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Devil's Deal

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Davey makes a deal with Ashley that he can't refuse

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"Don't worry, I'm just here, moonlighting for a while... They had a job, I had a degree, it all works out." Davey said, catching the look of worry on the other man's face. "Now what happened?"

"I don't even know..." Ashley whispered, before he asked, "How long has it been?"

"2 months."



"Why didn't you go home with Sandra? I know she always takes care of you..." Davey said, looking at Ashley with concern. "She said that the next time something like this happened, that she wouldn't bail me out. The others said pretty much the same thing too."

"Damn... You're actually a pretty good guy, and I like you. I know that you're not a fucking looney who can't even be trusted alone for a half a second. But you just can't go on like you are..."

"You read my file, didn't you?"

"Comes with the job, unfortunately. I can't stand to see you just waste away in here, so I'll make a deal with you. What if I convince one of your bandmates to take you home?"

Ashley nearly fell out of his seat. "Y-You'd do that?"

"One condition though. The cutting stops. And, you have to take therapy. If you start cutting again, you're stuck coming back. I don't know everything there is to know about this situation, but talking to you as a friend, it's gone on too long. I've known you maybe a few years, and I always thought that you had stopped... Speaking as a professional, it's a dangerous behavior, and must be stopped immediately."

Ashley let it sink in for a moment. He didn't particularly like the terms of it, but it was his ticket to freedom. Who knows when he might get another chance like this? "Okay." he said.
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