug him, feeling only bones in my arms and the shell of the most amazing kid on The planet. I feel the bandage I out on his hip and stomach covering the highlights of his life.
"I should change those bandages" I say hopefully receiving a gester to go ahead but as if that would happen!
Instead, he shivers and buries even deeper into my jacket.
"Please Mikey. They need to be changed. It will be quick. I promise And it won't hurt."
He knows they should be changed to he's just ashamed of letting his wounds being shown.
"C'mon. Just lie back and I'll do it"
He sighs and gives in and falls back against his pillow.
I pulled his shirt up to reveal the timeline of what life was like when I was absent.
I changed the bandages quickly while he looked away in embarrassment.
I notice how skinny he is looking at each rib almost cutting through the skin. I'm gonna brim him to Some cafe and he's gonna eat for definite.

I persuade him to go and we leave walking across the street to an old cafe. I got him a small sandwich not buying anything for myself. I place it down in front of him an he just stares at it trying to pass time without eating.
He takes his first bite before he looks at me asking for judgement and hoping it was enough. I was really proud of him. He did everything I tell him to but only because he thinks I will leave him otherwise.
He finishes the sandwich very slowly leaving behind a few remains.
I smile at him and for that first time in years he gives me a satisfied smile. It might be small but it was Mikey and anything it's worth seeing him smile.


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