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And the blue ones help me fall

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“It was Andy, Gerard’s ex.”

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Chapter 13-And the blue ones help me fall

Frank’s pov

During lunch, I felt light, high and so fucking hyper it was unbelievable. When I and Gerard met the other guys at the trees across from the car park, they looked at us as if we had gone crazy. No doubt they knew what we had been up to-and probably the whole school- considering we had skipped class, had disappeared together, had love bites on our necks, our lips were swollen and we looked even more dishevelled than Mikey had this morning.
“Hey guys what’s up mother fuckers!” I exclaimed skipping over to meet them.
I heard Gerard giggling at me while Mikey and Ray stared at me wide eyed.
“Um…nothing’s up Frank, just that, um.” Ray trailed off.
“What the fuck is wrong with you!” Mikey exclaimed so suddenly; Gerard burst out laughing, “You’re acting like a sugar high pixie on pixie sticks that contain crack!”
Ray raised his eyebrows, “Seriously? That the best you got?” he asked as I just laughed.
“Hey back off fro head!” Mikey said defensively shoving him, “I’ve been in school all day and my brain feels ready to explode, give me a break!”
“Don’t cha need a brain first before it can explode?” Ray asked sniggering.
“Oh like you’re one to talk!”
I looked at Gerard who was giggling non stop as he slouched down next to Ray, lighting up a cigarette. I sat down beside him, resting my head on his legs and he played with my hair while Ray and Mikey argued.
“Oh hey Andy what brings you to our lovely asylum rejected ward of insanity for Misfits with mental issues?” My eyes snapped open and I saw Mikey talking to a gothic looking guy with black hair and way too pale make up. I glared at him, only Gee could pull off the vamp look not a Marilyn Manson wannabe.
“Hey, I was just wondering if I could talk to Gerard. For a few minutes?” Andy asked, glancing over at me and Gerard and glaring at me. I glared straight back.
“Well seeing as how am not Gee’s personal secretary.” I and Ray laughed at that, “How bout you ask him yourself?”
I looked up at Gerard in disbelief, “You seriously aren’t gonna talk to this psycho Manson wannabe are you?” I asked him not bothering to keep my voice down.
Gerard shushed me though he was grinning, “It’ll only be a few minutes, maybe it’s something to do with our history essay?”
“History? Seriously? Then why can’t he ask me or Mikey? We’re in that class too you know” I said frowning.
Gerard shrugged, “Yeah but you two don’t get on, remember?” he reminded me standing up and stretching.
“Hm I wonder why?” I asked sarcastically.
Gerard laughed and kissed me on the cheek before Andy practically pulled him away from us.
I glared at his disappearing back, feeling suspicious.
“So Frankie, you and Gerard huh? Rumour has it you two got pretty busy during fourth period.” Ray smirked at me.
I ignored him, brooding moodily.
“What’s up Frank? The rumour is true right? I mean, you guys look like the evidence of a severe fifty minutes make out and blow job session.” Mikey said, smirking himself, then frowned when I didn’t reply, “Okay Ray, he’s seriously ill. He hasn’t said an insult to us, hit us or even flipped us off.”
“Maybe it’s because it’s true?”
“He would still do one of the three.” Mikey stated.
“Good point.” Ray nodded wisely.
Mikey rolled his eyes then snapped his fingers together under my nose, “Hey, Frankie boy quit you sulking. Spill it what’s up?” he demanded.
I shook my head and looked at them in disbelief.
“What?!” they exclaimed.
“Ain’t it obvious?”
“No.” they said in unison looking at me as if I had cracked.
I rolled my eyes, “Andy used to date Gerard right?” I asked grimacing; I hated using Andy, date and Gerard in one sentence.
“Yeah but that was two years ago.” Ray pointed out exasperated.
“Yeah and two years ago was when he stopped talking to Gerard remember?” I pointed out equally exasperated.
Mikey seemed to realise what I was getting at, “So…why is he all of a sudden wanting to speak to Gerard now?” He asked slowly, a frown forming on his lips.
“Exactly.” I concluded standing up, “History essay help my ass.”
“What? You seriously don’t think Gerard would date that dick again? After last time?” Ray asked sounding weary.
“He better not.” I growled, shrugging my bag over my shoulder and lighting up a cigarette.
“Why are you two dating now? Finally?” Mikey asked hopefully.
I didn’t reply. Gerard may have made out with me, sucked me off and said he loved me, but he [never/] mentioned dating me.
“Hey! Get your scrawny ass back here and answer me asshole!” Mikey called as I stormed off.

I sneaked around the back of the building, taking a drag from my cigarette, listening out for Gerard and Andy.
“So what is it?” Bingo.
I peered round to see Gerard leaning against the wall, leg propped up, arms folded with a cigarette between his fingers and a small smirk on his lips. Andy was standing in front of him looking kinda awkward. I smirked myself.
“So you and Frank huh?” he asked saying my name with venom.
“Yeah me and Frank what about it?” Gerard asked shrugging
“You two…dating now?”
“Maybe. Haven’t asked him yet so I don’t know can’t speak for him can I?” I bit back a laugh at Gerard’s voice; it was almost mocking.
“Gerard but what about us?” Andy asked pleadingly.
“Us? We finished two years ago because you were a total dick and I was a total idiot for going out with you in the first place, that’s what.” Gerard replied flatly before taking a drag from his cigarette.
“Oh come on, you know I never meant to hurt you.” Andy persisted.
I scoffed, yeah like sleeping with another guy was gonna be okay for Gerard, he’ll happily let his boyfriend sleep around. Not.
“Oh right, never meant to hurt me uh huh.” I heard Gerard click his tongue, “Then explain why I spent half our relationship wearing make up to hide away the bruises you fucker!”
I let out a small gasp and quickly covered my mouth.
“Must have been the wind.” Gerard muttered then turned back to Andy, “So explain how that was never meant to hurt me?”
“I was drunk Gee.”
Don’t call me Gee.” Gerard cut in sharply, “I don’t remember classing you s a friend or a boyfriend to call me that.”
“Right, look Gerard, I’m sorry okay, I had a drinking problem and some anger issues but I’m over that now.”
“And you expect me to jump up and down in joy and start where we left off? Just for me to be your punch bag half way down the line cause you think it looks good in front of your friends? It wasn’t just the drink Andy. Fuck, I remember your friends used to take a shot at aiming a few kicks at me while you sat there, high as a fucking kite laughing your ass off before taking a few digs yourself!”
I couldn’t take this; Gerard. Had been in a domestic relationship. For two years? How come no one ever noticed? Hell, why didn’t I notice? What kind of friend was I, to never realise my best friend was getting beaten?
I felt my breathing turn shallow and my palms starting to sweat; I leaned my head against the building; eyes closed trying to calm my anxiety down before I started hyperventilating-or worse. I heard Gerard’s voice rising angrily now.
“Get your fucking hands off me!”
My eyes snapped open and I turned round to see Andy pinning Gerard against the wall, a furious look in his face.
I went numb; what the fuck do I do? What the hell do I fucking do? Should I run and get some one? Run over there and punch Andy and risk making this worse for Gerard? Or do I walk away and pretend nothing is happening?
I quickly erased option three; I couldn’t pretend this wasn’t happening. Option two sounded tempting, but I felt paralysed with fear and hurt. At the fact Gerard hadn’t told me about this. Suddenly I heard a scuffle and I saw Gerard trying to fight his way out of Andy’s grip as the dick tried to strip him.
Oh no fucking way is he gonna do what I think he was gonna do!
I tried to move my feet, or open my mouth to yell to let them know someone was there but it was as if I had gone brain dead. Hardly able to move or make a sound, just watch in horror as Gerard tried to fight his way out of being raped from his violent ex.
“Andy get the fuck off me!”
“Aw come on sugar, you want this right?”
“No fucking way in hell do I want you anywhere near me you bastard! I swear I’m gonna fucking castrate your dick you prick!”
“I always liked it when you were feisty.”
I felt bile rise in my throat and before I could stop myself I threw up. Unfortunately, Gerard and Andy were fighting too loudly to hear me but not loud enough to attract attention.
“Come on babe, make this easier on yourself and just give in, no one’s around to help you.” Andy’s voice was a menacing growl and I could just imagine Gerard’s pale skin going paler and eyes widening in horror.
“No, no come on Andy, please, you don’t want to do this c’mon.” I cussed myself at being so helpless; I just couldn’t bring myself to move, this was bringing back way too many memories for me. But I couldn’t stand here and let the same thing that happened to me, happen to my best friend and possible boyfriend, I couldn’t.
“Andy stop! You fucking dick, come on! Just let me go please!” I flinched at Gerard’s voice; it had risen to a scream that broke his voice half way through, just like mine had done. I heard a thud and Gerard‘s silent sobs and I knew Andy had gotten what he wanted.
I threw up again just as Andy moved away from Gerard and sneaked out over the school gate. Wiping my mouth, I felt disgusted with myself as I heard Gerard’s silent cries behind me. I let it happen; I had let my best friend get raped. And done absolutely nothing about it.
I couldn’t face seeing him, in the same state I had been; shaking, half naked, maybe bleeding, numbed with horror and crying uncontrollably until I passed out. I couldn’t handle seeing Gerard in the same way.
I reached for my cell phone and shakily dialled in Mikey’s number; the only guy who could probably help and not feel as disgusted with me as I did.
“Hello your speaking to a geek who’s about to strangle a walking skittle killing tree what’s up?”
Usually I would have laughed at that but I couldn’t even compose the tears I was crying, “Mikey.” I said shakily.
“Frank!” Mikey’s voice sounded alarmed, “Frank what’s happened? Tell me now!”
“Gerard.” I choked out, “Andy, Andy got him.”
“What cha mean got him Frank? Gerard’s not been-“
I knew what Mikey was thinking. He must have known about Gee’s relationship with this guy and thought the same as Gerard; that he had gotten over it.
“No Mikey, its, it’s worse.” I choked out, my breathing shallow and my heart rate going so fast I thought I was going to take a heart attack.
“Frank, Frankie honey, calm down please.” Mikey said trying to sound soothing and hide his panic; I could hear Ray packing something up; no doubt our bags, “What happened?”
I tried to control myself at least until I could tell Mikey; he had to know, he and Ray were the ones that could take this calmly and not freak out like I was.
“Mikey, re, remember what happened to me two years ago.” I gasped, choking on my own tears, feeling like I couldn’t breathe.
It was quiet then, “Frank where are you?” he asked quickly.
“At the side of the school, next to the science block.” I choked out.
“Alright me and Ray are on our way over, just stay on the phone for me alright?”
“Kay.” I whispered.
“Can you see Gee?”
“Can you manage to sit with him for me?”
Mikey’s voice sounded urgent and I realised I had to do this. I forced myself to move over to Gerard’s side and I gasped; he wasn’t moving. He was breathing but it was shallow and his jeans were ripped around his ankles with his boxers half way down his legs, his shirt hanging off his shoulder and his jacket discarded over in the corner.
“He’s passed out Mikes.” I stuttered, leaning down to check for a pulse which was, thankfully, still there and beating regularly if a bit fast no doubt due to shock.
“Right we’re almost there give us two minutes alright.” Mikey said in a rush, his breathing fast and voice rather heavy.
I nodded then remembered Mikey couldn’t see me, “Yeah hurry please.” I begged, placing Gerard’s head gently on my knees and brushing his hair out of his face, where I could see a shallow looking cut running from his eye to his lips. I choked back a sob and tried taking deep breaths to control myself, prevent a panic attack coming on.
“Frank its Ray.” I heard Ray’s warm voice in my ear and I felt kind of relaxed, “Come on, take deep breaths, close your eyes and relax for me.”
I did as I was told; knowing Ray was trying to prevent me freaking out as he had always done for me through high school when Gerard or Mikey wasn’t around to help. No doubt Mikey was trying to calm himself down.
“Okay, good, now can you see us?” I opened my eyes and saw Mikey running over to us, glasses askew and looking exhausted but pushing himself with Ray not too far behind him, our bags piled on his back as he held Mikey’s cell at his ear.
“Yeah I see.” I managed to choke out; I waved frantically and they ran up to us, instantly crouching at my side.
Ray and I hung up and he instantly wrapped an arm around me as I broke down completely on his shoulder. Mikey brushed his hair aside and quickly checked for a pulse on his brother’s neck, then brushed Gerard’s hair gently, caressing the side of his face. I could see tears dropping on to Gee’s pale skin.
“Mikey I’m sorry.” I whispered making him look up to look at me, “I, I should have done something.”
“Frank, this is not your fault.” Mikey said sternly, “I know it would have been hard for you, so don’t think for one fucking second I’m pissed at you.”
I looked at him and started crying again. Mikey quickly embraced me tightly.
“Ray, can you run and get the first teacher you see? I don’t care if it’s the worst or most mental teacher here just get some fucking help.”
“Right.” Ray mumbled; he patted me consolingly on the back, gave Mikey a quick kiss on the cheek and gave Gee one look of grief struck anger before running as fast as he could towards the front of the school.
“Mikey, I saw it.” I gasped, unable to stop my tears, “I saw the fucking bastard!”
“It’s okay Frank I’ll get that monster back, don’t you worry, I swear I will get him back for this.” Mikey said looking at me with damp hazel eyes but a steel determination on his face, “If it’s the last fucking thing I do, I’m gonna get this fucker back for hurting you both, I promise.”

Gerard’s pov

I woke up, groggy and pain hit me instantly. Groaning slightly, I let my eyes reluctantly open slightly and take in a bright white room.
“Aw fuck, I’m I dead?” I mumbled resigned.
I looked round drowsily and saw a faint figure sitting beside me; it was then I realized warmth in my hand and noticed the figure was gripping my hand tightly.
“Woah, you my angel?” I mumbled awestruck.
There was a weak laugh and I recognized it instantly.
“Mikey? Why you here? If I’m dead then why are you?”
“Gerard, you’re not dead.” Mikey said consolingly and I felt added warmth in my other hand.
“Then why is my angel here?”
“That’s Frank Gee.”
I felt blood rushing up to my face, “Oh.” I mumbled sheepishly, “Then where am I? Why is it so fucking bright?”
I heard Frank laugh though it sounded like half a sob and I felt my heart swell in sadness, “Frankie, why are you crying? I’m not dead or is that why you’re crying? Did I ruin the celebration party?” I joked half heartedly.
“What no! Of course I’m not crying cause you’re not dead you fucking moron! I’m crying because you’re in hospital damn it!” Frank exclaimed sounding furious.
“Oh.” I mumbled again; Mikey let out a choked laugh, “Why am I here?”
“You, you don’t remember?” Mikey asked timidly.
“Hey, I just woke up, thought Frank was my angel and that he was crying over the fact I wasn’t dead, give me a break.” I muttered slightly annoyed.
I heard Ray laughing and a similar voice saying “Always the smart alec even in this sort of situation.”
“Hey Bobbert, why you here?” I asked trying to sound bright though I found it hard to manage as I just felt tired.
“Mikey called, said it was urgent and obviously seeing as where we are, it is.” Bob said holing his cell up.
I opened my eyes more fully now and took in the scene around me; Frank was on my left, holding my hand like a vice, his hair dishevelled, face tear stained and eyes blood shot and red looking half broken Ray standing behind him with a comforting hand on his shoulder; Mikey was on my right, holding my other hand with his hair standing up on end, huge bags under his eyes looking absolutely exhausted and Bob was sitting beside him looking rather tired, a reassuring arm around my brother’s shoulder.
Suddenly, I remembered what happened; Andy grabbing me roughly, me all but screaming, him smashing my body against the wall and then…
I buried my head in my legs, pulling my hand away from Frank and my brother and running them threw my hair, “Fuck!” I choked out.
Mikey instantly wrapped an arm around me but I flinched and shrugged it off.
Mikey looked hurt for a few seconds but merely nodded in Frank’s direction at what he had muttered.
“Gee, I know, it’s gonna be tough to come, to come to terms with it.” I heard Frank say quietly, “I mean, hell I know what it feels like.”
“Oh really? How would you know what it’s like to get raped right next to the school building by your ex?” I spat without thinking.
It was quiet as if everyone was holding their breaths waiting on an explosion.
“Because Gerard.” Frank said calmly not as if he was holding back anger, but holding back tears and I instantly felt guilty for lashing out, “I, I was raped too.” He admitted in a low voice.
I froze and I heard Ray and Bob gasp in shock; I glanced at my brother who was gazing at Frank sympathetically with an almost protective look in his yes.
“What, when?” I asked quickly, the guilt I had intensifying.
“Tw, two years go.” Frank muttered, staring straight outside the window where some sunlight was pouring in.
“Two years ago.” I repeated quietly to myself, “That would be around the time I was dating that…dick and I barely saw you.” I realized feeling even worse.
Frank nodded mutely.
“Who. Who was it? Did they find the asshole?” I asked looking at Frank pleadingly. “They, they did catch him right?” Ray asked wearily as Bob looked ready to be sick.
Frank shook his head and I let out a gasp. So they freak was still on the loose…
“No the cops didn’t catch him because Frank didn’t report it.” Mikey spoke up.
“What? Why?” I asked furiously, “Frank why didn’t you-“
“Cause it was someone we knew. Or thought we knew anyway.” Mikey answered again.
“Why who was it?” Bob asked; I saw his hands curled up into fists and his jaw was set.
Mikey glanced at Frank who hesitated than nodded.
“It was Andy, Gerard’s ex.”
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