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Drowning lessons

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“Fine! Get screwed over! Literally! I mean that! That’s all that fucker wants!”

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Chapter 11-Drowning lessons

Frank’s pov

Beep. Beep, beep.

“Alright I’m up already you piece of-fuck!” I cussed loudly having just fallen out of my bed-and having had a very good dream, one involving me and a certain vampire looking young man alone in strangely enough our art class, this is not a good thing, “FUCK, FUCKETY FUCKVILLE ASS FUCKING, SLUT WANNABE DICK SUCKER! MY FUCKING DICK!”

Thank God my room is soundproof. Mom, you absolutely rock for letting me have the attic.
“Aw shit.” I cussed from under my Batman duvet (Yeah Batman, go ahead and laugh fuckers.), my voice sounding utterly pathetic due to the amount of pain I’m in, “Please don’t tell me it’s broke.” I whined trying to kick my way out of my duvet-only to send a pile of music magazines and comic books that I had left on my bedside table cascading down upon my head, “Fuck. My. Life.” I mumbled annoyed.

Now where have I heard that before? Oh yeah, I say it like twenty times a freaking day.
I shrugged off my duvet and sat up, running a hand through my dishevelled hair-just as my alarm clock smacked me on the head, “Ow! What did I ever do to you, you piece of plastic junk!” I yelped, glaring at it, “Fine don’t answer.” I huffed folding my arms; I then raised my eyebrows, “Wait, you’re a fucking alarm clock, course I’m not gonna get an answer, now am I?” I asked exasperated.

Okay, maybe those hits to the head have officially destroyed the last of my brain cells. I’m talking to my alarm clock for crying out loud!
“Ah fuck this shit.” I grumbled standing up-only to fall straight back on my ass having just slipped on a couple of the fallen magazines, “Great, one of those days now.” I sighed, “Fang-fucking-tastic.” I said sarcastically before blowing a raspberry.

As if to prove me right, it was gonna be one of those days. I had put both legs in one trouser leg of my grey skinny jeans, meaning I fell straight over my bed, put my shirt on the wrong way, got my tie stuck over my eyes causing me to walk into walls over a dozen times, struggled to get my boots on, poked myself in the eye with my red eyeliner, had jammed my hand in the floor door, fell down the ladders, tripped downstairs, walked into the kitchen door frame, burned myself as I made coffee, got electrocuted by the toaster which was usually Mikey’s job, fell off my seat at the kitchen table and to top it off-
“Ah why won’t it stay?!” I complained for the millionth time, trying to keep my fringe across my right eye-only to fail miserably, “Aw come on!” I threw my arms up, “Fuck this!” I stormed away from the bathroom mirror-only to fall into the bath tub, “Thank fuck you’re empty.” I mumbled, patting the side of the tub.

Okay, maybe it’s the day I finally lose what’s left of my sanity. First the alarm clock now the bath tub. Not to mention I yelled at the toaster and argued with the mirror not that long ago. Oh and kicked the stairs after falling down them. Don’t know what was more painful to be honest.

I grumbled moodily as I stormed downstairs, stumbling as I did so. Then I realised I had left my cigarettes, lighter, I-pod and school bag upstairs in my attic and went back up to get them-only to fall up the stairs instead. After a shitty week, the last thing I wanted was the last day of this shitty week to be well…shitty.

“What date is it today guys?” I asked disgruntled at break, having just been laughed at by my so called friends after answering Mikey’s question about why I was so pissed off this morning while walking across the school parking lot to reach our favourite spot.
“Friday the thirteenth, funnily enough.” Gerard hiccupped, still laughing at me.
I glared at him though it was only half hearted; I can’t stay mad at the guy who had supplied me to have the best dream ever and looking downright sexy wearing all that black. Mikey and Ray on the other hand I could sacrifice to my anger.
“Ow!” they both yelped, glaring at me in outrage me having just hit them in the back-the highest place I could reach.
“Serves you right for laughing at me.” I mumbled, pouting.
“So was Gerard!” they exclaimed.
“Yeah but.” I started having no idea what I was going to say.
“I was laughing with him not at him, big difference fuckers.” Gerard smirked, flipping them off.
“Actually, I wasn’t laughing so you were laughing at me to be precise.” I pointed out.
“Well if you want to be all logical about it…” Gerard dragged the word out, smirking even more and gesturing with his hand, raising an eyebrow quirkily at me, “Shut the hell up and explain it to someone who actually gives a fuck.” he continued, “In other words, someone who isn’t me.” He added in making me chuckle and shake my head in amusement as I and Ray planted our asses down underneath the tree. The Way brothers however, remained standing, Gerard leaning against the tree, arms folded, and Mikey standing in front of us with his arms folded, most of his non existent weight on his right leg.
“Yeah Frank, speak as if you’re just as retarded as he is.” He spoke up, “He won’t care as much.” he rolled his eyes, “Seeing as how logicality isn’t part of his mental vocabulary process.”
“You ever thought of getting a job as a walking dictionary Mikey?” Gee frowned at him, “Cause you’re going the right way for it, using long words no one even bothers with these days.”
I and Ray snickered in laughter while Gerard stood smirking, hands on his hips, looking utterly drop dead hot with his black hair swept across his greenish brown eyes, glinting in amusement. I must have been gawping because Mikey looked at me then groaned, rolling his eyes, a hand on his hip and the other readjusting his glasses, wearing a look as if to say ‘Why do I even bother hanging around with you?’ I realised my mouth was open-and I was drooling.
{/Fuck my life./]
I quickly wiped the drool with the back of my hand while Ray snickered at me-until I punched him on the shoulder. Luckily Gee hadn’t noticed.
“{/That’s/] because there is people like you Gerard, who didn’t even know how to read a dictionary until last semester-after I had to explain it to you and help you do your history essay on civil war.”
I and Ray were silently giggling hysterically, me laying my head on Ray’s shoulder.
“Actually, I did know how to use it, just couldn’t be assed looking up all the words, I mean why would I?” Gerard shrugged while his brother gawped at him in disbelief, “I’ve got a dork for a brother so why do all the work?”
Mikey spluttered indistinctly while I and Ray burst out laughing at his expression. Gerard continued to smirk rather arrogantly though I could tell by his eyes that he was only messing with his brother.
Mikey seemed to come to his senses; he shook his head like a dog trying to rid itself of water before practically screeching so wildly I was surprised the cops didn’t show up to say someone had called to say someone had reported hearing someone being murdered-though if Gee didn’t watch it Mikey wouldn’t hesitate.
“You unicorn hating, death obsessed, gothic vampire looking asshole!”
“You just realised that now?/ after living with me for seventeen years? Damn you aren’t so smart after all.” Gerard sighed in mock disappointment.
“You fucking dick sucking, ass fucking straighter than a roundabout, son of a bitch!”
“Hey, [/now
we’re getting personal here bro.” Gerard warned him, “No need to call mom a bitch all cause you just got the piss taking right out of you.”
“Okay that’s it!” Mikey declared, sweeping his hair out of his face.
“Ohh, Mikey means business now.” I said in mock fear making Ray laugh even harder and Gerard to chuckle before biting his lip.
“You are so fucking dead!” Mikey yelled as if he hadn’t heard me, his perfectly straightened hair now standing up on end.
“Okay, Mikey’s losing control, his hair’s outta control.” I spoke up again, grinning while Ray hiccupped.
“Funny, I’m still breathing.” Gerard said to his brother in fake amazement, “Wow! I’m a breathing vampire! Awesome!”
Both I and Ray were practically rolling on the ground laughing.
“I better run ain’t I?” Gee asked suddenly sounding scared.
“Fuck yeah.”

Gerard’s pov

After almost getting murdered by my oh so sweet, non tempered brother, (Note the sarcasm there?) the bell rang signalling the next set of classes for us; I and Frank had chemistry and gym class. Fucking lovely.
Then again, getting a glance of Frank getting dressed for gym might make gym less of a torture.
If he survives chemistry class with me as his partner that is. Guy better pray his bad luck has ran out today.
“Great fucking chemistry.” He ranted as we made our way down the hallway ignoring the stares we were still getting. It’s been a week now, get over it bitches, find something else to gossip about for God sake.
Frank was completely oblivious to the stares, too busy ranting to care and making me grin in amusement.
“Talk about trying to kill off the teenage civilisation! I mean, who the fuck sets chemistry on Fridays? Especially the thirteenth! What , are the teachers Satan worshippers or-“ he was cut off as he walked smack bang into the classroom door.
I burst out laughing. So much for his bad luck running out.
“Um, you might wanna try opening the door first before, you try to enter.” I advised him, grinning while he shook his head looking dazed.
“Oh go suck someone’s blood vamp boy.” He shot back at me in retaliation though he was grinning as he opened the door-if it actually opened.
I bit back a laugh as he pulled on the handle though the door still refused to budge.
“What the bloody hell is wrong with this? What, have the doors in this sick place got it in for me too?” Frank exclaimed, hand on his hip as he gestured at the door, looking at me with an extremely pissed off look. To be honest, he looked even hotter when pissed off.
I quickly got rid of any sort of sexual fantasy that just popped up in my head. Let’s just say, having a morbid fascination with all things gothic and sexual fantasies, don’t exactly appear normal. I bit my lip again and cleared my throat, looking pointedly at the door. Frank frowned at the door number.

G18. We’re in room G19. Then room right next door.

I laughed at Frank’s exclamation.
“You better shut up.” He threatened me though he was grinning slightly.
“Shutting it.” I said, grinning myself as I held my hands up.
“Good, now where’s our class?”
“Um…next door maybe?” I suggested innocently, “You are in room G19 ain’t cha?”
Frank frowned rather cutely and quickly took out his timetable, taking a quick glance at it as I rolled my eyes, grinning.
“Yeah so?”
“So what’s after eighteen?”
“Nineteen, I’m not as thick as Mikey when it comes to math genius.” He said letting his arms fall limply in front of him looking at me flatly.
It was quiet. I smirked and raised my eyebrows at Frank who looked at me blankly then-
“Fuck. My. Life.” He stated bluntly, throwing his arms up in defeat.
I’d rather fuck you to be honest, I thought to myself. Out loud I just laughed and pushed him gently to the next door down, “Remember Frank, like I said before, you open the door before you enter the classroom.”
“Like I said before, go suck someone’s blood vamp boy.”
I giggled like crazy as we walked into the classroom (Frank tripping over his own feet) and we went to the end of the front row, (Frank tripping over a jocks’ pair of legs which oh so coincidently were stretched out) and sat down at our desk (Frank missing his seat completely) taking out our chem notes and books, (Frank dropping his textbook, bumping his head on the desk as he sat up) and waited for class to start. Ray was in the row behind us and giggling hysterically at Frank who frowned and flipped him off.
“I swear today better not get any worse or I will kill someone.” He muttered looking disgruntled.
“You’d be like the high school Jason Voorhees.” I chuckled, “You know, Friday the thirteenth and all that?”
“Oh fuck off, you’re related to Michael Myers.” Frank replied dismissively, giving me the v-sign making me laugh, “You know, cause your brother’s called Michael and all that?” he asked sardonically.
“God forbid you two get in a fight, you know, like in the movies?” Ray spoke up.
“That’s Freddie versus Jason dumbass.” Both I and Frank stated bluntly, rolling our eyes in unison.
“Yeah alright, don’t get your skinnies in a twist, all cause you’re horror movie freaks doesn’t mean we all are.” Ray said exasperated, holding his arms up in defence with a grin on his lips.
“Fuck off Ray.”
“Charming.” He muttered sarcastically, sitting back in his chair, legs propped up on the table with his arms folded and a pout on his lips, “You two either rip out each other’s throats, or you gang up on me, like I said before, charming.”
“We don’t ‘gang up’ on you Ray.” I said, quoting the words and rolling my eyes.
“We just like to slag you off.” Frank added in brightly.
I laughed as Ray rolled his own eyes and flipped Frank off who stuck his tongue out childishly.
“Oh like that’s totally mature Frank.” We looked round to see Mikey walking in looking rather dishevelled, bag hanging off his shoulder and face flushed.
“Wow what happened to you?” I asked, my eyes wide.
“What?” he asked confused, dropping his bag and slumping into his chair beside me.
Was it my imagination or did he have a smug grin on his lips and an ‘I just got laid,’ look on his face?
“Uh…the fact that your usually perfectly straightened to the point it looks like you ran a rake through it hair, is actually messed up, your eyes are extremely bright, your skin actually has color other than white, and your clothes are dishevelled-oh and not to mention your lips are swollen, red, and pulled into a smug smirk.” Frank reeled off, “Oh and your zipper’s down.” He added in as an afterthought.
Mikey quickly looked down and pulled his zipper of his white skinny jeans up just as quick as Frank giggled that insanely cute hiccup laugh that I loved so much. I and Ray stared at him with raised eyebrows.
“What?” he yelped, “So I’m extremely observant, so sue my ass!”
“Whatever, so spill.” Ray said eagerly, actually leaning across his desk-and his elbow slipped making us snicker, “Shut it.” He said sharply then looked at Mikey with an eager, expectant look on his face.
“Spill what?” my brother asked innocently, though the smirk on his lips got wider as he took out his books.
“You’re a liar.” Frank grinned, sitting back in his chair-only to fall off it.
I and the guys just rolled our eyes as he sat up, mumbling cuss words while I took out a bottle of water from my bag.
“What makes you think I’m lying Mr Doom and gloom?” Mikey asked, still smirking that smug smirk that was usually on the jocks faces after the weekend.
“Oh please, the evidence is so there” Frank snorted, ignoring the smart ass comment, “So c’mon tell us, who’d ya fuck?”
I choked on my water, causing it to drip down my chin, “What?” I asked hoarsely, wiping my chin with the back of my hand.
“It’s obvious your brother’s been laid Gee.” Ray said looking at me as if I was retarded, “All cause you haven’t been laid for awhile doesn’t mean no one else hasn’t.”
I and Frank caught each other’s eye, then promptly turned scarlet and looked away.
“I don’t know what you guys are talking about.” Mikey said shaking his head though he avoided eye contact with any of us.
“Mikey, don’t treat me like I’m a 1950’s virgin nun.” Frank said in an exasperated voice, propping his elbow up on the desk, hand tucked under his chin, “You’ll only embarrass yourself.”
“No, you just embarrassed yourself” Mikey corrected him, “Nuns are virgin anyway so you didn’t need to add that part in.”
“Mikey is that a love bite on your neck?” I suddenly asked in amazement, sitting up straighter.
Mikey suddenly pulled his shirt collar up, hiding a red mark on his neck. Yep, definitely a love bite. And a fresh one at that.
“Don’t know what you guys are taking that’s making you hallucinate but I want some.”
He muttered.
I rolled my eyes and reached over to pull his collar down making him yelp indignantly.
“Oh yeah that’s a love bite alright.” Frank said laughing, a huge grin on his lips, “Way to go Mikey, what poor fucker was your latest conquest now?”
“Oh shut it Frank.” Mikey snapped, pulling his collar back up.
“Ah just kidding, so who was it? Boy or girl? Jock or prep? Geek or scenic? Gothic or emo? Punk or skater?” Frank persisted sounding like a total girl, “C’mon spill!” he snapped his fingers together impatiently.
“Wow way to not make me feel pressurized.” My brother said sarcastically, rolling his eyes and fixing his collar up in a fidgety manner.
“Oh please, save the drama, we got your brother to be a diva.” Frank said dismissively.
“Hey I plead the fifth on that.” I said defensively.
“So come on, give us the details.” Frank said, grinning ignoring my comment.
Mikey let out a long suffering sigh, “Fine, it was a guy.” He admitted, looking straight at the white board, hand under his chin, elbow on the table, his other arm on the desk, a mildly bored expression on his face.
“And…” we all asked obviously wanting more details.
Mikey raised an eyebrow at us then let out a sigh and turned to face us, “Okay, he was a guy and he was an emo kid-I think.” He chewed his cheek unsure, “Maybe one of those emo skaters.”
“Whatever give us a name.” Ray said dismissively.
Mikey rolled his eyes then hesitated, “You guys remember that guy Alex?” he asked us hesitantly.
“Alex?!” We exclaimed in shock so loudly our peers looked at us.
“Will you guys keep it down?” Mikey hissed at us.
“You screwed Alex? As in Alex Gaskarth?” I hissed back in disbelief, “You fucking shitting me?”
“No, I’m not shitting you and I did not screw Alex.” Mikey said in a voice that hinted at a sense of dignity, “I don’t screw on the first week of dating thanks.”
“So you’re dating him?” I asked sharply, brotherly protection kicking in, “Since when?”
“Since Monday.” Mikey shrugged as if it was no big deal, “I’m in his English class, and we got assigned as partners for some shit ass assignment and he asked me out after class, no need to make a big deal outta it.”
I beg to differ.
“Do you even know him that well?” I demanded while Frank and Ray glanced at one another, amused grins on their faces as they watched the scene unfold.
“Well yeah, sorta.” Mikey shrugged not meeting my eyes.
“What cha mean by ‘sorta’?” I air quoted the word, a frown on my lips.
“Well I’ve talked to the guy a few times.” he shrugged yet again.
“A ‘few times’?” I repeated, “Right, uh huh.” I tapped my fingers on the desk, and clicked my tongue, “And how many is ‘a few times’ bro?”
“Well um… two or three times, maybe?” he said meekly, making it sound more like a question than a statement.
I clicked my tongue again, suddenly feeling annoyed, “Two or three times, right and if you didn’t screw then why da hell are you so dishevelled?” I demanded again gesturing at him.
“We, we uh just, messed around a little.” Mikey said shifting uncomfortably in his seat.
“’Messed around.’” I repeated, eyes all but popping out my skull.
“Yeah, messing around, ya know, making out and…stuff.” Mikey said suddenly finding his blue converse more interesting.
“’Stuff?’” I repeated, “Right stuff, mind elaborating on that?”
“Dude, did he suck you off?” Frank suddenly spoke up over my shoulder sounding amazed; Mikey glanced at me nervously, and then nodded, “Dude! Way to go, right on school property, awesome.”
“NO, Frank, it is not awesome.” I corrected him sharply, frowning.
“Oh right, you’re in the ‘Older protective brotherly mode,’ ain’t ya? Uh I mean.” Frank said glancing at me as I glared pointedly at him; he cleared his throat, “Shame on you Mikey, degrading yourself like that, you should be ashamed of yourself.” Frank shook his head solemnly.
I rolled my eyes while Mikey looked at Frank incredulously. Ray on the other hand was trying hard not to laugh.
“”Dude, you got sucked off by a guy you don’t know? Do you know that fucker’s reputation? He’s like, the biggest manwhore next to Pete Wentz!” I exclaimed in a dangerous hiss.
“Wow Gerard, chill.” Mikey said hastily looking at me wide eyed, “Don’t cha think you’re over reacting a little?”
“A little?” Frank mumbled.
“Mikey, Alex is like, a bigger slut than Pete and Brendon Urie put together.” I said in a hiss, “I mean, come on! Alex Gaskarth?! Since when was emo skaters your type of guy!”
“Gerard, I swear to the forsaken God and Satan, if you don’t keep your voice down, I won’t hesitate in castrating you.” My brother hissed at me.
“Aw boy, shit’s about to go down.” Frank said in a low sing song voice.
“Oh yeah, Gerard is gonna give ‘em hell.” Ray muttered back, smirking slightly.
“How the fuck do you expect me to react?” I hissed back, “I just found out my brother just got sucked off by one of the biggest man whores in this entire shithole called a school.”
“Don’t cha think you’re being a bit judgemental bro?” Mikey asked in a low voice.
“Michael.” I saw my brother flinch slightly; he knew he was in fuckville when I used his full name, “We’re talking about the guy who openly boasts about the one hundred plus notches on his bed post!” I hissed back.
“Listen, bro, you hardly know the freaking guy.” Mikey said in a dangerous voice, “You’re being way too harsh and judgemental here bro, I mean, you hate it when people judge you. Being a bit hypocritical here.”
“Wow Mikes that was harsh.” Frank said in a low voice, looking rather nervous now while Ray was watching me and my brother wearily.
“It’s true though!” Mikey hissed, “He doesn’t even know the poor guy and he’s already judging him! Something he hates happening to us!”
“Look Mikey, I really don’t think you should date him.” I advised him grimly.
“What! What the hell Gerard!”
“Um guys.” Frank spoke up timidly.
“Not now Frank.” I said holding a hand up, “Look, I know this guy by rep and he’s nothing but trouble Mikey.” I said tapping the desk, “He hangs with Pete and Brendon and the rest of the emo skating man whores and they sleep around bro!”
“Um guys you might wanna stop.” Ray spoke up almost as timid as Frank.
We ignored him, “Look Gerard, I know what I’m doing.” Mikey said rather edgy now.
“Know what you’re doing?” I exclaimed in disbelief, “Mikey, he’s just gonna be with you until you finally sleep with him then he’s just gonna ditch you after he puts your name as a tally mark along with the other poor fuckers he’s used.” I exclaimed in a hiss.
“Um guys” Frank spoke up in a rather nervous sing song voice, “You might wanna…”
“Shut it Frank!” Both I and Mikey said sharply.
“Look it’s not any of you’re business about who I date and what I do with them Gerard.” Mikey said furiously.
“Hey, I think as your older brother, it damn well is my business and I don’t think you should date him.” I shot back.
“Hey, it’s my choice and I’ll do whatever I damn please.”
“Yeah and Alex is just gonna do you and leave!”
“I’m not seven years old Gerard! I’m seventeen and know what I’m doing.”
“Well it sure as hell doesn’t sound like it!”
“You know what? Fine! You don’t like who I date then you can bloody mind your own god damn business and focus on your own god forsaken love life.”
“Fine! Get screwed over! Literally! I mean that! That’s all that fucker wants!”
Both I and Mikey turned away from each other in a moody silence, arms folded and leg crossed over the thigh, determinedly not making any eye contact.
Frank let out a low whistle and Ray muttered, “Fuck me with a ring on.”
“What the hell Ray?” Frank asked looking at him bewildered.
“Don’t have a clue.” Ray admitted shrugging making Frank roll his eyes.
“Well now that Gerard and Michael have finally finished their disagreement.” A voice said testily making the four of us look up, “Maybe I can finally start the class?”
Aw shit. Ms Lawson, our chemistry teacher, was standing in front of us-and looked pretty pissed off if the narrow eyes and frown on her lips was anything to go by.
“Gerard, Michael, detention, in this classroom after school no excuses and seeing as how you wasted almost twenty minutes of my lesson, you have just successfully held back your class by twenty minutes.” She continued.
The class groaned and a few people started muttering and cussing at us.
“Way to go Gay Ways.”
“Fucking fags, always causing some sorta drama.”
“Why can’t they just die?”
Frank leaned over my shoulder and muttered in my ear sympathetically, “We did try to warn you man.”
Looks like Frank’s bad luck has worn off-and latched itself on to me and my brother.

Fang fucking tastic.

Frank’s pov.

For the rest of Chemistry, Mikey and Gerard made no attempt whatsoever to talk after their argument. I could tell Ray -and probably the full class- were just as surprised as I was. Gerard and Mikey never argued. Ever. They’ll have their childish arguments occasionally which are typical for siblings so close in age, but this was beyond childish. That was a full scale row and by the looks of it, a pretty bad one.
I guess I could see where Gerard was coming from. And I’m not just taking his side because I’m in love with the guy. But he is right. Alex does have a pretty big reputation for sleeping around-and he has no shame in boasting about it. So I guess it’s natural for Gerard to warn his brother off so he could avoid getting fucked over. Besides, Mikey could do so much better than Alex. And I’m not just saying that because he’s one of my best friends. Mikey is just as attractive as his older brother, (Well they are related aren’t they, the ‘I look like a vamp but I make it look sexy’ gene must pass on.) and could probably get any guy (or girl) he wanted if he had the confidence to pull it off-which he can when he wants to. So why he was dating one of the biggest man whores in this shithole was beyond me.
All I know is Alex better treat Mikey right or I’ll kill him myself before Gerard even finds out. Which might be better for him, Gerard would probably make him suffer a very slow, painful death for fucking his brother around. Everyone in this school knows that the Way brothers are close-even the people who hate them know that- and to fuck one around was just asking for a death wish.
Then there’s the fact that they’ve got a midget sized best friend with anger issues who put a guy in hospital the last time one of them got fucked around (I.e. me), then they’ve got a guy who’s six feet tall and would probably have no hesitation in punching the shit outta you if you pissed him off (Ray) and then their was the ‘guy from Chicago that could probably kill just by glaring at you’ (Bob).
And then there was the fact that Gerard and Mikey were [extremely/] protective of one another and would kill anyone who hurt one of them. Last time Mikey got a severe beating by a group of Jocks, Gerard set one of their bags on fire-while the guy had it on his back. And Mikey threatened a guy who shut Gerard in the toilet cubicles so badly, the guy was probably scarred and I can’t even bring myself to repeat it, it was that harsh.

I sighed heavily while the teacher droned on about some sort of chemical reaction or some shit like that. I was too busy worrying about my two best friends who had just had their first ever big row over some guy who was a total dick head. Judging by the way Ray kept on pestering Mikey with notes, he was just as worried as I was.
Suddenly I felt something hit me in the back of the head. Rubbing the back of my head, thinking it must have been one of the assholes in this class, I turned round to glare at whoever I thought it was. Then a bit of scrunched up paper hit me on the nose from Ray’s direction. I glared at him, holding my nose and he gestured at the scrunched up paper on the floor which had hit me the first time. Checking swiftly to make sure the old bat was too busy lecturing, I bent down quickly to retrieve the note and opened it under my desk, instantly recognizing Ray’s scrawl like writing;

Dude, talk to Gerard will ya? The poor guy ;looks extremely upset man-Ray

I bit my lip, thinking then quietly ripped out a bit of paper from my note book and scribbled down a note and passed it to Gerard;

Hey Gee, you okay? Don’t let it get to you man.X Frank.

Gerard read the note quickly, then swiftly wrote down an answer passing it to me inconspicuously without taking his eyes off the board where Ms Lawson was now drawing up a diagram of a chemical reaction.

Yeah man I’m fine, just worried you know? Gee xoxo

I read the note remembering suddenly how we used to pass notes all the time and the fucked up conversations we had; I remember commenting on Gerard’s handwriting, about how it was almost as spidery as his fingers. Now I got a weird flutter in my stomach at the ‘xoxo’ he had always signed his name with.
I glanced at him and he did look worried; nibbling the corner of his bottom lip intensely not even noticing it was bleeding (It showed up sharply on his pale skin) and was looking directly at the board, though his eyes were glazed over and he was tapping his pen unconsciously on the desk, his hair swept over his eyes. His left hand was also fidgeting; playing with the small pendent chain he wore around his neck constantly, twisting its thin rope around his thin fingers.

I quickly scrawled a reply; Yeah I know, but hey, it’s rare when you two argue right? I’m sure you guys will make up before lunch. X Frank.

It’s not that I’m really worried about to be perfectly honest. Xoxo.
I had a feeling it was something else.

Oh, had a feeling it was something else, call it sixth sense. So what is it? Wanna tell me about it? Is it about Mikey’s latest conquest?-Frankie boy. Xx

I saw Gerard reading the note and a small smile crossed his lips, as he mouthed ‘sixth sense’, before he replied.

Yeah, it is about his latest conquest and it would help to talk to someone I trust thanks. Gee Xoxo
I suddenly felt a sense of pride; despite the shit we’ve been through, he still trusted me.

I suddenly had a mad desire to get down on my knees and say ‘I’m not worthy’ over and over as I bowed.

Yep I‘m definitely insane.

Wanna tell me? Xx

Gerard read my reply, mouthing the words with a slightly worried look in his eyes, before replying;

Skip gym class with me? Xoxo.
I frowned slightly, wondering why he wasn’t telling me. He did trust me right?

Yeah sure I guess. Frankie xx

Cool, I’ll tell you then, but you, might not like it-\Gerard, xoxo.

I read the note a few times, feeling a sense of dread build up. Something told me this is not gonna be good.

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