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The red ones help me fly

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“Cause fucktard,I’m your bitch, no one else’s.”

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Chapter 12-The red ones help me fly.

Gerard’s pov

The second the bell rang, I packed up my shit and left the class, Frank right behind me mumbling something to Ray and Mikey about meeting them at lunch at the usual place.
Quickly making our way through the packed corridors, we made our way up to the very top of the school building, making sure no teachers were around. Opening the fire exit, we slid through and the fresh, crisp air of October hit our faces, making my hair go across my eyes. Frowning, I swept it aside-only for it to fall again. Frank chuckled and tucked it behind my ear, sending shivers down my spine at his warm touch.
“So.” He declared, setting his bag down as he sat on the ground, “What is it?”
I bit my lip and sat down beside him as he took out what looked like a joint and lit up before holding one out for me. I took it and lit up myself as he exhaled, forming smoke rings as he did so. Times like these I really needed to chill out.
“I so wanna learn how to do that.” I said watching the rings dissolve.
Frank laughed, “So what is it? It seemed kinda important.” He said looking at me concerned, arm limply across his leg.
“Well…it’s this whole.” I gestured wildly with my hand, struggling to form words, “This whole, Mikey and Alex thing.” I said finally, “I’m not exactly happy with it.”
“I think me, Ray and probably the whole school by now know that.” Frank pointed out.
I chuckled as I exhaled, “Yeah probably.” I admitted, “I did kind of lose it, didn’t I?”
“Well considering you and Mikey aren’t speaking right now then yeah, I’d say you did kinda lose it.” Frankie agreed before taking a drag.
I laughed. I love how he takes these kind of situations; so laid back and cool with it, going with the flow, the kind of person I need around me to keep what’s left of my maybe just there sanity.
“It’s just, um like, like he could do so much better you know?” I said to him exhaling.
Frank nodded wisely, “Ten times better.” He agreed exhaling, “Yet he goes for the man whore that could give Pete Wentz a run for his money that he makes whoring himself around the block.”
I spluttered in laughter as he grinned, “Yeah he could, loads better than him you know. It’s kinda painful, you know, watching him taking such a risk.” I sighed, running a hand through my windswept hair, “He’s smart, he should know better so why’s he being so-?” I gestured wildly for a word hoping for it to appear out of thin air.
“Stupid?” Frank suggested raising an eyebrow; I nodded taking a drag feeling more relaxed as I did so, “No idea, love, lust, crushes, makes people do crazy assed shit, even the smart ones, take us for example.”
I raised an eyebrow at him, “Us?”
“Yeah, we were pretty fucking stupid weren’t we?” Frank asked exhaling and forming more smoke rings, “Because of one night mixed with lust and alcohol, we fell out and acted like total dickheads for three months.”
I bit my lip, thinking his words over, “Yeah, yeah you’re right.” I realised, “We were pretty fucking stupid.”
Frank snorted in laughter at my voice before taking a drag, “So…that what you wanna tell me, cause I totally agree with you on that to be quite fucking honest.”
”No it’ um...can you make me a promise?” I asked quickly.
“A promise? Course.” Frank looked at me as if I was insane at the fact I even thought that I had to ask.
“If I tell you, you, you won’t hate me right?” I asked my voice breaking slightly.
“Unless your declaring you’re an animal hating Catholic priest then no.” Frank reassured me, “But if you are, then I’ll probably still like you, even though I’m still being forced to go to mass every Sunday and my mom still won’t let me get a freaking dog.”
I laughed at his sudden rant, feeling a bit better.
“Okay so is that a promise?” I asked.
“Is our math teacher a lunatic prone to breakdowns three times a week?” Frank asked before inhaling.
I laughed as I inhaled myself.
“Course it’s a fucking promise.” He replied exhaling as if it was fucking obvious, “Nothing can be worse than an animal hating Catholic priest is there?”
“How bout a homophobic, animal hating Catholic Priest?” I suggested.
“Ah now that’s an excellent point.” Frank said nodding wisely.
I chuckled as I lay my head on his shoulder, feeling the drugs’ effects starting to kick in. Frank laid his head on mine, “So what is it?” he muttered in my ear, his warm breath ghosting across the naked skin of my neck.
“Well um.” I cleared my throat, “I, I uh dated Alex myself.” I admitted; I felt Frank tense up but he didn’t say anything so I carried on, “And, well, he fucked me over.”
I didn’t know whether it was the drug or not, but Frank didn’t seem to be that pissed off. For some reason that annoyed me.
“Yeah, it was only a few weeks we dated mind two at most so I don’t think it really counts, but um I was kinda…high at the time.” I admitted.
I felt Frank’s arm slide around my waist, giving me a reassuring squeeze.
“And he seemed nice enough you know? But I guess, being on drugs, anyone would seem nice.” I muttered feeling disgusted with myself; I took a drag from my joint and exhaled as Frank sat up slightly, placing his hand on my leg and squeezing it gently, “So we got talking about…us.” I cleared my throat again, “And I told him we had fallen out over something and he comforted me, you know the usual bullshit compliments and whatever.” I frowned as Frank listened, taking a drag of his joint before placing his hand on my thigh this time; it felt nice, a sort of warm comforting weight, “And then it just went from there, we had a few drinks, went to his place and well you know.” I took a drag and exhaled, “I became yet another notch on that fucker’s bed post.” I spat.
“Hey, whatever ‘bullshit compliments’ were, he was probably right, let me guess, hot, smart, amazingly talented?” Frank suggested.
“Yeah it was actually.” I said blinking, “How’d you know?”
“Cause that’s what I think about you.” Frank replied shrugging as he exhaled
I felt my heart race and my blood heat up my face, Did he really say that he thinks I’m hot, smart, and amazingly talented? No fucking way must be the drug talking I thought.
“What? Don’t tell me you don’t believe me?” Frank looked at me in disbelief; I nodded, “Damn it you’re more stubborn than I thought, not to mention lacking confidence.” He added in exasperated.
I couldn’t help but frown slightly, trying my best to feel kind of pissed off, but that’s kind of hard when you’re smoking something that makes you feel completely relaxed and chilled, “Well why should I? You never gave any hint that you think of me that way!”
“Gerard, I tell you that every fucking day just that you’re too stubborn or oblivious or both, to realise it!” Frank exclaimed, “Actually, maybe you’re both.” He added in thoughtfully.
I felt myself getting kind of worked up, “Well excuse me, if I don’t look for signs just that I never thought that my best friend who denies being gay, would find me attractive!” I shot back.
“Didn’t that night prove anything to you!?” Frank exclaimed, sounding a tad exasperated.
“What that ‘drunken mistake’” I air quoted the word , spitting the words out with distaste, “You know the reason you never spoken to me for three months? The reason why I cried myself to sleep? Didn’t eat right for weeks? Made my family worried about my health and sanity? Over that ‘drunken mistake? And you expect me to realise that meant anything to me? When I thought it meant absolutely nothing to you!” My voice was rising now and I realised I was standing.
Frank looked at me then- “Well think about it now. What did it mean to you?” he asked quietly.
I looked at him in disbelief then I thought it over; it meant everything to me, made me realise just how much I cared for him, that I loved him, that I wanted to be with him forever.
“It, it meant a lot to me Frank.” I admitted honestly, “I mean it, it meant, well everything.” I threw my arms up helplessly a small laugh escaping my lips, “I don’t know how to describe it Frank.” I sighed, folding my arms, “It, it just did.”
“Gerard,” I turned round to see Frank standing up also looking livid.
“What?” I spat back, the buzz from the drug wearing off fully now due to my anger.
“You are honestly, the most stupid and most annoyingly stubborn person I have ever fucking met.” He said furiously.
I felt the anger taking over my rather stoned state at his words, “Well you are just a fucking asshole, who doesn’t even want to admit he’s even fucking gay! So excuse me if I’m not fucking smart enough to realise how you fucking feel you fucking arrogant, egotistical, motherfucking bastard!” I spat back venomously.
Frank glared at me furiously then walked over to me. I stood my ground, ready to take whatever punch he threw at me. He stood, directly in front of me, his dark brown, gold tinted eyes burning into mine. I soon caved in and looked down at my feet only for him to yank my head up to his eye level by the chin. I glared furiously at him.
“Take your best fucking shot.” I spat.
“You are honestly so fucking stupid.” He muttered furiously.
Then, before I could even think of a reply, his lips were crushed against mine. It wasn’t passionate or warm or even loving; it was rough, hungry and anger fuelled. And I fucking loved it. I kissed him back just as furiously, working my mouth against his, wrapping my arms around his waist, his arms wrapping around my neck and hands pulling my hair violently. I groaned and thrust my tongue in his mouth and the sound he made was heaven to my ears. He yanked me closer to him by the hair our bodies pressed against each other, him thrusting his tongue against mine and the taste of cigarettes, skittles and coffee filling up my senses like a drug. He moaned loudly though it was muffled by my mouth and I savoured the sound, loving it just as much as his taste. I moved my mouth from his and he whined longingly quickly turning to a lust filled moan as I bit down hard on his neck, licking the blood I spilled and no doubt leaving a very evident love bite there before going back to his mouth. He moved backwards and I pinned him against the wall next to the fire exit, letting my hands run freely over his body; over his shoulders, arms, chest, ghosting over his waistband and making him shudder in ecstasy.
“Fuck Gerard, I want you so fucking badly.” He gasped as I pulled away to attack his collar bone.
I yanked him closer to me by his hair making him moan in between pain and pleasure as I crushed my lips hungrily against his before breaking the kiss, “Say that again.” I growled in his ear.
He shuddered against my body in agonized pleasure; I could feel his hard on through the thin material of his grey skinnies against my own throbbing shaft as he gasped; “Say what again?” he asked sounding breathless.
I growled and bit down hard on his lower lip making him gasp in pain and pleasure again, “Fuck Gerard!” he gasped.
I moaned in approval and he let out a shaky pleasure wracked laugh, “Aw fuck, Gerard I want to fuck you so hard it hurts.” He groaned as I kissed along his jaw line.
Suddenly, I felt his hands slip underneath my black skinnies and boxers, brushing against my throbbing erection and I threw my head back in ecstasy. Frank smirked and pressed his lips hungrily against mine as he stroked my dick making me shudder and moan in longing pleasure.
“Fuck Frank, fucking suck me off.” I groaned as he moved his mouth to my neck and leaving an identical love bite on my skin to his own.
“Mm tempting.” He breathed huskily in my ear, “You sure? Don’t want the teachers finding us do we?”
“Do I look like I give a fuck?” I hissed; Frank groaned at my voice.
“God, I fucking love it when you’re pissed off babe.” He groaned, unbuckling my belt, “Makes me wanna fuck you even more.”
“Well fucking do it then, or God help me I’ll fuck your ass so hard you won’t sit for a month.” I threatened in between groans and grunts of pleasure as he stroked my tip and kissed my neck.
“Getting rather demanding now are we not?” Frank asked smirking as his fingers lightly caressed the side of my face, his other hand gripping my hard on tightly and making me groan in painful pleasure, “First you want me to suck you off and now you want me to fuck you? On school property? Sounds pretty dangerous, what if we get caught?”
“I don’t give a fuck if the whole school finds out, just suck me of bitch!” I moaned frustrated.
“Yeah I’m your bitch sugar, and fucking proud of it.” He smirked before lowering my jeans and getting down on his knees, “Fuck, call me your slut and I’ll wear a shirt bragging about it.”
I moaned in pleasure as he took me fully in his mouth, sucking me hard, his head bobbing up and down as he sucked me off.
“Fuck Frank, that feels so fucking good.” I gasped as he flicked his tongue against my tip making me shiver in ecstasy, “Aw fuck you’re such a slut!” I exclaimed in pure pleasure, “Hm oh God that’s so fucking good.” I groaned.
He sucked harder and faster making me feel ready to explode; I groaned, moaned and grunted in pleasure, pulling at his hair violently, my eyes rolling into the back of my head.
“Fuck Frank I think I’m gonna cum.” I gasped.
Just as the words left my mouth I did; thick and fast. Frank swallowed me fully, moaning in pleasure and he looked up at me, smirking as he licked his swollen, red lips, eyes extra bright.
“God that was just as good as last time.” He gasped looking at me with lust.
“Yeah this time, we’re both sober.” I said letting out a shaky laugh.
Frank laughed also then stood up and crushed his lips against mine; I moaned and kissed him back before we pulled apart to catch our breaths.
“Damn Gee you taste so fucking good.” He said shakily, brushing his hair out of his face as I done up my jeans and belt.
I smirked once I finished, “Want a turn?” I suggested, letting my fingers unbuckle his belt slyly.
“Oh please, it’s the least you could do.” He smirked at me, just shivering in pleasure at the thought.
I pulled his jeans down, getting down on my knees and took him in whole, flicking my tongue, biting gently down and bobbing my head up and down as I sucked him off. He yanked my hair as he moaned in pleasure, thrusting his hips and making all sorts of explicit sounds of pleasure.
“Aw fuck Gerard, I’m gonna fucking cum.” He gasped finally.
I felt it hit me; thick, fast and tasting so fucking good. I wouldn’t tell him this, but he tasted like vanilla and I swallowed him fully, licking my lips as I pulled away. Frank was shaking from the aftermath as he done up his jeans and belt. Once he done so, I kissed him, more passionate and lovingly this time and he kissed me back just as passionate, wrapping his leg around my waist as I held it up by his thigh. He ran his fingers through my hair and I caressed the side of his face.
We broke away, gasping heavily for breath. This felt so much different from the last time; like it meant something more than a drunken make out, fuck or blow. It felt more special and by the look in Frank’s eyes, he felt the same.
He shakily brushed my hair out of my face, his breath ghosting across my skin, “Gerard, I know this sounds crazy but.” He swallowed, “ I love you.”
I looked at him, letting those three beautiful words sink in. He looked at me sheepishly,-before I pressed my lips against his again, making him gasp in pleasure. I pulled away quickly, brushing my fingers against his swollen lips, “I love you too Frank.” I whispered, feeling a smile tug at my swollen lips, “I do.”
Frank stared at me, a grin breaking out then for some reason, we burst out laughing before pressing our lips passionately against one another. Suddenly the bell rang and we broke apart.
“Oops, looks like we missed gym.” I said smirking in amusement.
“Oh I think we made up for it.” Frank said innocently, “I feel like I had a good work out anyway.” He shrugged, flexing his arms.
I laughed, “Come on, we better go before people realise we haven’t been in class.” I laced my fingers with his and felt pleased when he squeezed my hand lovingly.
“Let’s just hope no one heard us hey babe?” he smirked.
I laughed as we grabbed our school bags and went through the fire exit.
“Oh by the way Gee, tell the guys not to call me a bitch,” Frank said suddenly.
“Huh why?” I asked confused.
“Cause fucktard.” He playfully hit me on the shoulder, “I’m your bitch, no one else’s.”
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